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Are you covered by workers’ compensation when traveling to and from work and in the parking lot? Here at Bentoff & Duber, located in Cleveland, Ohio, our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers frequently hear questions about the details of workers’ compensation, especially because the answers can be tricky or confusing at times.
We want to answer as many of these questions as possible to continue to be a guiding resource for people who have been injured or wronged.
The question of when during the workday you are covered by workers’ compensation (and when the workday officially begins and ends) is one of those tricky situations that can vary. There are, however, many exceptions to this rule, so please call us at 216-861-1234 to see if they apply to your situation. Once employees have parked their cars in a designated employee lot they are generally covered by workers’ compensation if injured while walking from the parking lot to the place of business or work site. For a more precise answer and to ensure you have the correct information for your situation, it is best to contact an experienced lawyer. If you have any questions for our workers’ compensation attorneys or for your free consultation, call Bentoff & Duber at 216-861-1234 or submit a contact form.
Commuting to Work by Bike to Save MoneyPosted on May 8, 2012 by Corey • 15 CommentsAs May just started, I am now adjusting to my new commuting schedule. Making the change from taking the train every day to biking to work isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you are wanting a great way to get in shape, save a few bucks in gas, and save the environment, why not consider biking to work. I work in the bicycling capitol of the Northwest, but I live much too far away to use a bicycle.
Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not professional financial advice. Whether you travel 20 miles a day to work or far more than that, fuel efficiency is a major concern when picking out a car for your commute.
Once you have narrowed down your vehicle options through the above efforts, next take time to review safety ratings on vehicles. With so many different makes and models available to choose from, it can be difficult to sort through the options and find the right one for your commute.
Workers who commute to work by car suffer the worst back, muscular and joint pain One employee in five believes that their journey to work is responsible for back, muscle or joint pain, a study has suggested.
Research by healthcare provider Bupa has concluded that employees who travel by car are most likely to be affected, with almost two-thirds (64%) of drivers claiming that their commute leaves them feeling uncomfortable.

Cyclists and runners were among those least likely to feel any back or joint pain, with only 6% and 5% respectively saying that they are affected by it. Regionally, nearly three-quarters (73%) of Londoners claimed their commute contributed to aches and pains, with many blaming the lack of space encountered on London’s trains, buses and the Underground.
However, of those who did confess to suffering from back and joint pain, almost half (48%) did not consider their posture when commuting, and only one-fifth (21%) made a conscious effort to stretch their back or legs while on their journey.
Katherine Cran, a physiotherapist at Bupa’s Basinghall Clinic in London, said: “Commuting to and from work can have a profound effect on the body. Generally, this topic of discussion applies to the “coming and going” rule of work-related injuries, which dictates that injuries that take place while the employee is commuting to or from their place of employment are not covered by workers’ compensation.
This includes employer-controlled walkways and is typically considered part of the work environment.
If you want to see what my bike looks like fully-equipped (without the water bottle) for the miles ahead, I’ve provided a picture below. In the colder months (May), it would be manageable for me to go without a shower afterwards, but since my work has a gym and place to shower, I take full advantage. This post reminded me that I need to look at the bus route, though, because I have a free monthly bus pass that I can use! I am a heavy sweater but my job is in manual labour outside so I need not worry about being too sweaty for work, I can still get pretty uncomfortable though.
Most drivers will pay a monthly auto loan payment coupled with an auto insurance premium, repair and maintenance costs, and gas.
You have a certain budget in mind for your fuel expense, so your next step will be to research which vehicles meet your fuel efficiency needs. Safety ratings are easily find with a quick Internet search on most foreign and domestic makes and models. Many late-model used vehicles are still under manufacturer’s warranty, which can provide you with the peace of mind in knowing many repair costs are covered initially. However, when you consider these points and follow these tips, you will find it easier to choose the best car for you. This is a reminder on how I need to start planning on leaving my computer and heavy things at the office and pack light so I can start biking there. The job is far enough away though that I do not chance biking if the forecast calls for rain at any point in the day.
You also want to find a stylish vehicle that meets your functional needs and is safe to drive.

If you commute with a group of people or if your vehicle doubles as the family car on the weekends, a two-seater may not be the best option.
Given the number of miles you will put on the vehicle over time, you want to ensure your vehicle is highly rated for safety and has all of the safety features necessary to minimize injuries if you do get in an accident.
I don’t worry too much about this as I only have to bike 5 miles each way, but it does mean that I am biking inside after work at least twice a week.
It wasn’t a lot of weight, but it did make my back a lot sweatier when it was 100 degrees out.
We may receive compensation through affiliate or advertising relationships from products mentioned on this site. It is far easier to develop a budget and find a car that works within your budget constraints rather than trying to force a specific car to fit within your budget. Because of this, it is best to buy a car with greater fuel economy than what your budget allows today. Consider the need for features like satellite radio, heated seats, a GPS navigation system, and other features as well. While you may pay a higher sales price for the vehicle, you will enjoy a full warranty as well as the peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle has been properly maintaining from day one. I trust that I will be able to handle the distance (as i did last year) and get into shape as I get started.
I am too cheap to buy the panniers that I am using this year – so I was happy to win them in a bike commuting contest last year.
However, we do not accept compensation for positive reviews; all reviews on this site represent the opinions of the author.
This will help you to ensure that rising fuel prices don’t make your commute unaffordable when gas prices do increase.
You want to be comfortable in your vehicle and have everything you need to enjoy your time on the road fully.

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