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It doesn't have to cost a lot when you want to celebrate with friends and family your marital commitment to each other.
Many say that out of the two parts of a wedding celebration, the wedding ceremony is seen with more importance, and if we consider what it stands for (uniting the couple into the holy act of matrimony), then they are probably right. This is why, as a future bride planning for the big day, you consider looking for wedding decorations for reception hall, to have these ones fit perfectly into the overall ambiance of your wedding unfolding. If you plan to have an elaborately staged wedding reception, then maybe it would be a great idea to introduce the invitees to the evening program. It should be noted that generally a purple printed a sophisticated character for any event. Light shades fit perfectly with spring and summer period, and dark ones are recommended during the fall and winter. For tablecloths and decorations choose shades of purple: napkins, plates, ornament and, of course, the flowers, which should not miss.
After all the excitement of the Wedding Blog Awards, I completely failed to publish the second half of Jo and Luke's incredible wedding. We gave several ideas to the chap that runs the venue and then he asked for props, and other little things that we had bought, or were given, or already owned. As it was April and the winter had been cold, we knew there wouldn't be many flowers available, and those that were would be expensive.
All other flowers - for the church and our reception venue - were arranged by my family and some very talented ladies at the church.
Each of our tables was named after a different flower - primrose, muscari, lily, sweat-pea, etc. To carry on the garden theme and add a personal touch, my Mum and I made heart-shaped lavender bags for wedding favours for the ladies.
I loved planning my wedding - although sometimes things felt like they would never get sorted.
Fortunately it was even better timing than we could have hoped for, as by the wedding all the trees were in blossom. We created a memory table to display our wedding cake and added lots of family photos, and photos of our guests - many of them from their own wedding days.
Updated daily & brimming with wedding ideas and inspiration, Before the Big Day is the best wedding blog for couples looking to make their big day stand out from the crowd. A stationery resource for engaged couples, wedding professionals and anyone who loves invitations. I’m actually going to talk about venue and reception wording together, as one often has an impact on the other. There are basically two options here: ceremony and reception at the same location, or ceremony and reception at different location. Traditionally in this case you would use a separate Reception card, inviting guest to the reception. You can pretty much word it in any way that communicates the information and fits with your invitation wording. These days, it’s becoming more rare to see reception cards, and I frequently have couples who ask for all of the wording to be on the main invitation. A wedding reception buffet can be a great idea to save money, but also to create a nice atmosphere.
But let’s not forget that wedding reception is by far the most favored part of a wedding celebration, at least for guests, as it is time for eating, drinking and having fun.

The way of organizing the wedding reception will be the thing that will be memorized in both your mind and your guests’. You should think of the invitees how they can be seated, in order to encourage their way of socializing with each other. It is a way to show them respect and also you can avoid the embarrassing pause when everybody will wait to see what is going next. And you've got to see these amazing pictures, as they're chock-a-block with wedding inspiration.
We wanted it to be a simple as possible really, and looking at some pictures, I got the idea of using lots of ivy and moss as decorations. I always had the idea of dusky pinks and purples, but no specific colour scheme, just mix and match - or things we liked. We used little bouquets of each bloom to decorate the tables, along with ivy and candles in hurricane lanterns. For example my Mum went to the local garden centre, and managed to get the owner to loan us some trees for the marquee. My Mum was so generous in all ways, and therefore took any stresses that I could have had away. It was from Waitrose, and we decorated the top with the same flowers as were in our bouquets.
Have to admit I played hooky the last couple days of last week – too much excitement from the Hitched by Hip Ink launch! I have to say that because of my stance on not including the address, I think very specific and detailed wording is necessary for the name of your venue. Just remember that if the reception does not immediately follow the ceremony, that should be made clear by giving a start time for the reception itself – guests are much happier and more comfortable when they know what to expect.
Again, I would say it’s totally acceptable to do so at this point, although I do think a reception card is still de rigueur for very formal events. In many cases guests may have to amuse themselves in the break between the ceremony and reception, so make sure they know exactly how much time they will have to kill.
Although the wedding reception is the biggest expense of the wedding planning, you can save a lot of money on it without compromising its quality with these tips. Guests at a wedding tend to drink a lot to celebrate and you will save much money if you buy your alcohol at a liquor store where the prices are lower. Before venturing into this tough task, you must take all the componential details and make a separate list with them after you have decided on the sort of wedding decorations for reception that apply the best for the theme of your wedding.
Apart from the floral arrangements that you have selected as wedding decorations for reception tables, there can be small colorful notes attached to a delicate holder with the name of your invitees for each one to know where to be seated. The reception of your wedding must be perfectly composed in both finding the right wedding decorations for reception venue and displaying the program that will entertain the witnesses of your important event. Meanwhile, times have changed and modern couples can choose from a wide variety of hues: from dark purple, perfect for a lavish wedding, which takes place in an old palace or mansion, to light purple, perfect for an outdoor wedding, surrounded by vegetation. The nuance and color intensity is chosen depending on the period when the wedding takes place.
Besides purely aesthetic appearance, the colors are interesting: purple symbolizes intelligence, devotion, but also pain and nostalgia. We also used these as our place-markers, by tying little rose-stamped luggage tag to each one.
The weekend before the wedding we went to choose them, and none of them were in bud, let alone covered with nice green leaves.

Purple is great for wedding reception decoration ideas, because it is a flexible and interesting color that adds a royal air for your big day. The owner is clearly some sort of wedding decoration genius, as he's created a wonderful romantic world of swinging lanterns and vintage props. If you see something you like, or have an idea, jot it down - because you'll blink and it'll be gone.
I may be in the minority on this one, but I don’t think THAT much hand-holding is necessary for guests.
Many options are possible to create nice plates that your guests will enjoy in a cozy and intimate environment, like quiches, vegetable platters, chicken fingers or large blocks of cheese. For a fresh note, wedding reception decoration ideas and not only (a few flowers in floral arrangements in the hall, bridesmaids accessories, napkins) can be colored in green. This is advice I didn't follow - but set a day before the wedding to have everything sorted, then try and relax. If what you are doing is non-traditional in any way, give your guests a heads up to make sure your celebration runs smoothly.
Other accents of color that goes perfectly with dark purple can be pale pink, gold, silver and yellow. Don't miss Jo's answers to the Before the Big Day Bride's Questionnaire, they're full of wedding inspiration, and take a look at their wedding photographer, Lily Sawyer's website - she's a serious talent! The person who gave me this advice was right, I didn't notice the things that we forgot about, and our guests didn't notice either. Back in the day the reason was that most people knew exactly where the venue was, because there weren’t many choices and most of them would be local anyway. There are tons of traditional and non-traditional wedding venues, and many, many guests are travelling and unfamiliar with the city where the venue may be located.
You can choose purple for your wedding, from floral decorations, bouquet and details used to beautify the room where reception is taking place. All it takes is a bow, an ornament in bouquet or a hair accessory and you will see the difference. They plan a formal ceremony in that state, however we want to throw a "NJ" reception the following weekend for our NJ family. We must keep the cost down because the bride's family has offered to pay for both and are on a tight budget (as we are, too). If you want to scale back on cake, opt for a cupcake tree, with a small cake on top to be cut by the couple. Again, use the appropriate glasses and dress them up with colored sugar around the rim, or accent with fruit, edible flowers, charms, etc. If you will be outside, consider hung paper lanterns in the wedding colors.Make sure to have a small bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom. For additional seating opt to create some lounge areas, by using your existing furniture, or rent simple benches.

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