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This entry was posted on February 3, 2010, in Autobiography, Commentary, home and tagged cleaning, clutter, home, organizing, packaging. I realized the other day when I was unsuccessfully trying to open a cheese stick, that U.S.
All of this may seem exaggerated, and as I tend towards the hyperbole, you will be forgiven for thinking so.  However, long-suffering boyfriend can attest that these exact enactments are real.
Our home is spacious for a one bedroom apartment, but it does have its spacial limitations and we were not optimizing the space that we do have. I felt tightly bound by too much stuff, too much clutter, too much useless junk, too much excess packaging. We stripped bare and reconstructed our home, ridding our selves of all the excess packaging.  At the end of a long day, we sat sipping a much-deserved glass of wine and admired our handiwork. I still have my daily battle with actual excess packaging, but I am slowly becoming more skilled with my scissors.
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If you already know how much you want to sell your item for, you might find it easier to simply post the item on a classifieds site. I recommend that you maintain a simple eCommerce store for all of the items you want to sell. Magento with SiteGround – If you have some web development experience, you may want to have control at the code level. Since 1989, SI Restoration services customers from Mold Removal, Water Damage, Fire Damage and Crime Scene Cleanup. Clutter cleaning, or hoarding cleaning  as it is sometimes referred to, can be one of the most challenging tasks for anyone to overcome.
There are 4 main options to assist in the cleaning and organizing for these situations; the question is which will work best for you. The second option is to hire a junk hauler to assist you, however there can be some unique issues that present themselves. Whichever option you ultimately choose, it is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons and make the most informed decision possible! If you need help with your clutter cleaning please call our toll free phone number at the top of the page or use our contact form to send us a message about your situation. Expert at Hoarding Cleanup, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Removal, and Crime Scene Cleanup. Beth and her Clutter Club members celebrate the freedom from clutter in John and Joan's reclaimed dining room.
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Then while you are trying to sell items individually via the methods described above (via a promotion), you can include a link to your virtual garage sale store.
People who have clutter issues, often function well in their work life and can hold prestigious positions, yet they come home to a mess and confusion and find it overwhelming to control. This is certainly the most cost-effective option, however it can be the most difficult to get the desired results.
The most important thing you can do when hiring a junk hauler is to verify their insurance! Professional Organizers, if certified through the National Association of Professional Organizers, can be a very effective tool for clutter cleaning.

A Clutter Cleaning or Hoarding Clean-up company combines the skills of all of these professionals and gives you the quickest, most cost-effective and most successful results, regardless of the size of the job.
Over 22 years experience in these industries and numerous certifications such as IICRC, ABRA, NOVA, and many others. If you haven't yet taken the step to actually ask someone for help and are looking around for ways to declutter your home, keep in mind that asking for help is fine. You have taken the first step by starting to read and search on the internet for ideas to get you started.
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Of so you make the more clutter and control of the paper and peace education liaison, junk mail. If you wanted to do that, call Clean House or be satisfied with having the world’s filthiest apartment. However, it is vital to get this cleaning done because clutter can create fire hazards, make it difficult to get-out of the home if there is a fire and can cause air quality complications. If you are simply assisting someone with the clutter cleaning, there are going to be unique situations that you will encounter. There have been numerous situations where an employee of the junk company has gotten hurt on a homeowners property. However, if there is too much clutter in the home, the organizer can not properly sort through all the belongings and the job can quickly get overwhelming. The professional cleaning company will have the proper insurance (workers compensation and general liability at a minimum), professional organizing credentials, trained manpower and trucks to complete the job effectively and efficiently. We’ll maybe not, but the point is that you have lots of stuff that other people want and will pay cash. Magento is open source and SiteGround will install it for you as part of their hosting package.
To begin with, there will be difficult decisions on which items to keep and which items to discard. Whether you have gotten started, or are looking to get started in the quest to get rid of clutter there are a few steps in common that everyone should know about and can use to help themselves get rid of clutter. Read articles on specific areas (kitchens, bathrooms, closets, etc) and take what you need from them to apply to your personal situation.
Get up and toss one thing that is taking up space in your home and doesn't serve a purpose.
In this post I will get your creative and motivational juices flowing by offering you some easy options to turn your junk into cash. People who live with clutter frequently want to keep items as much as they want to get rid of them and making a final decision can be extremely overwhelming. The savvy homeowner will require a Certificate of Insurance for any company who enters your home to do work! They will help you turn cluttered and disorganized chaos back into a home with usable living space.
Most of the time we get caught up in the details and are almost paralyzed by the enormous tasks in front of us. If you need more help with the general idea of how to go about decluttering your home take a minute to download my book (free) and spend some time reading through the larger ideas behind getting rid of clutter, as well as some of the specific actions you can take. You can follow any of these tips to get the wheels in motion today from the comfort of your home and computer.
Unfortunately, because Organizers generally charge by the hour, the costs for this type of clutter cleaning can sky-rocket rather quickly.

Don't let that happen to you - recognize that everything can be broken down into smaller steps. Living spaces and other important documents as paper clutter makes filing system is paper clutter words to piles up piles. For example, instead of "decluttering your living room", make sections that can be done one at a time; the TV and TV stand area, the bookshelf, the cabinet, etc.
This does not help the clutter-er to determine which items are valuable or sentimental and can make it harder to complete the clutter cleaning. The paper organizing product ideas help me, there’s something about getting things in the clutter. Printed material impossible, another electronic item helps you will be able to get your paper clutter makes your stress will always a folder system in your paper?
In addition, junk haulers often make their money reselling the items taken from the home and this can be very upsetting to the person who has had to discard their personal possessions.
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