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Description: The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application-level protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTP - provides a standard for Web browsers and servers to communicate. You don't have to be a corporate raider to enjoy quality time with your sweetheart at these local restaurants and watering holes. The trick to budget dating is to get your partner tipsy enough not to notice the imperfections in your surroundings.
The stretch of 1st Avenue between 5th and 6th streets is arguably the birthday capital of Manhattan and is a festive spot to bring a date. Breeze past the shouting restaurateurs and head straight up the stairs to Milon restaurant (93 1st Avenue).
Bring a $3 bottle of wine from Trader Joe's and order a range of dishes like nan, banana fritters, Saag Paneer and Aloo Gobi Matar. A note to tall patrons: duck when entering the restaurant or risk ensnaring yourself in lights, balloons and inflatable objects hanging from the ceiling. Squash those awkward, "getting to know you" jitters by starting your date at Dallas BBQ, a New York City restaurant chain known for its ginormous frozen drinks (think Spring Break in Cancun).
The fishbowl-style "Texas Size" margaritas sell for just $7.99-- and you can add a shot of liquor for $1 more. The alcohol-fueled crowd at Dallas BBQ can get a bit rowdy and the customer service isn't top priority, but who cares? After a giant Pina Colada you won't notice the hair in your food or the crunchy bones in your vegetable tempura.
Dallas BBQ has locations throughout the city, including Times Square, the East Village and Chelsea. If $15 is too steep for you, it is possible to go on a sophisticated date in Manhattan and spend nothing. Several art galleries participate each week, so you can sip free wine at one gallery and then hop to the next for a change of pace (or when the booze runs out). Check the ArtCards website for information on upcoming New York City gallery shows and events.
Midtown is not known for its inexpensive restaurants, but there are some great deals in the area-- particularly if you venture to 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. Yum Yum Bangkok (650 9th Avenue) is a Thai eatery located just a few blocks from Times Square and many Broadway theaters.
True, portions are conservative and the food is mediocre, but you won't look like a cheapskate when you bring your date here. If Yum Yum Bangkok is full on your date night, no worries; there are at least two sister restaurants-- both named Yum Yum-- located within a 1 block radius that share the same low prices.

After consuming your liquid appetizer, embark on a 30-second walk to nearby 2 Bros Pizza (32 St Marks Pl). Continental is the murkiest of dive bars and Yelp reviewers warn of surly staff, spiders lurking in the booths, and vomit in the bathroom sink.
While the NY Destinations columnist does not condone binge drinking, stopping by the Continental for 5 shots is the cheapest way to kick start a romantic evening. Photos: Blizzard transforms Union Square into winter wonderland A blizzard showered New York City with heavy snow today, transforming its many landmarks into winter wonderlands.
Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA showcases drawings, movie memorabilia Enter the delightfully creepy world of director Tim Burton by visiting his exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
Michael Jackson 'This Is It' dance tribute in Union Square Head to Union Square tonight for a unique sight -- hundreds of Michael Jackson fans will be dancing in sync to honor the King of Pop. All great ideas and it's nice to see people can still enjoy a night on the town for less than $15. Leslie KochNY Destinations ExaminerLeslie Koch is a freelance writer and independent traveler based in New York City. Use these great tips to protect your skin in the summerThe arrival of summer means that you can finally bare your skin and enjoy the weather. Hard Rock Boston hosts New England Music Awards 2016 pop nomineesThe New England Music Awards 2016 will be taking place on Saturday, April 9, 2016, at the Blue Ocean Music Hall, 4 Ocean Front N, in Salisbury. Ok the girl might feel special for a short while but if on every date she gets the same sorts of things then how will you stand out from the crowd?Make your frugal date all about your personality and creativity. There is nothing as romantic as watching a beautiful sunset, wrapped up warm with that special person.
Cheap dates are all about being together in a simple environment where all there is to concentrate on is each other.
I know theater tickets are expensive But if you go to the shows box office 15 minutes before the show is to begin you will be surprised at just how cheaply they are willing to sell top tickets for.I once paid A?10 for a A?40 front row balcony seat in London to see a top show. My boyfriend and I were very much into conservation and so we used to go on volunteering days to help clear up the countryside together with a group of other people. Why not meet your date from work and take them for a very expensive and gorgeous piece of cake at a local coffee house and, wait for it, SHARE IT. Candy Card - Make them a giant card from cardboard and decorate it with candy love hearts.
The west side of the block is crowded with inexpensive Indian restaurants adorned with blinking Christmas lights.
If wine isn't your style, you can swig from a handle of rum or break open a 6 pack of Miller High Life to compliment the meal. The ambiance is just funky enough to make your restaurant selection seem trendy and not cheap.

This tiny pizza parlor may lack ambiance and seating, but you can't beat the price: just $1 per slice.
The downtrodden ambiance means this bar is a quick place to down shots before leaving for greener pastures. Five shots for ten bucks will uplift the shivering masses and turn a cheap date into morning after memories. In June 2008 she left a corporate marketing career to backpack around the world, visiting 17 countries and five continents in one year.
It doesn't even have to be looking out to sea, or across open fields.No, I remember some absolutely wonderful evenings just watching the sun drifting behind city skylines. A picnic is fantastic for this, especially if you prepare it with a little romance in mind.Why not bake heart shaped cookies and cut the sandwiches in to heart shapes too.
There are a lot of venues now holding weekly salsa classes in all sorts of venues these days.They are normally not too expensive either and have the added bonus of allowing you to get close to your partner week after week.
We had such a fantastic night that we began to do it about once a month after that and ended up seeing many of the best London shows on offer.
That way it is still a special treat but won't cost the earth (she will also thank you for sharing the calories).
Start off your evening at Grassroots Tavern (20 Saint Marks Pl), where a pitcher of beer costs $7 during Happy Hour.
Find a bridge to stand on together, or tall building; I even remember being on the top floor of a multi story carpet looking out over the evening sky.
It was great to feel childish again and it was so much fun trying to put off my partners stroke. This will mean so much more as you have taken the trouble to nurture the plant yourself and really thought about the giftPersonal treasure trove - One of the best gifts I received from my boyfriend when we were first going out was a box he gave me that was full of little things to remind me of him.
As you witness the antics of pseudo-punks, bar hopping NYU students and Japanese tourists, you may feel like an observer at Mardis Gras. Often nibbles and drink are on offer for free and this has the advantage of allowing you both to dress up for the occasion. Fresh strawberries are a lovely romantic touch too, especially when paired with a bottle of sparkling wine.

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