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My goal with communication is to deliver a message to the other person, but many obstacles can hinder me and the other from this happening. If I request something in an angry manner, it’s no surprise that their counter-emotions (anger or anxiety) will occupy them rather than performing the requested task.
Talking about an important issue is meaningless on a busy street or during an engaging game. Let’s suppose I had it all right: integrity in my verbal and non-verbal communication, perfect match between my intended and actual words and the environment was undisturbed. My kids amplify situations that could be of challenge to them (a longer hike, a new place to visit, an unknown environment), so upon introducing such a situation, I make sure to connect it with something familiar to them. The answer I get here: Gee, I didn’t know you wanted me to clean that spilled milk on the floor! Orsolya Hernold is the writer of, a blog dedicated to personal development by journaling, to experience how focused writing creates conscious living.
Text available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, unless otherwise noted. I usually try to suggest solutions where there are problems, but I’m afraid my goal here is a bit less optimistic.
If your favorite restaurant changes the menu, decides to open a second location, or decides to close on a particular day, you don’t expect to be consulted.
Church members usually expect to be brought into the decision-making process much earlier than a typical customer would.
The place I see the most complaints comes when active members would probably like to be communicated with like employees.
But the problem is that in most people’s day jobs, the other people who are needed to make a decision are also at their day jobs. And so our problem: churches and their members (and other social organizations) are confused about what kind of constituents their members are. So for instance, several church members notice that a family hasn’t been around for a while. And yet, because of that lack of information, our social networks fill in the blanks with whatever we can most easily fit into them.
Managing emotions and strategic decisions in a social organization makes communication particularly difficult.
Secret option C in the worship wars, or Worship as flawless performance or communal offering? Jenson lays out the relationship between canon and creed (with some notes on episcopacy as a third leg of the stool) in concise, convincing and accessible form. Most People Do Not Listen With The Intent To Understand, They Listen With The Intent To Reply. We each have our very own way of communicating messages to others–our own individual language of sorts. No matter what, there will always be a communication deficit between us and others, because we are individuals with different perspectives, interpretations, and views of the world. A bigger problem exists, however, when we think we understand what a person is communicating, but are wrong. By now, you’re probably expecting me to present some surefire solution to effective communication. What I can tell you, however, is that first and foremost I find that being a better listener helps me to be a better communicator. This doesn’t mean that I am looking for a particular answer, but rather the answer to a specific question.

Another important point is that if I am trying to initiate a conversation about my view, I find it helpful to have a continued dialogue with the person after expressing my initial thoughts. One of the best ways to help people understand what you mean is by saying exactly what you mean–not further complicating the communication process by causing the person make assumptions about the point of your statement.
Another reason that people choose not to be direct is due to their adherence to political correctness and social norms. The takeaway for me is that it is unrealistic to expect that we will suddenly become a communication guru, with the power to control other people’s interpretations of our words.
As a trainer I have a huge responsibility to communicate in a correct, honest, benevolent way. I’d like to guide you through all the layers where communication does not reach its purpose. My vocal communication (tone, volume and speed of my voice) and my metacommunication (gestures, mimic, posture, distance from the other) create a message in the listener which outweigh the sentences I say. I intend to pass a certain message to the other, however I might not actually say what I’ve intended to say. We stood in a line and passed on a message whispering it into the ear of the one standing next to us. The filter(s) might simplify, complicate, distort or dramatize my words—and I don’t have much influence here. She has written journals for over 20 years, but only recently started to share her experiences.
The Mindful Word invites you to reprint, copy, distribute, and alter CC-licensed text as long as you provide a clickable link back to The Mindful Word and share-alike.
I think the best I can do is provide more understanding of why this is such a frequent problem. Because of that, we have a very difficult time communicating with them the way they think they want to be communicated with.
Good businesses will let their customers know about decisions like that — usually through their marketing departments. Their size and centralized leadership structure make it clear that they’re religious service providers to their members, who are religious service consumers.
And this makes some sense in any church that relies heavily on volunteers for ministry and committee work.
That means they don’t spend the majority of their week immersed in the details of the church, like the actual church employees do.
If they were actual employees, it wouldn’t be unusual for them to exchange rounds of e-mails every week. There are far too many of them to give them the personal communication a small group of owners gets, and they want far more than what typical shareholders get. The volume of information desired is often something just short of what employees receive, but that’s too much volume for the church to produce and for most people to truly be able to handle. They know that family had been upset by something that happened in the youth ministry a while back and now assume that’s why they left.
I’ve realized several of my own failings in church communications, sought advice, and am trying to do better. As with most, the book treatment was more enjoyable to me than the movie adaptations I’ve seen. Part One and the Afterword make a great case for eschewing the modern division between canon and creed. In an emotionally heated situation only 7 per cent of the words spoken make up for the understanding that’s perceived by our partner.

I could have chosen inappropriate words or couldn’t express myself precisely—the spoken word can vary greatly from the thoughts formulated beforehand. Orsolya offers topics, questions to explore by writing, daily focuses to create the habit of journaling. And then I’ll offer some suggestions to the frustrated, under-communicated-with church member and the frustrated, regularly-blamed-for-under-communicating church-leader. And I spend a considerable amount of time in the office, learning about things just because I was present when they happened or because of inter-office conversation. It’s not uncommon for them to receive more church information (and occasionally misinformation) through casual conversation than through actual church communications. Most people would generally disapprove of any sort of public announcement of their leaving when it’s not because of a move, and it would usually be inappropriate. But as a social organization, a large number of people are emotionally invested in those decisions.
I think so long as we continue operating churches as large, professional organizations, there will always be a gap between communication expectations and realities. In my following post, I’ll try to offer some resources and suggestions for the frustrated, regularly-blamed-for-under-communicating church leader.
Scrooge seems an even harsher character to begin, more sympathetic through the middle, and more joyful at the end than in the movies. I love Wilde’s witty turns of phrase (coming from Lord Henry here), even in a darker book like this. The more in sync your words, vocal and metacommunication are, the better the comprehension. Families don’t have professional communication departments to inform them of events in the family.
But the customer doesn’t typically expect to be brought into the decision-making process. Andy Stanley’s North Point Church in Atlanta is a great example of this employee-driven model. That doesn’t work unless only a handful of church members want to be treated this way. What they don’t know is that the pastor met with that couple several times in a counseling situation, and the reason they left had to do with marital problems totally unrelated to the youth ministry problem.
If people learn about something in its earliest stages of the decision-making process, it may produce undue speculation, rumor, and consternation over something that will never come to fruition. I’ll also offer some suggestions for the frustrated, under-communicated-with church member.
My words don’t create the message in the other I intended to make—a usual experience with my kids when I feel my words go in one ear and out the other. Nor do customers expect to receive regular information about that business’s budgeting, staffing, or property decisions.
As a communication trainer, I’d like to figure out what goes wrong in these situations.

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