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It brings a comprehensive biblical framework to management, adds the key aspects from fourteen different management training workshops I have prepared and delivered in corporate settings in Australia and Asia Pacific through Management Training Australia as well as stories from some of the key Christian leaders in corporate Australia. Spiritual Leadership – Building Personal Leadership Capacity is aimed at helping leaders in the church to develop their own leadership as well as identify and develop other leaders.
It contains the biblical foundation about how to approach the different elements of a career. Building Spiritual Enterprises” is written to inspire and equip a new generation of Christian business people.
The book approaches each of these issues with a solid Biblical foundation and adds Wayne’s experience in organisational development It also has the stories of many Christian business people who building spiritual enterprises as well as some of the spiritual principles learnt in planting and building churches.
This book covers how we can relate to the Holy Spirit and how to establish pathways of communication. This handy and helpful book works either as a highly organized Scripture memory tool or a family devotional with depth. How does a Christian participate in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and what is the result of doing so?
Contrast the person that gains wealth over time through hard work against the person that strives to get rich quick? Why should we not be surprised or deterred with the world makes fun of our worldview and faith in Jesus Christ? Building Her House: Commonsensical Wisdom for Christian Women (Marigold) book - Website of carlaty!

It will help you to build your influence, build the presence of God in your workplace as well as create a positive working environment. It is especially helpful to those considering a change of career or wanting to improve their career progression. It also contains key aspects of a dozen different workshops I have delivered in the corporate world which has great practical advice. God has a plan to bring heaven to earth and He is elevating the role of business in that plan.
The first section is about building yourself spiritually for business and includes the issues of faith, doubt, success, contentment and hearingfrom God.
Phil Pringle on “Understanding the witness of the Spirit” “It is refreshing to have in our hand material that will help us to walk in step with the Spirit.
Now Building a Christian Worldview Verse by Verse handles that quandary by answering 52 core questions about the Faith with specific scriptures to explain doctrinal truths—word-for-word from the Bible itself.
If you choose the memorization route, your children will remember a scriptural truth for every week of the year. It also contains chapters of conflict resolution, building teams, being a manager and leader, talent management, coaching, building culture and systems and using different management styles. As I was writing it, I felt it would be especially ideal for those about to finish school or university to help them consider God’s plan for their lives. Even though the focus of the book is on business, it also is relevant to building a church, ministry or other enterprises.

The second section is about bring a spiritual foundation to your enterprise and includes the issues of anointings, gifts, vision and spiritual structures.
This book is solidly based in Scripture which is crucial for this area of the Christian life. We live in times when many claim the leading of the Spirit, yet the results make the claim questionable.
If you use Building a Christian Worldview for family devotions, you’ll all wind up with a deeper appreciation for why we believe what we believe. The third section is about building the enterprise and includes the issues of values, culture, strategy and transitions. It finishes with how we can understand the Spirit’s leadings to use the gifts of the Spirit.This book is highly practical and yet has become a text book for Bible colleges.
Wayne Back is one of Australia’s great achievers so we are able to see the obvious fruit of a Spirit- led life.

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