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The implications for the evolution of our consciousness are that if we desire to manifest a life in harmony with spirit then we need to focus on those qualities of consciousness that are analogous to both pure, intense white light and clear light itself.
If prismatic white light is analogous to intense, focused alignment with spirit, then the clear light of the prism itself is analogous to self-transcendent, fully open, integrated emptiness.
Intense, focused white light is your waking intent aligned with the intentions of life dreaming you. Need help healing relationships, solving problems, making decisions, discovering your life purpose?
I had seen Love’s Forever Changes on numerous Greatest Albums of All Time-type lists and so snapped up the CD next time I saw it at a reasonable price. Richard : Saw the duo as an opening act for Glen Yarbourough after he left the Limelighters. Clearlight Innovative IPL undoubtedly represents the Number 1 Choice for Professionals who want to treat their clients with the excellence of the most advanced system in the IPL sector. A range of filters is available to target most skin rejuvenation and hair removal applications. Automatic filter identification means the unit quickly recognises the installed filter and then loads up the appropriate software settings. Through the use of multiple filters targeted at different levels within the epidermal and dermal layers, the Clearlight IPL covers many treatment applications all from the one handpiece.
Skin responds very well to the IPL light which can assist in the rejuvenation and appearance of the skin, promoting a clearer complexion for all skin types. Advanced pulse technology gives you single, double, triple pulse and Clearlight's innovative toning pulse to further enhance your IPL skin and hair removal treatments. For more information about the Clearlight Innovative IPL, how it works and pricing, please click on the Request Button and a company Representative will be in contact with you. The beautiful Wellington Clear Glass Pendant is the newest addition to our Fritz Fryer Collection. Kitchen lighting, hall and stairwell lights, cafe & restaurant lighting, bedroom lighting, UK lighting. The clarity of the colors emitted from a prism is dependent on the clarity and intensity of both the incoming white light and the clarity of the prism. The goal is to maximize both of these states not only while awake, but while dreaming and in deep sleep.
Paul Rothchild produced the LP, which explains why the recording sessions were fraught with tension and negativity.
It was a great hard charging folk-rock single with an acid tinged guitar solo that deserved to sell much better than it did. Not everyone will like this record because of its eccentric nature but it really is a crime that Clear Light was unable to release a followup to this debut. I have a 60s garage band that gets together every important birthday (next-my 50th) Love the detailed information on 60s acts that I’ve heard of but never really heard. Well, I bought the Sundazed vinyl reissue awhile back and my first impressions were’nt that strong either.
1948, Denver, Colorado, US) during the summer when they meet in Phoenix, Arizona as Seal is heading to California. A very simple and efficient system which allows you to easily customise your treatment for your client. The Clearlight is a very safe IPL system as it takes the guesswork out of determining what joules to use for each individual customer. The power output of the flash is accurate so you can be assured of the correct fluence every single time and your customers can enjoy a consistent treatment.
A specific filter is included which is designed and targeted for best results over continued treatments. I was expecting something of the standard of Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow or The Byrds 5-D. It uses a single handpiece with a large spot size (40x15mm) with an integrated cooling system. Metaphorically, clear light is the ambient light that you are looking through when you read these words.

I have followed the reality manipulation instruction and found that it so far seems to hold true. Many psych fans are divided when it comes to the Clear Light LP but I think it’s a good one.
On the first few listens, nothing really grabbed me but slowly I started to hear little things, good lyric couplets until eventually I was under it’s spell. It is the medium, the matrix, which makes the perception of any frequency of light possible. Similarly, if white light is for the moment taken to be analogous to subtle, dream, or bardo consciousness, then the degree to which it is subjected to clear light determines the clarity of the resultant manifestation, or incarnation in matter. I have been able to shape my own personal health and family well being using the technique I was shown. Led me to go out and pick up the self titled debut, Da Capo and Four Sail, all of which have their own charms. Colorado, US), who has spotted Seal and Taylor on Fairfax Avenue wearing signs reading “Seeking singing, writing bass player” joins on bass. Lubahn had moved to Los Angeles a few months earlier from Aspen, Colorado where he was working as a ski instructor and playing with several local groups.
In the process they lose Watkins, who will turn up in another Bud Mathis outfit, The Joint Effort. The Brain Train moves into a large house on Franklin Avenue in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, which has previously been the home of WC Fields and begin reheasing material for their proposed album. Blue,” sounds dated today with its spoken word dialogue, although, even this song is oddly appealing in its own way and definitely still considered a highlight.
March (26) Renamed Clear Light, the band plays at Los Angeles’ first “Love-In” at Griffith Park on the same bill as The Steve Miller Band, The Grateful Dead and The Other Half.
Around the same time, the group lands a cameo role in the movie, The President’s Analyst starring James Coburn.
May Despite having put down most of the tracks for the album, Elektra decides that Robison’s acoustic approach is incompatible with the group’s new electric direction and he is dropped from the group, although he remains part of the entourage, operating his own light show, set up at the group’s live appearances.
After auditioning many guitarists as possible replacements, including Doug Hastings (ex-Daily Flash and soon-to-be Buffalo Springfield) they eventually decide to go with keyboard wunderkind Ralph Schuckett.
Schuckett overdubs keys to several of the tracks already in the can as well as collaborating with fellow newbie Cliff De Young. After this Clear Light embark on a cross country tour driving non-stop to Philadelphia where the band goes on strike, forcing Elektra to fly them to New York. The band initially plays at Steve Paul’s Scene East in the Delmonico Hotel but on the first night Schuckett lambasts the crowd for not paying attention to the group’s performance and it is fired.
While there, the group jams with various guests including Tiny Tim, Howlin’ Wolf and The Candy Men, formerly members of The McCoys. August (31) – September (3) Clear Light performs at the Magic Mushroom, Los Angeles with Kaleidoscope.
The debut longplayer is subsequently released in the UK, and although it is not a hit, it is greeted with interest, particularly on the underground scene.
Bud Mathis licences The Brain Train demos to Titan Records in order to cash in on the release of the Elektra album. After much behind the scenes manipulation and Svengali–ism by Rothchild, the band starts auditioning guitarists, including Kenny Pine and Jeff Jacobs, on the club’s stage to replace Bob Seal, who has come to blows with the producer. Danny Kortchmar, who has previously played with New York groups, The King Bees and The Flying Machine and recently returned from Los Angeles where he had tried out for Elektra’s project supergroup (later Rhinoceros) takes over lead guitar. Seal meanwhile relocates to the Bay area and, disillusioned with playing six string takes up the bass – gigging but not recording with Gale Garnett & The Gentle Reign. He later takes up the six string again, replacing the original guitarist in the Transatlantic Railroad.
He subsequently teams up with former Salvation member Joe Tate in Redlegs, a popular Bay Area group. March (17) Clear Light plays at Pasadena Exhibition Hall, Pasadena, California with The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, Procol Harum and many others. Lovecraft, The Quicksilver Messenger Service and various others at a benefit for the Radio Strike Fund for disc jockeys at KPPC Pasadena and KMPX San Francisco.

April (13) Clear Light appears at the Salt Lake Coliseum, Salt Lake City, Utah with Blue Cheer and Jerry Abrams. The group then returns to New York and plays some shows at the Electric Circus with The Chambers Brothers and Circus Maximus where they are a huge hit. June (14-16) The band appears at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom with Frumius Bandersnatch and Buddy Guy. Sessions for a second album begin but after a few recordings Cliff De Young quits to return to college. Around this time, Taylor, Lubahn and Schuckett do a recording session with Stills at TTG studio in Hollywood.
Taylor strikes up a rapport with Stills and is chosen as drummer for Crosby, Stills & Nash. November Kortchmar and Ney join Carole King’s City, although the latter will soon be replaced by Jim Gordon.1969January Elektra’s news letter, Revelation announces that Clear Light have split up. February The City’s sole album, Now That Everything Has Been Said is released on Lou Adler’s Ode label.
November Lubahn’s group Dreams release their eponymous debut album.1971March Debut Jo Mama album, O Sole Mio is released. Schuckett also appears on Carole King’s Tapestry album and follows this with two US and one UK tour with James Taylor in support. September Taylor appears on John Sebastian’s Four Of Us, before joining Stephen Stills’s Manassas. November Second Jo Mama album J Is For Jump is released, but is not a success and the band splinters.
Kortchmar works for David Crosby and Graham Nash, while Schuckett does sessions for Todd Rundgren amongst others.1972Lubahn appears on the Everly Brothers album Stories We Could Tell. May A second Manassas album Down The Road is issued, but the group splinters soon after and Taylor moves into session work, appearing on albums by people like Bill Wyman and Sammy Hagar, before rejoining Stephen Stills’s backing group.1974Cliff De Young releases an eponymously titled solo album on MCA. December After doing various sessions for people like David Blue, Carole King and Todd Rundgren, Schuckett becomes part of the latter’s Utopia. July Kortchmar forms The Attitudes, releasing an eponymous debut on George Harrison’s Dark Horse label.1977March Schuckett appears on a second Free Beer album, Nouveau Chapeau. Lubahn writes Treat Me Right for Pat Benatar, which appears on her album, Crimes of Passion. August Kortchmar meanwhile, releases second solo album, Innuendo, on Asylum Records.1981Lubahn forms Riff Raff who release the album Vinyl Future for Atlantic. He subsequently joins the Billy Squier band.1982Lubahn appears on Billy Squiers’ Emotions in Motion.
October Kortchmar appears on ex-Eagle Don Henley’s debut solo album I Can’t Stand Still, which he also co-produces and co-writes several songs on. The pair will strike up a rapport and Kortchmar will become an integral part of Henley’s backing band for the next ten years.1984Schuckett produces an album for Clarence Clemons for Columbia Records. Village Voice, July 6, 1967, page 26, December 14, 1967, page 52 and December 28, 1967, page 39.Thanks to Gray Newell for his extensive help in piecing this story together. Huge thanks also to Ralph Schuckett for filling in many of the gaps and Doug Lubahn for his input. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
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