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Thoughtful but cheap christmas gift-giving ideas, Instead of going into debt again this year, use these christmas gift giving ideas. Cheap christmas gift ideas for coworkers - my-thank-you, Cheap christmas gift ideas say thank you with these company christmas gifts. Note tips, wording examples, ideas, suggestions for thank, Brownielocks and the 3 bears present even some examples! 24 quick, easy, cheap gift ideas - tip junkie, Here are 24 quick, easy, cheap christmas gift ideas for friends, neighbors, bus drivers, and teachers. Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas Cheap –  Funny wedding decoration ideas Outdoor when you have outdoor wedding outdoor wedding decorations should include certain elements of your environment. I work in education, so this time of year gets hectic and drains my creative energy pretty quickly.
Anyway, David began classes again today, and I start summer break on Friday, so you should be seeing more of me around here again.
The peppermint candies are from the grocery store too, as are the single-serve Publix lemonade and Archer Farms cherry limeade packets. I am a teacher for an extended school year and this is by far the best gift I could give my wonderful aides! I am a student teacher, and I was trying to find an idea with coffee mugs and coffee for my lab teachers. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Check out my list of budget friendly thank you gifts ($5 or less!) perfect for teachers, team moms, neighbors, friends & family!

This is not only a natural source of energy but can also save you from expensive electric bills. They’re absolutely fantastic, and just decadent enough to satisfy the cravings of your sweet tooth without going overboard.
At the same time, my husband had a break in his graduate school courses between spring and summer semesters. I wanted to do something thoughtful for the wonderful group of parent volunteers who have assisted me throughout the year, as well as the people who serve on a committee I chair. I combined a few of them and ended up with these mugs filled with peppermints, tea bags, and single-serve packets of lemonade and coffee. I made the ones for my committee a bit nicer, with better varieties of coffee and tea, cuter ribbon, and the addition of latte and tea candy, so they cost a little more to make. I had them delivered to my local store, so there was no charge for shipping; each mug only cost $1. Did you know, however, that the “Mexican Wedding Cookie” isn’t the start of Mexican weddings? When he is working full-time and taking classes, we obviously don’t have very many leisurely afternoons and weekends to spend together.
I thought about giving each of them a $5 Starbucks card, but ideally wanted something cheaper. Unfortunately the box does not include equal numbers of each color, so make sure you check to see exactly what you have before choosing paper and ribbon. I used ribbon that I had on hand, but if you are in the market for some, my favorite place to buy pretty ribbon is Hobby Lobby.

So we packed these couple of weeks full of walks, movies, Saturdays in Birmingham, gardening, cooking together, dinners out, errands, housework, and baseball games at the university. Of course you could use a nicer ceramic or travel mug- these are just the best budget-friendly option I came across!
If you have questions or would like clarification on packing or anything else, please do not hesitate to comment or email me. I bet they turned out really cute- I’d love to hear any tweaks you made to the idea or see pictures if you happened to take any! We bought bikes, which weirdly seemed to take more time, effort, and research than car shopping. I was pleased with how they turned out, and feel good that they were cute, fun, and somewhat personalized without breaking the bank. Made from pastry, celery, … Read More »How to Make DIY Passive Solar HeaterWith kitchen aluminum foil and styrofoam, you can create a simple and passive solar heater. The goal is not to fully cover the window but to make it smaller than the window.You can still see the view outside and let some sunlight in the room. This sumptuous apricot chicken is surely a satisfying and tasty meal for your family and friends.
You can creatively recycle a light bulb creating a green globe of flower pots or mini terrarium.

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