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Anyone who does not think it is possible to find cheap netbooks for sale that are worth buying is either kidding themselves or just sadly mistaken. Depending on your budget, you are probably going to have a hard time finding any brand new mini notebooks under $100, but if you are willing to spend up to $300, you will have much better luck. Now, most of the previously mentioned resources are great if you have about $300 to $400 to spend on a brand new mini notebook, but if you are looking to spend a couple hundred dollars less, you'll be better off shopping for refurbished cheap netbooks for sale under $100 or $200.
You're going to find these prices anywhere from just $179 to $199 which is really incredible. The size of these next gen netbooks is at 11.6-inches which is ideal for managing a full size keyboard layout. As new models of netbook computers come to market, you will find older models being discounted. Although the older a netbook gets the more expensive it acutally gets, there are sometime examples where 2 models of the same netbook are on store shelves. So long as you can trust the retailer and the information about where the netbook was sent for refurbishing, then it's a better option than used. A big tip is also not to settle into the refurbished netbook for the first couple weeks of owning it.
The Acer netbook known as the Acer Aspire One is perhaps the best selling model of all time.
Also when it comes to netbook deals you will find that certain colors will be discounted but other colors will be regular price. You would be hard-pressed to get a hold of any cheap netbooks under $100 that are brand new, however, there are several other ways of scoring an inexpensive mini laptop, you just have to know where to look. Perhaps in a few years when they have a lot more models to choose from, the prices will drop. So if you really want to save money and spend less than a Benjamin, you'll want to buy second hand mini laptops. One of the best ways to ensure you get a good-quality tablet PC or mini laptop is to buy one that has been factory-refurbished by the manufacturers. Netbooks under $200 are of the lowest price range you can shop for without sacrificing too much quality in the process.
There are two ways of buying these types of ultra-portable computers or tablet PCs -- new or used.
The iView 700NB comes with Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 as the operating system and is considered one of the best netbooks under $200 because of how low they are priced even with a decent list of features. Since there isn't really a huge selection of new tablet PCs and minicomputers for this price, it is often a better decision to buy a second hand model instead.
While tablet PCs, mini notebooks and ultra-portable laptops may not be the most affordable types of modern gadgets, there really are quite a few ways of saving a decent amount of money on one if you know where to shop.
If you are in need of any mini notebooks under $100 or $200, this is definitely one of the best places to look for cheap netbooks for sale and other types of second hand laptops. These netbooks for sale are some of the top rated laptop brands in the computer technology merchandise market. This brand is quite known for its unique style, fast connectivity, and efficient performance.
Its unique features are multi-touch trackpad, a Chiclet keyboard, plus convenient hot keys.
The netbook enumerated above are some of the top rated laptop brands so you could never go wrong if you decide to buy any one of these netbook models.
The HP Stream 11 and the Asus EeeBook X205 are $179 to $199 and will provide you with really all you need for such a great price. At this price, it's a much better option that trying to make your tablet into a netbook by using a keyboard case.
Netbooks of years past were the 10.1-inch size so this inch increase is to me, a perfect update.
With the amount of cloud based storage available, you will find that you have plenty of space on these netbooks to keep your movies and games.
Yes it has a 3 cell battery, no you cannot access to RAM to add more, but it does have the new Atom processor, HDMI port out, instant-on, and is the smallest and lightest netbook Asus has released in the 10-inch size. It's the thinnest model that Asus has released but has a 3 cell battery for about 4 hours of battery life. It's something that will emerge now that AMD, the only competitor to Intel, is starting to release processors which are being used in netbooks. Just make sure you buy a refurbished netbook from an online retailer with a good reputation and return policy. Certainly the selection of netbooks is lessening, but they are still available as refurbished. They both have some risks, but a refurbished netbook backed with a return policy is the better option over buying used. Factory refurbished refers to a product that has been returned to an authorized factory service center and have been restored to the same quality standards as a new product. A 30 day return policy isn't that great, but I wouldn't buy refurbished netbooks from a retailer who has less than 30 days. Refurbished units have been returned because of defects whereas open box is a situation where a customer returns the unit because they don't like it or it didn't meet their expectations.
We monitor Amazon closely and feel their free shipping and wide selection make them the #1 netbook retailer. Always, and we mean always, click on the other colors to see if those models are showing better prices or not. With the holiday season, you can certainly expect some additional selection because of defective products being returned, repaired, tested, and resold as refurbished units. These types of computers incorporate a lot of advanced technology, and that is a major reason why it is very difficult to find one for an affordable price. Unfortunately, you sometimes have to sacrifice a little quality with used netbooks under $100, but on the bright side, there should be plenty of them available for you to consider from top brands like Acer, Dell, HP, ASUS, Samsung or Linux. By doing this, you get rid of all the worries you may have about buying a second hand model from a private seller. Ultra-portable computers and tablet PCs that cost less than a hundred dollars are usually not worth buying unless they are refurbished or in excellent condition after being used, but if you are willing to shell out a few extra twenties, you can easily score a great deal if you know what to look for. In this section we will discuss a few of the most reputable places to find cheap netbooks under $200.
The Augen NBA7400A is a 7-inch minicomputer that comes with an 800 by 480-pixel color TFT screen.

These are some of the best mini netbooks under $200 for sale on the market today because they are a perfect blend of affordability and function. There are a lot more used and refurbished netbooks under $200 for sale than there are new ones, and this is an excellent way to save some serious cash because you can get one of the more expensive models for an affordable price.Used netbooks under $200 can be found a number of ways. Although many of them are other products like components and accessories, they still have an insanely large selection of cheap netbooks for sale under $300 to choose from. You will have to watch out for a few important things, though, because Craigslist is not necessarily the safest place to buy from. It is sleek and stylish as well as slim which make this netbook very convenient and handy to carry around.
It features an Intel ATOM N455 1.66 GHz processor, a 1GB RAM, and is initially installed with Windows 7 Starter operating system.
It is equipped with a power Intel Atom N570 1.66 GHz Processor, 250 GB 5400RPM Hard Drive, and 1GB DDR3 RAM.
You will want to fully understand what exactly the MeeGo operating system is and whether you care to save money on the X101 or wait for the Windows model, the X101H which is coming soon also. Atom processors for example have never been about raw horsepower, but instead they are best for low power which provides longer battery life. They will be the cheapest and your risk is relatively low provided it's from a trusted retailer. If you don't know how much you want to spend, then here are some suggestions so that you can pick and choose what features you're willing to do without in order to get the price lower. In terms of the netbook Atom processor you shouldn't be concerned about if the cheap netbook has a slightly older processor or slower processor.
What you will find, without exception, is that AMD processors are cheaper than Intel Atom processor netbooks.
With ARM processors being compatible with Windows 8 we may see a new crop of super cheap Android OS netbooks or Google Chrome OS netbooks in late 2012 or 2013. We will keep our listings updated daily or as we receive details about refurbished netbooks available for you to buy.
When buying refurbished netbooks, the ability to return the unit is better than rolling the dice on a used netbook. Some refurbished models may be missing owners manuals but those can always be downloaded from online sources. Open box netbooks were not returned because of defects, but because of a shipping mistake or they weren't satisfied with the netbook. Not sure if you can find it now, but because it's older, chances are it's going to cost more than the current crop of netbooks.
Linux OS netbooks are cheap because they aren't paying off Microsoft for their operating system. Although it will be harder to find alternative operating systems like Chrome OS or Linux, they will be out there.
In most instances, they cost between $200 and $500, depending on which brand you prefer and what kinds of features it comes with. The same is the case with these mini computers; new netbooks under $100 simply don't exist yet, but as mentioned, you don't have to give up because there are still other ways of spending less than a hundred dollars on one. This price range isn't too uncommon for second hand laptops, although most of the models you have to choose from were originally some of the more affordable tablet PCs so they may not have as many cool features as you desire.In addition to the limited amount of features you may experience, used netbooks under $100 have the potential to be low-quality. Most cheap netbooks under $200 will not come with too many fantastic features or high-grade components and accessories, but there are still enough nice ones out there to consider. They are ideal for those who travel for business frequently as well as students and children who need something light and portable. There are plenty of computer stores that you can visit as well as other resources like pawn shops or rent-to-own services like Rent-A-Center. Most of the time, you can buy discount tablet PCs under $300, and there are even a few nice mini notebooks under $200, but you would be hard-pressed finding any cheap netbooks for sale under $100 that haven't been previously used.
Amazon is popular because they have some of the best prices and discounts on the web, and tablet PCs, mini notebook computers and ultra-portable laptops are no exception.Sears - You might be surprised at how many nice cheap netbooks for sale you can find at Sears.
You should check out the big name stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Max, Staples, Radio Shack and Sears. Make sure that whoever you buy from is not trying to rip you off, and that there are plenty of pictures to see the cheap netbooks for sale up close. However, there’s no need to fret because online sites like eBay and Amazon sell these best netbook brands for cheap. With this Acer netbook, you can easily connect to the Internet, chat with your friends, upload and share images, pictures, and other files with full convenience. We can get into last generation netbooks which may come in cheaper, but it won't be enough savings in our opinion. We are fully aware that the internet makes shopping for the best deals and prices much easier and faster.
One of the questions is whether all this requires a huge sacrifice quality to make the prices low. If you opt for a Windows OS netbook, you will pay more than one which ships with Linux OS. That may be okay for you, but often another 40 or 50 bucks gets you a battery life of double that. It's only the dual core N550 Atom processor that will provide any meaningful impact and that is minimal if you aren't doing a lot of multitasking. You can save money by having a non Windows operating system, but do you want to live outside of the Windows operating system? There is nothing wrong with Windows 7 Starter and in fact, it's a great OS in the sense that your other primary home PC is likely a Windows OS.
The risk you face is that the previous owner is selling the mini laptop for such an inexpensive price because there is something wrong with it. The easiest way to do this is to visit their official websites and locate the section dedicated to restored mini laptops for sale.
These mini netbooks under $200 are great because they pack a lot of features for such a small size. The Visual Land V-Net provides connectivity for communications and socializing with friends, clients and associates and digital multimedia entertainment with high-speed broadband internet access. You can do all kinds of things with these cheap mini netbooks under $200 like download music, watch movies or play games, and they even have an 80-piece keyboard and touch pad. They do have a decent selection in their stores, but there are even more to pick between if you check their website.

Also, try to avoid dealers who don't give a proper description and avoid anyone who wants to ship it to you if at all possible.Rent-to-Own Services - Places like Aaron's, HHGregg and Rent-A-Center often have cheap netbooks for sale that you can make affordable weekly or monthly payments on.
You can always connect with friends through email and chat while always on the go with this high quality yet cheap netbook. Netbooks became a smashing success because of their price and so even today most manufacturers look at creating the cheapest possible product.
You're not seeing metal or aluminum materials in netbook because that makes the price go way up. Today though there really aren't Linux OS netbooks as consumers made it very clear they want the Windows operating system.
The increases in the Intel Atom over the past year have been barely noticeable from one version to the next. Further, the AMD powered netbooks provide much better video and gaming capabilities thanks for the ATI Radeon graphics processing unit.
Ensure that they are factory refurbished and it will be a lower risk proposition than buying used for example.
That's not to say it won't be as good, but it's like taking your Honda vehicle to a Honda service center (costs more) than taking your Honda vehicle to the local garage (cheaper). Face it, do you want to install all you programs, save all your files, import data, etc only to find that the netbook needs to be returned for a new one? For example, a customer buy a netbook, opens up the packaging, then decided they don't like it for whatever reason and they return it to the store. Perhaps there is damage to the screen, keyboard or shell, or maybe there are missing components. As mentioned, you may have some difficulty finding any in this particular price range, but there should be at least a couple to choose from. Here you can shop for plenty of cheap netbooks under $200 from manufacturers like Sabrent, Konika, SuperSonic, iView, Toshiba and more. These Sabrent netbooks under $200 are so compact that they can be carried in one hand with ease. Another option is to search online, and there are many websites worth visiting like eBay and Craigslist.Refurbished netbooks under $200 are often a better deal because they have been restored, whereas second hand laptops come as-is. They have budget models as well as some of the best laptop brands like MSI, Toshiba, HP and Asus.Office Max - This is another place where you can either visit an in-store location or browse cheap netbooks for sale on their website. The only problem with this method is that you end up paying a lot in interest, but if you don't have a lot of money to pay up-front, these are viable resources to consider.Look for Discounts and Special Offers - You might be surprised at how many discounts and special offers on cheap netbooks for sale are available if you actually search for them. If you are a person who always travels and on the go, then this laptop could be the one you are looking for owing to its light weight. We may add a special pick of the older generation models which will see many deals thanks to the arrival of these new Cedal Trail Atom processor netbooks. Software wise, you also see Windows 7 Starter operating system which again is the cheapest possible option.
You might get a bit more range with N, but speed wise you are going to be limited by the source and not because of you are without N.
Further you can buy USB bluetooth adapters so technically you can add Bluetooth to any netbook that ships without Bluetooth internally. If you want cheap without losing features, then definitely look at the growing selection of AMD models. Once a netbook is returned to the factory, fixed then shipped, be assured it has passed all the same tests and it has passed.
Second-hand netbooks under $100 should be bought with caution because you might end up throwing away your money in the end, negating the original bargain.
Between all of the different brand names like HP, Dell and Acer, there will probably be a decent amount of refurbished netbooks under $100 available.If you cannot locate any good deals on cheap netbooks under $100 from the manufacturer's websites, there are still a few other options to try.
Sometimes you can even get a warranty with a factory-refurbished tablet PC or minicomputer.
They know what they're doing when it comes to rebuilding their own models, and you can rest assure they will be in great condition when they arrive. When manufacturers try to squeeze every penny from the cost of production, going with the leaner Starter Windows operating system is the common choice. If a specific refurbished netbook is already sold out by the time you've visited us, that's okay. There are actually quite a few websites that specialize in this business and you can buy restored or rebuilt tablet PCs and mini laptops from them as well. It is a very reputable website with over 36,000 customer reviews on Google shopping with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. They have one of the biggest selections of affordable and ultra-portable laptops, and they have over 250,000 customer reviews on Google for a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most brands have sections on their websites where you can browse through refurbished or very cheap netbooks for sale under $200. A lot of times you can find cheap netbooks for sale under $200, and other times you can just get free shipping which can save you a decent chunk of change. This can be confusing because you will see 2 or 3 different models of the 1001PXD Asus netbook.
You almost never have to worry about getting ripped off using this method as long as you buy from reputable places who know what they are doing when it comes to restoring and rebuilding ultra-portable computers.Tablet PCs and other minicomputers are still relatively new to the tech-market, and as the years go by they will continue to become more affordable. Also, local outlets often have special deals where they offer discounts on their products through contests, surveys, or regular clearances.
When you add up all factors, these are the ingredients of what makes the price so darn consumer friendly. As long as you keep an eye out, the best deals on cheap netbooks for sale may be easier to find than you thought.
Acer and Asus have the best selling netbooks and in general you can find more of these refurbished. Certainly Acer and Asus are going to provide the best discount netbooks as they are the most popular and have the more variety of specs like smaller battery sizes like 3 cell.

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