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August 1, 2014 by Abigail Peterson 1 Comment So happy to share the Best Places to Buy Books for your Classroom for Cheap! I had never even heard of this book, but it sounded like a great book to read during the first week of school, to combat yelling out.
This sounds like a perfect book to help explain to kindergartners how fire drills work and to not be afraid.
If you are looking for other options to buy books, then here are several different ones to choose from. And don’t forget to make wish list for parents at Back to School night, Open House, and any event that brings a parent to school. I’m a homeschooling mama, so we are always on the lookout for great deals on books too.
Just finished three others, The Alienist (an entertaining dose of history), The Maciavelli Covenant(hectic, purplish prose but a good escapist story once you get into it), and White Oleanders, which may be the single most noir assemblage of words to ever come at me between book covers, but is nevertheless very good.

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Another one of the books that I didn’t have, but had a great review was Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill.
Throughout the duration of the conference, I wrote down enough books to fill an entire page and wanted, no NEEDED every one of them!

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Or you go to a workshop or conference and someone talks about a super cool book and you’re sad because you have never even heard of that book and suddenly need it like…now! There are thousands of titles to choose from and the inventory is always changing because people are always posting new stuff.

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