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When you buy books from first online websites, you always want to look for the seller ratings and see the feedback by buyers. First of all, lots of thanks for making the transition process smoother for people like us – going to US for higher studies or job. Unlike the other 2 options on this list, this is not a sure fire bet on how to save money as a student. One obvious way for how to save money as a student is buying necessities as cheap as possible. For those who like to support local small businesses, the South Sound is rich when it comes to the number of used bookstores.
As international students,  some of you may not be used to buying books online…if you have not, here you go…this is your chance !  The good thing about instructors is, they always mention the name of the book and the exact ISBN. Well, even if you buy books at 20-25% of their actual international price, they’re pretty steep.
It is not possible to borrow books from library or sit on weekends and study the library resources. Sometimes classwork and studying is the least of college kids worries, and they are more focused on survival. Getting a roommate to live off of campus with is one of the easiest ways to save money as a student if the roommate is reliable.

This lack of knowledge puts them at the mercy of schools that will charge a lot for room and board, and artificially inflate costs of books and supplies. Currently studying in college for Software Engineering he loves watching his work come to life. No content on this site may be reproduced without the exclusive permission of the copyright holder. I did not know why it was so when I bought books… Anyways,  the point is text books are very expensive in US and as a student it is not advisable to buy books paying full price in the University book store. Sometimes roommates can be unreliable, and can leave someone high and dry when it comes to paying the rent and utilities. Jason Cox also is the current business owner of Coders Prime LLC which specializes in nearly every aspect that would involve a website. If living somewhere for free without any distraction sounds good, then home is a good option. If a student does not work(or works only on a part time basis), they will be eligible for food stamps.
Following these helpful tips will ensure a savvy student can leave college with a degree, and a few bucks in their pocket. If you plan well, you should only pay 25% -40% of the actual price of the book or even less depending on the book condition.

Is it illegal (I bought the books from where the LPEs are intended to be sold – India)? This option is not possible for everyone, but it is a pleasant one if someone is going to a local college. Ordering books online through websites like Amazon can sometimes save more than half of the bookstore price. At home, a student will have free room and board, and meals will likely be provided for them.
Other essentials like paper and pencils will have a high mark up at the campus bookstore too. There is also the warm feeling of having the familiarity of home as opposed to sharing a dorm. Nearly every grocery store has a section with school supplies, and they are much cheaper than the bookstore. I know most students want more freedom at this age, but it sure beats going broke and hungry.

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