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I can say this with confidence because it’s the same story in my home or at least it was until I found out some really scary stuff about how clutter can impact our health and life.
Coming back to how clutter can affect your health, one of the direct impacts of a house full of old and useless stuff is that it fatigues you. I have been there, so believe me when I tell you looking at drawers filled with old bills, cupboards full of old clothes, and baskets full of your child’s old toys can be terribly exhausting. If you’re not cooking a meal because your kitchen looks like it’s been hit by a tornado, it doesn’t mean you ain’t eating, right?
If you’re not able to go for a jog because you can’t be asked to find a fresh pair of socks, sneakers, or your earphones (some of us can’t think of exercising without music), you’re missing out on your required dose of physical activity.
We all know where all that is leading – to a life where you’re continuously plagued by weight issues and conditions like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
In addition to the health risks that we just discussed, clutter also exposes us to germs, bacteria, mold and pests. All those cables, wires, window frames that you’ve been keeping aside for some “secret” purpose are a huge safety risk too.
If you’re wondering what to do with all the metal scrap in your home, a profitable way of getting rid of it is to sell it at a scrap yard or recycling facility in your area. Private recycling companies like SIMS Metal Management have scrap yards spread across the length and breadth of the country and buy not just metal scrap, but also end-of-life vehicles, e-waste and white goods from individual households as well as business establishments.
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According to a leading expert, having a cluttered environment reflects a cluttered mind and the act of tidying up can help you be more successful. The New Year is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts, so there’s no better time than now to get yourself and your home organized. As a professional organizer, I know that the idea of de-cluttering your home can be daunting.
If you have three decades of stuff stashed in your basement, it is unlikely that you’re going to be living clutter-free in one short weekend. If you need help sorting, storing or hauling items away, let a HomeServicesLink‘s contractor help.

A friend of mine recently emailed me a house in Liverpool that can best be described as cluttered. With more flowers and cushions than a Las Vegas wedding suite, the main bedroom is not for the feint hearted.
Another living area continues the the concept of having guests all sitting in a row on the sofa.
You will be pleased to hear that the third living area does allow people to sit across from each other and talk face to face. If your house is going on the market at the high-end, the look you might need to think  to copy is that of  Boutique Hotel. If the house looks tidy, it gives the impression that the new owner could move in immediately. So to summarise; make your home comfy, but not too personal, cosy, but not cluttered, make sure your bathroom is white and your appliances in the kitchen match.
If you need help with ideas on home staging your property ready to sell, please call us on 0843 523 6620 for some free advice and we can arrange a free consultation or an Room audit if you send us a picture.
Okay, I know I can’t really see you raise your hand, but I can imagine most of us are at least a little guilty. The interesting thing about clutter is that it will follow you everywhere you go unless you change the way you handle it.
It’s like they are staring at you, begging you to clean them up, but you just don’t have the energy for it.
All you can think about is the clutter, so the fresh meal that you wanted to cook for your family or the run in the park that you wanted to go for – well, all that stuff goes out the window. So, you end up gorging on unhealthy junk food or packaged meals that provide no nutrition, but tons of calories.
Who wants to put up with these unwelcome house guests and risk falling sick or catching an infection? For example, an old car that doesn’t work anymore could be leaking dangerous fluids into the ground contaminating your surroundings. If you forget about all the clutter for a second, you soon realise that the six seater sofa faces mirrors and chests of drawers.

There is thankfully no mirrors this time, which allows guests to focus on the many ornaments that are displayed in the room. That is, of course, if you don’t mind the ridiculously huge chandelier hanging off the ceiling.
With six bedrooms and many living areas, you will have enough space to store thousands of items.
Let me inside your house and I am pretty sure I can pinpoint dozens of things that haven’t seen the light of day for a long time, nor are they likely to. Just like we can learn to be effective communicators or manage anger issues, we can learn to be organized. The more you look at it, the more tired and lethargic it makes you feel and the less inclined you are to clean up the mess. Cans of unused paint and non-functioning batteries are other examples of hazardous waste that need to be discarded, not hoarded.
Those of you who are clumsy, or do not want to carry a map with you just to go to the toilet, may want to look elsewhere.
If an expensive kitchen had all appliances matching and then one was replaced that didn’t match, you have just transformed the appearance from sleek to mishmash. Stress is known to cause problems like insomnia, obesity, and depression among other things. Because clutter in your outer environment is the physical manifestation of all the clutter going on inside of you.
Things that no longer fit or serve you, drain your energy." Briton has long been a nation of hoarders and a survey showed that more than a million are compulsive about their keeping their stuff.

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