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These are some of the questions that home and property owners face when they are dealing with resolving a hoarding issue. No doubt that this set of photographs is both striking and a stark glimpse into the starting point for a hoarding cleanup task. Be sure to check out the Hoard No More Series if you are seriously interested in learning how best to help the hoarder in your life.
Overall health of the hoarder and their family and habitability of the home are the key factors to a successful hoarding house cleaning project. In 2011, The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) revised their scale to help Professional Organizers, Social Workers, and Health Officials diagnose the severity of hoarding in a household.
The Five Levels of Hoarding are progressive – Level 1 being the lowest threat while Level 5 presents the greatest level of hazard. Homes are described by the ICD as “standard”, meaning the environment within the home is safe, secure and in working order. 4.A  Email an estimate which details our discussion, the custom tailored approach to restore your home to a safe, functional, and enjoyable home for you, and provides a price for the services. Hoarders can amass tremendous amounts of clutter and debris that is best removed and cleaned by a professional team. We are a free service for people to find the help they need to effectively deal with a loved one affected by hoarding. This is the latest and most up to date information on how to learn everything about helping your loved one change their hoarding behaviors. Safety First – When rummaging through piles and heaps of unknown and potentially dangerous items, it is best to be prepared. Slow and Steady Wins the Race – It is not wise to approach hoarding house cleaning with a gung ho attitude.
Inspect Food, Dishware, Flatware and Paper Products – Oftentimes, hoarders allow food to rot and expire.
Call the Professionals – When the task seems too daunting even for a determined group of people, it is best to contact the hoarding professionals.
Before undertaking the project, inspect the different levels of hoarding to make sure you are ready to handle anything you may uncover. The Clutter-Hoarding Scale (CHS) was designed specifically to identify key issues with the overall safety of the interior of a home.
The CHS is not to be used to aid in the diagnosis of any illness or for the psychological evaluation of a person.

These are the detailed 5 levels of hoarding for hoarders and clutterers to determine how sever or minor their hoarding cleaning project has become.
Let a professional from our team come meet with you and assess your particular needs to make the best plan for you.
Hoarding can create health risk issues for the property owners as well as the neighboring properties. You can't force someone to clean their hoarded home unless they face eviction or are cited by a city or state municipality.
Here are some tips on how to help someone you know who suffers from hoarding get the proper house cleaning they deserve. While you may be trying to help the hoarder get a jump start, or avoid an emotional confrontation, it is actually detrimental to the emotional state of the hoarder to do anything with their possessions without their permission. Wearing heavy duty gloves and boots, coveralls and respirators are essential when tackling hoarding house cleaning. Array of Solutions will provide compassionate, dedicated technicians who are certified to handle any hoarding house cleaning situation. Hoarding house cleaning is the first step to a successful transition into happier, healthier living. The exterior damage to a home affects the CHS scale if and only if the overall safety of the interior is compromised by the damage. They are not standard but are good starting points to help hoarders and loved ones determine what steps should be taken. Our goal is to work alongside you to provide a safe and functional house while removing the stress and anxiety typically associated with the de-cluttering process. Hoarding creates health issues due to a number of contaminates including but not limited to: mold, mildew, rodents, urine, feces and other potentially toxic risks.
Besides, if you do clean a hoarders house without addressing the issue, they will just fill it up again. Talk intimately with the person in order to get to the root of why they are hoarding certain things and to make them comfortable with parting with these objects. Dangers like broken objects, hazardous materials, pet and human waste and other harmful substances could lurk within the piles around the house. No matter how bad the hoarding situation may be, there are always salvageable items amongst the garbage. Ensure all dishware and flatware are cleaned, sterilized and ready to come in contact with healthy food.

One phone call to your new friends at Steri-Clean and you will realize how we can make you feel completely comfortable with us.
Our team is trained to safely remove and dispose of such risks without putting anyone in harms way by improper handling.
It is always best to remember that hoarders have an emotional attachment to each object in their home.
It is important to discuss these items with their owner, allowing them to decide what stays in the home and what can be donated to a local charity. Also, paper products like toilet tissue, paper towels and plates and paper cups should be inspected for possible contamination.
Contact us today to set up an onsite assessment, or if desired you can submit photos to us through the free estimate process outlined below. Hoarding is often found in brilliant people, not always but the majority of cases we see are not uneducated but rather quite the opposite. We have assisted over 10,000 hoarders with 70% or more holding past or present careers such as engineers, professors, teachers, psychologists, etc.
We have not only a database of cleaning companies, but we can also refer you to counsellors, therapists, support groups, etc. The hoarder is smart so very able to manipulate loved ones and hide this disorder for quite some time. There are also simply the elderly who just hold on to memories or lack the physical ability to remove items like they once could. Understand that your loved one most likely knows it is wrong, wants to stop, but is unable to control it. When you confront them, they will almost always become defensive and deny they have a problem. When we are confronted with something we already feel guilty about, the quickest and easiest way out of it is to defend yourself or avoid talking about it all together. Please realize that there is usually an underlying psychological disorder or disorders that accompany hoarding.

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