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During the 2004 election season, an animated streaming video featuring Senator John Kerry and President George Bush trading insults to the tune of This Land Is Your Land was seen by millions of people over the Internet—and was even viewed by astronauts on the International Space Station. Although it usually intends to be funny, satire's main purpose is to launch an attack using the weapon of wit, says Robert Speel. Political satire probably arrived in the United States on the Mayflower, but as the colonies struggled for independence, satire became a form of commentary on British rule. Political cartoons—which became increasingly popular in the 19th century, a time when many Americans were illiterate—remain a popular form of political satire today. Nast published a series of cartoons critical of New York City's Boss Tweed, head of the Tammany Hall political machine, notes Speel.
While in some countries, expressing your views through political satire can get you thrown in jail or even put to death, in the United States, it is considered free speech and protected under the First Amendment.
Chris Kasper hadna€™t realized how much shame he felt for being in debt until he stood up in public and spoke about it. I could buy a two-bedroom home in most American cities with what I owe on my student loans.
One professor talked about his work with the Occupy Student Debt Campaign, and about a personal conflict he had been having. While Ia€™ve spoken about it to a very few close people, I had never before stood up in public and spoken about how enormous my debt actually is. We came toA  understand that this shame is one of the things that gives debt power over our lives, both individually and collectively.

Strike Debt aims to transform the shame and fear of being burdened with debt into outrage, and turn that outrage into action, resistance, and mutual aid.
With the signing of the Versailles accord Germany accepted blame for the war which cost almost ten million men their lives.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The video was produced by a company called JibJab, which specializes in animated comedy set to patriotic songs, all poking fun at politicians. Part entertainment, part statement of beliefs, it always magnifies the wrongs (or perceived wrongs) of government and is found in all manner of media across centuries, from Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels to Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. Tweed, who eventually went to prison, was reported to have said, "Stop them damned pictures. Supreme Court cases in history, the constitutional right to political satire was upheld in Flynt v.
The JibJib animation team—hard at work on new video spoofs starring Senators Obama and McCain—would certainly agree. As much of Occupya€™s energy flows into debt resistance, many more people are doing the same. In the flow of what I was saying, I felt angry, and then sick with nerves as I approached the specific amount in dollars that I owed.
We vowed to pick up this conversation the next time we met, and to allow time for a debtora€™s speak-out.

In addition to the speak outs, rigorous research and organizational work continues to be done.
Can young people reimagine it as something productive, rather than a tool for profiteering?Therea€™s a biblical precedent for forgivenessa€”of debt. Magazine, a national, nonprofit media organization that fuses powerful ideas and practical actions. The ancient Greek dramatist Aristophanes, sometimes called the father of comedy, satirized Athenian leaders and their conduct of the Peloponnesian War.
Hatred of the settlement agreed at Versailles, France, which crippled Germany as it tried to shape itself into a democracy following defeat in the war, was of significant importance in propelling the Nazis to power. Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt had printed an ad parody in his magazine which televangelist Jerry Falwell considered libelous. Falwell sued Flynt and was awarded $150,000 by a jury for emotional distress, but the Supreme Court unanimously overturned the jury decision by invoking First Amendment protection for speech concerning public figures.

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