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The word meditation is derived from 2 primary Hebrew word: haga, which means ponder and Sihach, meaning contemplate or rehearse in one’s mind. Literally means “time together”, contemplation techniques require peaceful areas in order to contemplate and connect with God.
This entry was posted in Meditation Techniques and tagged christian meditation on April 18, 2011 by Admin. Many Christians have discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation, but struggle with the Sanskrit chants and Hindu bhajans, or hymns. However, many of these meditation practices are universal, and can be translated to fit the Christian perspective. The following Christian meditation practice is designed to help Christians feel the inner peace and tranquility enjoyed by those who meditate, while increasing spirituality and oneness with Jesus Christ.
Regardless of religious beliefs, it is important to begin your meditation in a quiet place, where you may practice undisturbed. It is best to practice meditation either early in the morning before others awake, or in the evening after others have retired to ensure you will not be disturbed. Spend as much as five minutes breathing deeply, allowing the body and mind to relax completely. Once your breathing has slowed to an even, steady pace, start to relax each muscle in the body one at a time. Repeat this process for each group of muscles from the feet, to the calves and legs, onto the hips and pelvis, up to the abdomen and torso, next moving to the upper back and chest, including the arms, hands and fingers, and lastly relaxing the neck, face and scalp muscles.
With each muscle, take a deep breath in, and relax the muscle as you exhale.Allow yourself up to five to 10 minutes to complete this exercise, giving each muscle time to relax. Spend at least 10 minutes chanting softly to reach a state of deep meditation and relaxation. The mere heartbeat in which I realised that connecting with the sacred mystery is ultimately a matter, not of belief but of practice, was a singularly transformative moment for me. It was one balmy summer evening more than a decade after I’d given up on believing in God that ‘God’ turned up right outside my back door, uninvited, unexpected, but unquestionably there. What follows is a first step in the development of an answer to this question, a defence of the value and relevance of meditation in the Christian tradition in a world where people drawn to spiritual practices have a rich abundance of options from which to choose. The simple point I make is that the value and relevance of the Christian meditation tradition derive both from what it shares with the other great meditation traditions and what distinguishes it among them. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you have been thinking about Christian meditation but know very little, this Christian Meditation ecourse will help you to take the mystery out of Christian Meditation. Over the next few weeks you’ll receive the free guide to Christian meditation ecourse directly to your email. If you would be interested in learning more about the practice of Christian Meditation, come along to a class and find out more for yourself. If you want to start a Christian meditation group, there are a number of meditation techniques to choose from.   When forming a meditation prayer group, you may need to begin by teaching how to mediate on Bible verses or how to engage in contemplation.
Christian Prayer Meditation groups enable meditation by offering a structured setting to deepen your relationship with God.  Christian meditation uses a variety of ways and means to help us reflect on and personally experience the reality of God’s love as expressed through God’s son, Jesus Christ and through God’s words to us as found in the Bible. Meditation is very different from vocal prayer because when we meditate, we make a conscious effort to cease thinking about what we need or want and to instead open up our minds, hearts and spirits to who God is, how much He loves us, how much we love Him, what the Scriptures mean and what all of this means to the way we live our lives.  Of the two main types of Christian meditation, active meditation is the best place to start for a beginner. Therefore, Christian meditation is not simply an optional prayer experience.  Meditation is essential in order to grow in God’s love. There are a number of different ways and means of Christian meditation.  Here is a brief summary of some of them to aid you in deciding what kind of mediation group you may be called to form.
The rosary is another form of liturgical meditation where participants are invited to take time to meditate on the mysteries of Christ.  The stations of the cross is another form of meditation where participants move from spot to spot in a church or an outdoor area while using a guidebook to contemplate Christ’s journey from His condemnation, up the hill of Calvary to his crucifixion and burial.
The Jesus Prayer can be used in group meditation by repeating it together as a group in unison before a time of meditation or by inviting the group to repeat it individually to begin private meditation time. Meditative Prayer Services can easily be used to encourage group meditation as they provide an atmosphere that helps individuals focus in a directed and focused way on God’s love and presence.  As an example, in the Atlanta area, four different churches have joined to host a Taize prayer service once a month in their churches so that there is a Taize service weekly on the same evening in one of the four churches. Please be aware that this type of meditation should be solidly anchored in the Scriptures to guard against slipping into New Age relaxation techniques or techniques practiced by other religions. To do Centering Prayer in a group setting, a group leader sets a time and place for the group to meet and then sets a timer to indicate the time to begin and end the time of meditation.
Before starting a Christian meditation prayer group, thoroughly investigate whether the technique is centered on Christ and the Bible and consult with your Church’s guidelines as far as what is acceptable and what isn’t in regards to meditation. A good starting point for groups with little background or experience in meditative  prayer might be Lectio Divina where you actively meditate on Biblical passages.  Another good starting point might be with a meditative creative activity such as cross making.
Other groups may be much more familiar with the teachings of the contemplative saints, such as St.
Anyone Can Post Content using our simple online forms to share a place of prayer or a product review on a prayer book, app or music.
In Joshua 1:8, God said to His people to meditate His words daily – day and night, for them to obey Him.
Thus, the word meditate is the process of focusing specific thoughts and pondering its meaning in the context of God’s love.
Also known as recollection, these are the primary means of preparing yourself for Christian meditation.

Focus you mind on something that is outside of you like wind, sound of water, traffic, icon, painting, trees, sky, etc.
This Christian Meditation is done by progressively relaxing and tensing a group of muscle in your body.
This combines the focusing techniques described above for the initial part then provide the mediator a deeper kind of experience from God. Imagination is important in Christian meditation in order to achieve the desired spiritual experience.
Also knows as the “art of spiritual presence”, it is a form of Christian meditation wherein the mediator can experience spiritual connection with God, the saints, your friends and others.
Commonly practiced by various Catholic circles, centering prayer is a specific contemplative technique that uses short words as prayers like “Jesus”, “Spirit”, “love” and “God” in order to put the mind away from distractions.
Known as the “spiritual reading”, lectio divina is done by reading the scriptures or any other spiritual writings.
It is not surprising that many strictly monotheistic Christians may feel uncomfortable with references to different deities used in some yogic meditation practices. Remember the goal of meditation is not worship, but to increase one’s connection with the Divine. If this is not practical, let your family or those in your household know that you are about to begin your meditation and do not wish to be disturbed for 20 or 30 minutes. You may want to either sit in a comfortable chair or upright on the floor, seated on a cushion or folded blanket. Inhale and exhale slowly through your nose, allowing the exhalation to be twice as long as the inhalation. This may be an image of Jesus Christ on the cross, a picture of Jesus with open arms, or another statue or image you are familiar with. This fleeting accidental liaison with the ‘presence’ of a non-existent being who somehow managed to brush up against my soul before vanishing again into the twilight like a cat over the garden fence, left me deeply touched by the ‘peace that passes understanding’, and, if I may indulge in a little paradox, somewhat disturbed. You’ll learn why I became a Christian meditator, how to win the battle over your mind, and how Christian meditation can deepen your relationship with God. This is because Christians believe that the Bible is the way that God has revealed Himself to us. Turn thee with all thine heart to the Lord and forsake this miserable world, and thou shalt find rest unto thy soul.
You may want to have it on the beach, a peaceful park, church, waterfall or any other tranquil environment.
Take note of the air coming in and out of your nostrils while feeling on the rise and the fall of your chest and abdomen. This includes direct message and love of God and the feeling of touching another in the communion of saints. The calm repetition of a words or sounds allows a person to calm his or her mind in preparation for a deeper spiritual experience.
It is followed by prayer, visualization and contemplation to complete the Christian meditation.
Is your life not responding according to your wishes or planning then there is something missing that should be explored in the desired manner. During yogic meditation, the practitioner focuses on their “ishta-devata”, or chosen deity.
In the beginning you may try inhaling for the count of four, and exhaling for the count of eight.
Repeating this sound or vibration helps to create a connection with the universe, and enhance inner peace. This is vital for us because silence is necessary if the human spirit is to thrive and to be creative. Learn to despise outward things and to give thyself to things inward, and thou shalt see the kingdom of God come within thee. John of the Cross and therefore may be interested in beginning with a more contemplative prayer group. Given these reasons, Christian meditation therefore should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. If you choose a place that’s really quiet, you may be able to hear your own heart beat as well. This fact should be taken into consideration that your emotions actually determine or play a significant role in enhancing the quality of your life.
As your breathing progresses and your body relaxes more and more, try to inhale for the count of six and exhale for the count of 12. If external thoughts begin to creep into your mind, try to redirect your focus back to your breath and your mental image.
Surely it makes more sense to bypass altogether images and concepts we must ultimately let go anyway.
Silence releases a creative response to life, to our environment and friends because it gives our spirit room to breathe, room to be. For the kingdom of God is peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, and it is not given to the wicked.

Therefore, one needs to remain optimistic and energetic throughout his or her life in order to attain the desired level of success. Make Christian Meditation a part of your daily routine at least three to five times per week. Christ will come to thee, and show thee His consolation, if thou prepare a worthy mansion for Him within thee. The pleasant and beautiful memories should be kept in mind by the person for the purpose of improving the motivation level and enthusiasm that exist inside. The emotions and perceptions of people also contribute towards the fulfillment and contentment of life to a great extent. He often visiteth the inward man and holdeth with him sweet discourse, giving him soothing consolation, much peace, friendship exceeding wonderful.
There are some ways or tactics through which people can attain the required outcomes from life. Considering these attributes, 10 wonderful ways are noted down so that people could start changing their lives as planned or according to their wishes. These 10 ways are discussed as follows:10 Ways To Change Your Life If You Are Not Where You Want To Be   Importance of Pleasant EmotionsAs far as the significance of pleasant or good emotions is concerned, this scenario could be described as the feeling in which person has positive attitudes and thoughts that provide him or her courage. This courage is vital for a person in order to make him or her more composed and calm during hard times. They should perceive these mistakes as learning curves that should help them in the future, this is important because it is really necessary to not to repeat mistakes or errors again. In this manner, people will learn how they can move ahead in their lives and at the same time they can overcome barriers that come during this process or phenomenon.
At the same time, people should assume themselves for the failures and do not blame others.
This is how people could modify their lives as they should not be influenced by other thoughts and ideas in a negative way. People are recommended to always admire and remember their pleasant memories that could be either promotion, salary increments, and so on. Therefore, people should enjoy and cherish those moments that brought happiness and contentment in their lives.
At the same time, all the blessings should be carefully remembered in order to satisfy themselves in an appropriate way.
These all kinds of good things that are attained during the course of life make people happy and content. This contentment could become a major source of providing success to people in their lives. In this situation, people should remove negative feelings from their minds and at the same time they should build and create positive behavior that can reinforce “can do” approach. The people could attain success in their lives provided that they enjoy and welcome the change mechanism. In order to change the world according to people’s demands, people have to change themselves first.
Therefore, sometimes it is better to become a child and think like a child to bring happiness and composure in your life.
It will be helpful in forgetting the pains and sorrows from the mind.   Every Day is a new DayThe people are needed to assume every day as a new opportunity in which they can plan and work according to their plans. Therefore, start your day with a positive approach and mindset and set own goals or targets for the day.
In this manner, the people will give importance to each and every day of life and they will work hard in the right direction in order to achieve the benefits. Success should not be assumed and perceived as the single or individual act rather it is a combined teamwork or effort that provides sufficient or required results in the end. It is really crucial to give due credits to other people who become a major source of bringing and attaining success in your life. This is crucial because of the fact that these are the ways that can bring desired changes in the mindset and at the same time the perceptions of people could be changed as well. The inner thoughts have enough strength to change and alter the way of life and it could bring the desired level of status or position in one’s own life. In reality, these all the ways should be applied in an appropriate way so that the desired or expected destination could be attained after some time. By Amelie MillieAmelie Millie is owner of an academic writing company ”Online Assignment Service” that handles students in their academic writing projects in various topics. She also has a keen interest in blogging and has written articles on various blogs on many different topics.

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