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Carstairs United Church will strive to make your wedding service a memorable and joyous experience. OUR WEDDING FEE is $350.00, which includes the minister, accompanist(piano or organ), administration and use of the Sanctuary. The license and remaining balance due MUST be handed into the office at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding. When guests are invited to a wedding they are not only there to watch, attending a wedding means that a guest is pledging their support to the couple’s relationship. Secondly, we highly recommend that you participate in a Marriage Preparation Seminar presented by Pastoral and Spiritual Care, Calgary Presbytery of the United Church of Canada.
Decorating may be done just prior to the wedding, usually at the rehearsal; pew markers, flowers, candles, etc.
The United Church Marriage Preparation Seminars for Same-Gender couples are designed to build on the abilities and gifts that couples bring to their decision to make a public commitment to each other, before God and a circle of witnesses.
Though it may not seem it, flowers can make or break a wedding in terms of quality and quantity. The best way to decide how you arrange your flowers is firstly the location of your wedding. For example, inside weddings whether it be in a church or hall can be much easier to decorate as issues such as weather, temperature and stability don’t need to be taken into account. For most inside weddings, flowers are arranged along the aisle seats, and across the altar. Outside weddings have to be aware of the weather, temperature and wind speed of the day to ensure the flowers keep their stability. A windy day will cause the flowers to be shredded and hot temperatures will essentially make them wither and droop. This is why most outside weddings invest in a marquee to shade their guests and decorations.

Once you have chosen your wedding theme, then its best to research the style of flowers best suited for your event. For example; A french themed wedding should attract light and pastel coloured flowers such as blues, creams, soft pinks and mint green.
Any baptized Roman Catholic may marry at Notre Dame des Victoires Church with an ordained priest or deacon to witness the Sacrament of Marriage.
There is an elevator available, allowing persons in wheelchairs to enter the church from sidewalk-level.
For those who are not part of the regular worshipping community at NDV, the fee is 1,500 dollars for the use of the church.
For resident worshipping parishioners of NDV the fee is 700 dollars, with or without the participation of an NDV resident priest. Are there restrictions on decorations, like placement of flowers, aisle runners, candles, etc.? In marriage, we promise to love our spouse in a loving, committed relationship patterned on God’s own love for each of us. The church is also pledging our support to your relationship and we desire that you will feel free to call upon us for support down the road. Within a couple of months of your wedding the minister will contact you to schedule two meetings to plan the ceremony. Please, no photos during the ceremony except when the bridal party enters and leaves the church and during the signing of the register. Carstairs United Church has an inclusive marriage policy and the minister will perform same-gender weddings. The Sanctuary is an attractive “A” frame structure that provides an intimate setting for a wedding. Too many flowers can seem like your guests are browsing a flower shop, while too less looks like you haven’t put in any effort or thought into your decorations at all.

This also ensures that if bad weather approaches such as heavy rain, the wedding must go on! The consent of your pastor, along with a commitment regarding the marriage preparation process and a written commitment from the presiding priest is necessary before marriage scheduling can be finalized. If the services of an NDV priest are required to preside for the ceremony, a fee of 225 dollars is requested for those services.
This is not a requirement, but a wonderful opportunity to check out our church community, our minister and our Sanctuary. The minister will become acquainted with you personally and go over the service and answer any questions you might have. A designated Photographer is asked to consult with the minister concerning picture taking during the wedding. It is appreciated if flowers are left for the use of the church after your ceremony is ended.
If you would like, we would be pleased to announce your upcoming wedding at the service and include you in our prayers. While we encourage your own creative choices, we ask you to understand that this is a Christian worship service.
A video camera may be positioned inconspicuously and operated from that position for the duration of the service. Our minister officiates at all weddings however, guest clergy may participate or perform the services at the invitation of Carstairs’s minister. You may provide your own music and musicians; however any and all music played or sung in conjunction with your ceremony must be within church liturgical guidelines.

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