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Commute Warrior: How to Bike to Work All Year Long ? Healthify your inbox. Did you know that if your round-trip commute to work is just 20 miles, you can save $8 a day by switching from four wheels to two? According to a calculator from Kiplingers, the per-mile cost of driving to work is 51 cents, including gasoline, insurance, maintenance and depreciation. Even if your daily commute is just five miles each way, you can still save $4 a day or $80 a month. And if you bike at a slow-moderate pace of 10-12 mph, your short commute could burn over 300 calories a day. While biking to work is a very cost efficient method, unfortunately for many people it is also a very out-of-the-question type of solution or idea. When my boyfriend and I moved to Baltimore from NYC, our main concern was to find a nice place within biking distance of his new job. Does this story advocate or promote bicycling in a way that says to you that ‘everyone should be biking’? I decided to do a test ride the weekend before to check out my route to work.  I was still in the honeymoon phase of my relationship with my bike, so I picked out a scenic route along the Sacramento River Trail. So, first ride, I got lost riding to my own office.  The path I did find was even more scenic and out of the way than the one I planned. Some of the drawbacks I found included having to rearrange how I schedule things like trips to the bank, or lunch meetings with a specialist (thanks for picking me up, Dr.
City of Redding has a new and comprehensive Bike Plan which really does connect the dots of our presently fractured bike system. In order for bike commuting to be successful in our community, more education and enforcement is needed. Sign up for helpful, local posts about fitness, healthy eating and inspiration - delivered fresh every Friday! That may not sound like a lot at first, but think about it: Riding your bike to work for a month could save you $160.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That added some distance to the overall ride, but I thought it would be worth it for the beauty and added safety of less mingling with traffic.  The only hiccup was I had to find a path that connected to the neighborhood behind my office.  I figured, how hard could it be? Look!).  There was more unused time at the office either cooling off or changing clothes, which meant more time away from the wife and kids, although I guess that could be a positive (just kidding, honey!). He attended UC Davis and worked as a mechanical engineer in his then-chosen field before he realized dentistry was his true calling. He graduated from UOP School of Dentistry and settled down in Redding with his wife and two daughters to start his practice, Todd T. The transmission went out on my car, I was overweight, and 50, and decided that this change may just save me from premature death. Most drivers do not acknowledge you as a pedestrian and refuse to respect you as a cyclist who has the same rights on the roadway as they do.

I rode on the sidewalk ,when no pedestrians were present, and I walked my bike across the crosswalks.
Drivers seem to think that the bike lane is a turn lane or another lane for their personal use. Actual rates may vary by vehicle of course.) They also estimate that the per-mile cost of biking is just 10 cents when you factor in  maintenance and depreciation. That, plus winter weather is also an issue to be considered in this area too and I sure as heck wouldn’t want to ride a bicycle in any kind of inclement weather, would you? If you live in some beautiful mountains outside of the congested city, it is a wonderful way to live.
They come right up to my back wheel and lay on the horn until I either move or they remove themselves from the bike lane and go around me. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. Now, if your next suggestion is public transportation, forget about that too as it is a service that is not available in these hills either.
Bikers boarding buses in Houston rose from 1,510 in April to 3,624 in June, according to the League of American Bicyclists, which also reports that Charlotte's bike-on-bus boardings have reached an all-time record, surging 30 percent this June from a year ago. He graduated from UOP School of Dentistry and returned to Redding with his wife and two daughters to start a practice. If you are constantly negative or a general pest, troll, or hater, we will ban you from the site forever. During these months, it’s hard enough to get into a car or bus to commute to work — but a bike?
But for folks who live in a congested city, getting people to bicycle is so much better than the filth, death, noise, cash cost for roads and healthcare for overweight drivers, and general mayhem that cars introduce into our daily urban lives. I have come very close to hitting the side of more than one auto whose driver pulled right in front of me.
Just last week I saw a driver come within inches of hitting a girl in a wheel chair that was crossing Bechelli Lane.
Believe it or not, thousands of people in the Northwest walk or bike to work every day, rain or shine. Well, the cost for housing here is at least half -sometimes more than that -than it would run a person to rent an apartment in the nearby town where much of the employment is located and wages for most folks isn’t all that high here either. Getting people to use their own legs to move themselves on a daily basis is important to our basic survival – in dollars and in terms of priceless fundamentals like our basic health and security.
The Bay Area's Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), for instance, recently approved $1 billion in funding for a regional bike network.Meanwhile, Louisville is constructing a 100-mile hiking and biking trail it's calling the Louisville Loop. Bikes widely and broadly and deeply fulfill these needs and are cost efficient if the conditions are right – and that may not include you at all in any way, shape or form. I was crossing with a group of students in front of Parson's when a car managed to finally come to a stop mid-way through the crosswalk. More controversial, however, is the "Idaho stop" rule—which allows cyclists to treat red lights like stop signs—that the MTC is thinking of implementing.

She came very close to wiping out not only myself but 15 school students crossing with the designated light.
He also serves on the city’s planning commission to encourage making the city more bike- and walk-friendly.
On top of all this volunteer work, Brooks works a day job at the US Environmental Protection Agency, biking 27 miles round-trip to and from his office. That is still a huge piece for me, but lately I’m realizing that my bike commute is my personal down time each day. Over the years, I have met a number of folks on the ride home who, because of differences in age and other aspects of life, I may never have gotten to know.
Now they’re some of my best friends in my community and we do things together in our free time (even when not on a bike!). Brooks: I find that my bike commute is actually more important to me during the winter than the summer. It creates the opportunity for me to spend a couple hours outside each day, getting fresh air while still staying warm. It’s hard to find inspiration on those grey, dark winter days to actively pursue exercise, so having a built-in transportation routine overrides that.
Despite what you might think, it just isn’t that cold or that wet in Seattle, especially if you’re moving your body. Start by finding others in your workplace or social circle that already practice the form of commuting you want to try. If you do a little homework on the common causes of accidents, select a route that seems safe and doable, and just use basic common sense when riding, you will succeed in having a safe — even relaxing — bike commute each day.
There are also courses at local bike organizations like Cascade Bicycle Club for people wanting to try bike commuting. This allows your body to build up to the new routine, and you can easily see the difference in how you feel when you’re biking. For me, I quickly realized I was about 50 percent more productive when I biked versus the days I rode the bus — and I’ve never looked back.
Check out more inspiration from active members of our community to inspire you to change up your commute this winter. If you’re looking to commute with kids, you’ll also want to check out our tips for back-to-school commuting. Seattle commuters: Go to Commute Seattle for maps, events, classes and tips, and be sure to check out their second annual Light Up Your Ride event on October 30! Expect raffle prizes, a huge selection of bike lights for your evening commute and plenty of free coffee.
Portland commuters: Visit the Bureau of Transportation’s bicycling page for maps, trip planning assistance, classes and more.

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