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Ghana?s former rep to BBA and socialite Confidence Haugen has left the scene after she lost her mother. ABOUT USNews Ghana is Ghana’s leading online news publication for business executives in West Africa and around the continent.
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Increasing the numbers of transport sector businesses confident about their chances of getting bank lending would boost UK growth, according to market researchers BDRC Continental. BDRC Continental’s study has identified that while 16% of businesses in the transport sector intended to borrow to finance expansion only 11% actually ended up doing so, a difference of around 15,000 businesses.
The new campaign will work alongside the government, politicians, banks and business groups to spread the message. This site uses some unobtrusive cookies to store information on your computer, these are in place to ensure that you receive the best possible experience when using the Bus & Coach Buyer website. 15 April 2015Specify with confidence - BBA Certificate issuedROCKWOOL has received approval from the British Board of Agrement (BBA) for its REDArt® External Wall Insulation, a system that can improve a building’s energy efficiency and external aesthetics.

After spending six long weeks in the Big Brother Amplified reality TV show and surviving two eviction processes, Ghana’s Confidence Haugen was finally evicted yesterday.
Millicent, Zeus and Weza were saved from eviction, even though Wezam was later sent to the tail house. IK had sensational news for the audience during the Live Eviction Show, he said for the first time in Big Brother Africa history, there will be two winners, who will share a cool USD 400 000. It claims businesses could expand, order more equipment or boost their spending power if they were more aware of their good prospects of getting bank finance.
The organisation claims that if all of those 15,000 businesses applied for finance this could enable: 3,000 small and medium sized businesses to expand in the UK, 2,700 new orders for equipment and 6,500 businesses to boost their spending power.
It will include online advertising specifically targeted at businesses with a turnover of less than ?25m in the transport sector. The 37 year old’s exit though dramatic, was devoid of the usual emotional outburst often seen during evictions.
This arrangement however remains undisclosed to the housemates, one can only wait to see their reactions on the final day when a second winner is announced.

In light of these findings, the British Bankers Association (BBA) has launched a new campaign to let businesses know they are more likely to get bank finance than they think. It also includes independently verified technical specification, assessment criteria and technical investigations, design considerations, installation guidance, regular surveillance of production and a formal three-yearly review. She initially refused to hug some of her soon to be ex-Housemates but changed her mind when she got to the door.
In particular, it is highlighting that while only 37% of all SMEs planning to apply for finance believe they will get approval from their bank, actual approval rates are almost 67%. Key factors assessed cover thermal performance, strength and stability, behaviour in relation to fire, risk of condensation and durability.

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