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The result is lovely output like this in a table you can even paste into a GitHub issue if you like. Basically it's doing the boring bits of benchmarking that you (and I) will likely do wrong anyway. I love posting about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and some of the great resources, products, and software that we can use to better prepare the next generation of little techies.
I also had Matt Warren on my podcast and we did an episode called Performance as a Feature. Plus it can now tell you how much memory each benchmark allocates, see Matt's recent blog post for more info on this (implemented using ETW events, like PerfView).
Have you got SQL fingers?Try SQL Prompt and youa€™ll be able to write, refactor, and reformat SQL effortlessly in SSMS and Visual Studio. REPL stands for Reada€“evala€“print loop and is pronounced "REP-L" quickly, like "battle." Lots of languages and environments have interactive coding and REPLS at their heart and have for years. He loved SnapCircuits so littleBits seemed like a reasonable, if slightly higher-level, option. I have this gnawing feeling that I need to do something in the open so I can have some sort of paper trail or else Ia€™ll be looked down upon by people (perspective employers? It doesn't hide the complexities of volts and amps and includes low-level components like resistors.
Frankly, I wish my first EE (Electrical Engineering) class in college was taught with SnapCircuits. In the screenshot above I'm writing code at the command prompt, making mistakes, and fixing them. I use it because it's power draw is basically nothing, which is perfect for use with a Raspberry Pi.

There's Live Coding as in "coding LIVE while people watch" and there's "coding and watching your program change as you type." Of course, you can do them both, hence my conflating. The genius here is that the magnet only goes one way (because: magnets) and the connector underlying transmits both power and data.
That's the Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse and it's really top of the line and it's my current daily driver.
Live Coders use a wide array of languages and tech stacks to make music and art, including JavaScript, Ruby, Haskell, Clojure, and a number of DSL's.
In just about 20 minutes my 8 year old was able to take a LEGO custom Star Wars Blaster and add totally new functionality like lights and sounds.. Here is a YouTube video of Mike - Live Coding music using Tidal, a language for musical improvisation.
I initially tried to attach littleBits with rubber bands and strings but realized that they'd smartly included "glue dots" and Velcro as well as 3M adhesive pads.
Once we stopped being "afraid" to use these stickers and adhesives, suddenly little projects became semi-permanent technical art installations. There's a 3 light LED on the side as well as software support so you won't be surprised by a low battery.
She's the Program Manager on this feature and also has a great video on Channel 9 on how to use the C# Interactive REPL.
Click them and share them to support the blog and the work I do, writing this blog on my own time. F# script files are ".fsx" so there's a nice symmetry with scripting and REPLs available in both languages, either in VS itself, or at the command line.
It's a big sheet of glass and I've always had to put mouse pads on it, even with Microsoft Mice.

Since it's an open source hardware spec anyone can make one and add their own special sauce. My job currently doesn't have me committing to public repros as often as I'd like, but I'm not going let this chart dictate my value to the team. It's about 5 oz and it has heft that says quality but not heft that's tiring to push around. GitHub Acitivty as it relates to Hiring Sasha Laundy brought up a number of important points on Twitter about your GitHub Activity graph. She says: If GitHub commits are only side projects, what kinds of people have time to put towards that? That means you can use "Ratchet" mode (heh) or "Freespin" mode, and you can assign a Mode Shift.
It's worth arguing that given the GitHub Activity Graph shows only public activity, making judgments based on it would naturally skew towards: The already skilled vs. If I click the wheel you can hear a clear mechanical click as (presumably) a magnet locks into place to provide the ratcheting sound and feel which is great for precision. If you're just getting started or if you're a 20 year Enterprise software developer you may end up with an empty graph and find an uninformed recruiter glossed over your potential or experience based how much "green" they see. I'm going to take my LED and put the short leg - that's the negative leg - into Arduino's GND, or Ground. Then I take the long or positive leg of the LED and connect it to the resistor, then put the resistor into the Arduino's pin 13.

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