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Colon Cleanse or Cleansing is a composite of many alternative medical therapies that are geared towards removing feces and non-specific toxins from the intestinal tract and the colon.
An unhealthy digestive system can have a huge, noticeable effect on your health and appearance.
Essential Element’s Colon Cleanse contains proven ingredients to help cleanse and purify your body of the toxins that are dragging you down and leaving you with no energy. All of our ingredients at Essential Elements come from natural resources, and contain no oils, sugars, harmful fillers, additives or byproducts. At Essential Elements, we specialize in manufacturing the best dietary and vitamin supplements on the market.
If you think about it, it’s not surprising that bad residue is left in our intestines and colon over time since our bodies aren’t designed to process the artificial chemicals, corn syrup and red meat we eat every day. Our Colon Cleanse formula clean out your colon by forcing it to shed that hardened fecal matter and mucous from its walls, leaving you able to process foods better and prevent further build-up in the future. Psyllium Powder: By pulling putrefactive toxins from the sides of the intestines and the colon, Psyllium Powder helps maintain regularity and colon health.
Chlorella: Helps the body in its natural removal of potential toxins from your system and works to strengthen immune system. Hyssop Leaf: Contains antimicrobial and anti-viral properties that aid in battling intestinal infection.
There are no known side effects, however, as always, we recommend consulting with your physician before beginning to take any new supplement. The biggest concern around using colon cleanse supplements is the loss of beneficial bacteria that live in our colon and intestines. You should always consult with your physician before taking any weight loss or heath supplements. Feel confident and secure buying any product from Essential Elements because if you’re not satisfied with your order, we will refund you up to ONE YEAR from your order date. Benzyl benzoate, PPG Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated caster oil, Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, Quaternium-26, Quaternium-22, Cananga odorata. Was afraid of this from other reviews, but it is not aggravating to me and I've extremely sensitive. My new bio life home cleanse is white and thick rather than clear- comes out as thick and leaves a cream deposit.
This rescued an armchair which had been stored in a cold damp place, and had a mouldy smell.
I am currently so nasally afflicted (pending big ENT op end Jan) that I struggle to feel a difference in my allergies but I did want to say how DIVINE this stuff smells!
There is so much cleaning involved when using this product that I don't know if it's all the extra hoovering or the spray that has had the biggest effect? I used on my carpet, on mattress and on any single furniture and finally my sore throat –due a hay fever– has gone! I was diagnosed with dust mite allergy last year following years of sneezing and itchy eyes . I bought this product in some desperation, as I was suffering from a really horrible allergic reaction and wasn't really sure what I was allergic to. Having suffered all night everynight with a running nose for the last month, I'm finally in a allergy free zone, thanks to Bio-life Home Cleanse. This solution really does help clean beds and other household upholstery from the 'dust mite' problem.
I bought the Bio-Life Home Cleanse for my Mother who has a dust mite allergy and asthma, she said that it does the job and smells pleasant. I have purchased Bio-Life petal cleanse, Air cleanse and Home cleanse - these products are remarkable. Bio Life Home Cleanse is made from harmless chemicals and encapsulates and neutralises allergens. Bio Life Sprays are very effective but there are a number of steps you can take, such as washing bedlinen reguarly at 60degrees which kills off any dustmites or using mattress and pillow encasements and steam cleaning to keep Dust Mites at bay. How exactly is it suggested that the product is used - with vacuum cleaning after spraying or without? The product is as chemical friendly as they can make it including no alcohol and no chemical propellent, containing only Natural Essential Oils. We hope this information has been of help, if we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on Freephone 0800 169 6685.
Hello, am wondering if i can spray this product directly onto mattress, curtains and carpet as have quite severe dust house mite allergy.
Out of all the juice cleanses listed in that previous post, Blueprint is one that we've tried personally and really enjoyed.

While juicing, one thing we find to be helpful is to have a buddy who is taking the plunge with you. That's why, to enter the giveaway, we are asking you to use the comments below to tell us who your buddy is and why they would be the best cleansing partner for you. Okay I've been doing the Paragone cleanse for about 9 days now and today I had something crazy come out of me and I'm a little freaked out.
Well it's never kind to the senses, but did notice it had an abnormal kick to it so must be mucuod plaque. Colon Cleanse® assists in the relief of occasional constipation by increasing water in the intestine. If you are suffering from an ailment, whether it is constipation or acne or other medical condition, chances are it has to do with the fact that toxins already invaded your body systems. Once our colon is dysfunctional or clogged up, then the liver cannot perform its task effectively. If you happen to be feeling sluggish or you constantly suffer from brain fog or other recurring ailments, then you need to stop the symptoms from its root and start colon cleansing as soon as you can and make it a regular habit.
Also termed as colon therapy, colon cleanse may serve as colon hydrotherapy or oral cleaning regimens like dietary supplements.
Most people don’t realize that an unhealthy colon is slowing their metabolism, depleting all of their energy, and preventing any chance of weight loss. The difference between our competitors and us is that we are thinking of you and your needs every step of the way. However, this residue—mucous and hardened fecal matter—get left behind in our colon and, if left unaddressed, can lead to serious health consequences. Users have also reported feeling “lighter,” healthier and more energized as a result of using our products. Low levels of bacteria aren’t good because without the bacteria, digesting food will be difficult. Can I use Essential Elements Colon Cleanse if I have a pre-existing condition or am taking other medications? You read that right, you have a full year to return under our risk-free offer, and that goes for products that are opened or unopened, used or unused.
These reviews should not be taken as recommendations but rather customer opinions of the products that they have used. It is made with Eucalyptus and Quaternium salts, and can be used to treat mattresses, sofas and soft furnishings to denature and neutralise dustmite allergens and pet residue. Bio-Life International Ltd have specifically developed this exciting range of new product to protect against allergic reactions to dust mites, pets, moulds and pollen.
A truly lovely herbal scent that hangs around and makes your room smell great for hours after application. It has been a godsend when my asthmatic nephew , who is allergic to animal hair has visited his grandmother and her dog .
I bought a new (Miele) vacuum cleaner with super dooper filters and this helped but I was still having some problems with sneezing. Since using it as directed on mattress and pillows every time the bed is changed, I don't waken up with itchy eyes and runny nose any more. Symptoms had disappeared the next morning after treating the mattress and pillows and there have been no more allergic attacks since then. I use the spray on her bedding which has helped to reduce the amount of scratching she was doing in the morning.
I used the spray in conjunction with some other dust mite busting techniques in my bedroom (new mattress and pillow covers, etc), and my symptoms disappeared overnight.
My husband suffers quite badly from an allergy to our two cats and by using a combination of these products on the cats and our home we are all able to live together.
I would like a product that would help in a multi faceted approach to control their number within the home, but also a product that can actually kill them directly.
Once sprayed on furnishings, allow the sprayed surfaces to dry for two to three hours, then vacuum.
The Home Cleanse has been designed for use on soft furnishings such as mattresses and sofas. They can be the person you call to dissuade you when you so desperately want to reach for a handful of french fries. Yesterday the same thing happened only half the size.It resembled an intestine and it filled my toilet without anything attached to it.
When this happens, the kidney is also adversely affected and so the chain reaction goes on to most part of the body. A solid matter is used to cleanse the colon; along with a treatment of liquid foods, followed by complete bowel irrigation the very next day is performed.

This is a safe and effective way to help rid your body of harmful toxins and prepare it for optimal supplement absorption.
Each product we develop comes assured with an emphasis on honesty, quality, safety, health and wellness. Essential Elements is one of the few companies in this industry that makes sure its products are inspected in FDA-approved manufacturing facilities where every claim on the label is verified and receives a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) seal of approval. Will update review when I can get enough air through my nose to see if my chronic allergies are improved by it as well. I have only used it on the matress and pillows so will try on the furnitur too to see if that helps. She is on medication, and we follow a vet-recommended regime, but the spray is a very useful addition in reducing the allergens. So we are extremely grateful, the cats especially as the alternative was a rather cold kennel outside!
It is advised to use once per month for dust mite and pets and once per week during the pollen season. She is on medication, and we follow a vet-recommended regime, but the spray is a very useful addition in reducing the allergens". Protein is necessary for our body to function, but too much protein can cause over-acidity. Our Colon Cleanse formula include pro-biotic properties, which encourage replacement of the beneficial bacteria that you lose!
A quick spray of this around carpet and soft furnishings post vacuuming prevents the occurrence of "allergic" episodes for quite some time- about a month at least. After doing all curtains carpets and mattresses I have Managed to get through almost the entire bottle. I still take an antihistamine pill every morning but that on its own wasn't consistently doing the job and often didn't work at all when symptoms were really bad.
Because our colon is an organ that directly and indirectly affects almost all the organs within our bodies.
And when there is too much acid in the body, our colon decreases its ability to fight bad bacteria and toxins. When you manage to have colon cleansing on a regular basis, then you feel the improvement in your body activities in no time at all. It is believed that the buildup of putrefied faces line the large intestinal walls, which hosts parasites or pathogenic gut flora that paves way for non-specific symptoms and ill health. The bonus for me means that I can enjoy the very therapeutic contact with pets whilst being able to offer them a loving home! I did have doubts as to how effective the spray would be but I'm pretty well convinced now that it helps a great deal and I wouldn't want to be without it now. Possibly belts and braces, but such is my desire to reduce these mites and have a day without running nose. And for this sole reason, it is important that we have a regular colon cleansing to keep our body from harm’s way. The information provided in the customer reviews and testimonials is intended for educational purposes only. I have been so impressed with Home Cleanse that I have just bought two more bottles and I have been telling friends (and our cleaners) how well this works.
The product certainly smells lovely and is easy to use, but effectiveness remains to be seen. When I lived in costa rica I had contracted ameobas and was wondering if I ever even got rid of them entirely. Cleansing your colon would be that you are flushing out toxins that would result to a healthier body system. Now if you could just sell something that would stop my wife from snoring then I might have a great night's sleep every night!
Though on the first night after using it, my eyes were not streaming and my cough subsided. With regular colon cleansing, one can experience a better and healthier body that has the ability to do be fit and strong. Eating unhealthy foods such as cakes, food with too much sugar and processed food can cause the build up of mucoid plaque that can have a negative effect on one’s colon. If you are guilty of doing all these things, then it is high time that you start colon cleansing as soon as you can.

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