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Nearly all are free or super-cheap, can be easily set-up (a few are more complicated) and many, depending on the age of your child, do not necessarily require intense parental involvement (Hurrah!). I’ve separated these indoor art activities by general age range, but there is a lot of cross-over, of course! Most of these ideas are easily adapted for preschool aged children on up, and a few are even suitable for toddlers.
Make an artwork display wall – This is how we did ours, Little Man LOVES seeing all his artwork constantly on display.
Create your own village play mat – I’m definitely going to try this one when my kids are a bit older! Race Cars from Toilet Paper Rolls – This website is in hungarian, but the pictures are so awesome I think it’s still do-able! Colander + Pipe cleaners = hours of fun – the little holes in the colander are the perfect size to stick pipe cleaners through.
Be the weatherman – Super fun (and messy) activity, where kids can learn about weather & have fun in the process! Go fishing for Letters – Super cute idea, using a magnetic fishing pole and ABC magnets for some bathtub fishing! I actually like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. An attractive complicated of eight luxurious villas just three miles from San Pedro, the Belizean Cove Estates affords among the best Belize beach resorts. I decided to pick 15 indoor activities for kids (plus one for dessert at the very end) that were the favorite ones in our house.
Personally, I loved all of the activities and crafts we did together with my kids.  All 50 of them.
I love all these ideas, as a previous teacher and now a SAHM I’m going to print out and cross off as we do them!!! The weekend art classes at Michaels are a fun way to get in some art during the winter months, without having to clean up the mess at-home. Not free, but an easy way to get the kids to run off some energy while they’re trying their hand at something new. Kids admission under six is free to the museum, making it a budget friendly adventure if you’re looking for something to do with the kids, solo. Older children can extend scientific exploration by recording and comparing observed results. You’ll find more than 100 themed book lists in our book lists index – books for every interest!
Check out this awesome post from Beauty in the Mess for 15 free or cheap outdoor summer activities! I live in Las Vegas and it is getting pretty darn hot here, the park just isn’t very fun (as least for me) in 110 degree weather. It’s winter here in Australia at the moment and we have plenty of indoor days upon us, so a useful list for any time! The Friendship activity we had helped my daughter to cope with the move and the Best Friend she was missing so much.

Acts of kindness for kids was a great way to teach my kids about friendship and what it takes to be a good friend. Build a fort out of blankets (use chairs, couches, yarn- anything to hold up the blankets!). Swim in the kitchen–put down a tarp, fill up a little kiddie pool with warm water and let them play for hours! Make a paper countdown chain to Valentine’s Day or an upcoming birthday by cutting strips of paper and stapling them together.
Make a super hero costume out of household items (check out our No-Sew T-Shirt Cape Tutorial). I love this list, my 3 year old and I are doing one each day and photo documenting each day!!
The classes are drop in, and kids can come and create an art project for a half hour, between 10-12 on Saturday mornings.
You can register ahead of time and visit the store to build that month’s theme projects. For kids aged 9+, there are fun cooking lessons at Williams Sonoma through their Junior Chef program. It’s presented by Momstown and West Edmonton Mall and features a bunch of fun activities. Before the store opens, there’s a fun drop in dance class that teaches, dance, yoga and other movement to children aged 5+ that are interested in taking part. There is fun programming, like the daily story time and other encounters through the day that you can find on their website, so it’s a great indoor kids activity in Edmonton. At the storytime, the kids are going to experience a new story, and there’s usually a small craft when the story is finished (Saturday afternoons in Sherwood Park).
An Artsy activity can easily filed under Motor Skills, or a Geometry activity under Science. Thanks for visiting!A lot of Texas days it is just too hot to go outside, so a majority of summer days are spent inside!
It was a lot of fun to watch, but he was not letting anyone help (except for cutting out the windows and doors). Actually, we have lots of news and shows presented to us LIVE by my kids with our DIY Styrofoam TV.
All those characters were a huge inspiration to my daughter to create very different stories.
We enjoyed making it (watch the video), but my daughter actually learned a lot about caterpillar metamorphosis (even though she still can’t say it right). I made 9 awesome printable coupons (free for you) to get you and your kids started on this fun and kind activity. Fine motor skills activity while stacking the different size pasta, sensor activity while mingling little fingers in the playdough made this play super beneficial. They enjoyed touching the ice and watching it melt while they played ice hockey (with their own rules, or course).
The stories that lay behind the scenes are priceless and I am so blessed to be able to capture the little piece of that.

Cut up colorful pipe cleaners into 1 inch pieces, put them in a glass jar, put a magnet to the jar and see what happens! Have the kids sit inside the boxes, cut holes for their legs and let them use their feet as wheels to move around. Put shaving cream and drops of food coloring in a cookie tray and then mix it all around with a paint brush. Put in toys you usually don’t let go in the tub (that are still waterproof) and they will play forever!
Kids don’t always have to LOVE what they are doing, but I think it is very important to teach what chores are at a young age. During the winter months, that becomes a bit more expensive as you head inside to places that are usually riddled with admission charges, snacks and drinks when you get there and additional fees inside. The classes range from things like photo frames and craft foam to seasonal projects perfect for the holidays.
It looks like a fun activity, and some of the food is things that I want to learn about too, like fresh pasta, and the perfect waffles.
The hour long class is free, and parents can either stay in-store with the kid, or wander around the outside, grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting while they’re waiting for the class to finish. As a bonus for coming, kids will receive a stamp card and after five stamps, they get a $5 gift certificate to spend in-store. That’s why I compiled this HUGE list of fun things to do inside on a hot (or rainy) summer day! We played this game the entire evening by throwing, counting, recording and of course learning a lot of math. There are so many ways to play this game and change the rules around so all the family members can participate. Contact your local store for details, as there are some Sundays where the kids are required to pre-register. We placed a laundry basket on the couch and used the balls you buy for little kids that are rubbery and filled with air. At least that’s what  I do to avoid late night jumping up and down crowd in my bedroom. You take turns trying to make a basket and if you make a basket the other person has to make the basket in the same spot the same way you threw the ball if they make it then its the next persons turn if they miss the shot then they get a letter. If you miss a shot and its not one that you have to copy it is simply the other persons turn and you do not get a letter. My daughter is only 2 and she had her own ball and thought it was fun to just try and make baskets she tried some of the silly baskets we did to.

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