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Fun cheap things to do with your family on a family outing are really not as hard to find as most stay at home moms assume. Here's your chance to snag a copy of the complete book, "101 Almost Free Things to Do with Your Kids this Summer" and make this summer one to remember. Call up your local shelter and ask if they can use some free dog walkers as part of your search for fun cheap things to do. You can teach your children about animal welfare, get some exercise as a family, and maybe find a new pet if you're home is open.
Find your local Regal Cinemas and take the family for a free movie on the Tuesday of your choice. This is a safe way to explore the trails with the family while learning something about your natural surroundings.
Many studios will offer certain classes for just a few bucks while others may have limited free classes.
If you aren't quite up to growing your own produce in the backyard, find a local farmers market and explore regularly with the family. Put together a picnic meal, throw a blanket out on a sunny day, and enjoy some relaxation in the sun. If you have a large family and aren't afraid of some gentle teasing, why not split into two teams and have a family touch football game? There are more fun cheap things to do with your family, but this should help you get your own ideas going. Family Day happens on the third Monday in February in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan (and on the second Monday of the month in British Columbia). If you happen to be in one of the provinces in Canada that will be either celebrating Family Day of have another holiday on Feb. If you’ll be in Ottawa on Family Day, Winterlude will be just wrapping up, so it’s a good opportunity to check out the annual festival. Families in Toronto can celebrate with the fun-filled and activity-packed Family Day on Toronto’s Waterfront. Also in Calgary, there is some Family Day fun happening at Shouldice Arena and Shouldice Aquatic & Fitness Centre.
If you’re in the mood to skate on Family Day and you’ll be in Saskatchewan, there’s a free family day skate happening in Regina (hosted by Skate Regina) on Feb. In Saskatoon you can also do some skating on Family Day at the Cameco Family Day Skating Party from noon to 4 p.m.
Like Family Day, Louis Riel Day occurs in Manitoba and Islander Day in Prince Edward Island on the third Monday of February. In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, celebrate Islander Day with free activities for the whole family during Island Family Fun Day on Feb. Jessica Padykula is a Toronto-based writer and editor who regularly covers travel and lifestyle trends. Amsterdam might be known for its unusual nightlife and lenient laws, but it’s not all red lights and herbal coffee shops in this Dutch destination. From a mecca of museums and historical gems to a variety of outdoor endeavours, there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy – and they won’t cost a boatload either. Here’s our list of the top 40 family friendly ideas to try in Amsterdam that won’t break the bank. This museum tells of the city’s rich history featuring local art, archaeology and other artefacts – some of which date back to the 13th century.
See the historical papers, photos, films and knick knacks from where Jewish icon Anne Frank spent her days in hiding during World War II.
This museum demonstrates the significance of the city’s coastline and the impact the sea has made on Dutch culture. Modern collection showing the deep historical and cultural roots of Jews in the Netherlands. The largest museum in the country, this iconic building houses a wide range of Dutch history and art from the Middle Ages to modern day. Founded in 1973, this museum is one of the world’s most popular and features more than 200 of the late artist’s paintings.
This museum holds all the details surrounding the country’s resistance to enter WWII from 1940 to 1945.

Located in the city’s Oosterpark, this children’s museum introduces the little ones to different cultures around the world via a range of displays and activities.
Ideal for cat-lovers, this vast collection of works captures the significance of the felines in art and society throughout the centuries. One of the country’s most prominent places for contemporary art, the Stedelijk houses a range of both national and international works. A park in the heart of the city near Amsterdam’s biggest market Albert Cuyp, which features a playground, fountain and pond. The city’s most popular park, which includes a number of restaurants and cafes, a skate hire shop, an open-air theatre and an extensive rose garden.
A large park situated towards the south of the city, which also has a gallery and petting zoo.
A large nature reserve with a campsite in Amstelveen (a nearby suburb of Amsterdam) which offers canoeing, towing, sailing and windsurfing in its watersports centre. Great for kids, this venue tells of the city’s gruesome history through a number of skits and special effects. The country’s first and largest zoo, the Aquarium, Bird House and Butterfly Pavilion are amongst some of the main attractions.
The largest science centre in the Netherlands, this children’s museum aims to teach kids about both science and technology via a number of fun activities and displays.
A two-and-a-half hour evening cruise along the coastline, there’s also an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner, which includes as many authentic Dutch pancakes as you’d like!
An indoor playground for children featuring a range of activities including trampolines, a bowling alley and other child-friendly obstacles.
The weather has started to heat up here in Florida, so we’re already thinking of fun free summer activities we can add to the list of things to do for the summer.
No matter where you live, you should find at least one or two ideas for some awesome activities for this summer.
Lucky for us, we can go swimming at the beach in the Gulf of Mexico, head to a local lake or cold spring, head to our neighborhood community pool, go swimming at my parents’ pool or head to one of the local city run pools. We have many free local parks as well as some state parks that only charge a small entrance fee. If you are lucky enough to have a cheap movie theater in your area, you can take your family to the movies. If you are smart and skip the concessions like we normally do, you can get in and out for less than $10 for a few hours of fun in a nice, cool theater.
You can easily make a whole, lazy weekend out of Netflix and allow everyone to watch a movie they want to see.
Far too many people forget about all of the fun things you can get from your local library. Libraries often put on lectures or events that kids can attend when they’re out of school for the summer, too. No matter where you live, whether it is on the Gulf of Mexico like us, or in the middle of the country like Colorado, there are plenty of fun things you can do this summer for free or at least pretty cheap.
Take advantage of the air conditioned indoors when it is unbearably hot outside and take advantage of the great outdoors when they weather is absolutely beautiful. About Lance CothernLance Cothern, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is the founder of Money Manifesto. After reading personal finance blogs for many years I finally decided to start my own blog to help people become financially successful.
We turned down the chance to buy tickets for the Arctic Monkeys recently because we thought it would add up to be an expensive event with accommodation and all.
Even if you have a larger family with lots of kids in tow, you can save money on entertainment and put some bonding moments in the family history books. Some may always be free while others will offer free admittance on certain days of the week. Most families go to the park at some point in time, but most don't know even half of the parks that are open in their community and surrounding neighborhoods. Children can often make crafts in the store for free and there are adult sessions for free or $2 from time to time. Seeds are very inexpensive and growing your own fruits and vegetables will help you save money on groceries.

You may still save over grocery store prices, and if not, just exploring what is grown locally is a great way to find fun cheap things to do.
This is a great way to teach your children an appreciation for nature while seeing beautiful flowers and wildlife in your area. The holiday is not observed in the other provinces, although, on the 3rd Monday in February, PEI Islander Day is celebrated along with Louis Riel Day in Manitoba.
Play in Snow Kingdom, the biggest snow playground in North America, check out the ice sculpture competitions and skate on the Rideau Canal, the longest skating rink in the world.
Now in its 12th year, the popular event features many free winter activities for families, including ice sculpting, skating and free family movies. With the day free to spend time with loved ones, why not find something fun to do in those provinces?
Family Rendez Vous on the Red River Mutual Trail is happening on February in honour of Louis Riel Day from noon to 4 p.m.
When she’s not writing or researching a story she can be found planning trips to places near and far in a never-ending quest to travel the world.
On top of the obvious activity of checking out physical books, many libraries now allow you to check out e-books on your favorite e-reader, DVDs or other content. Check out your local library to see what they have to offer and see if they have a summer schedule of events. Share your ideas in the comments below so we can all have an awesome summer without doing major damage to your checking account! You can read more about him here or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. Information presented on Money Manifesto is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to be taken as financial advice. You Might Need to Change Your FriendsDeborah Killion on How Much Money Can You Make From eBooks? These tightwad living entertainment activities will have you spending time with your family without spending lots of money. This of the fun cheap things to do is a great way to get out with the family while learning something.
Look up a list of parks online and make it a point to get out there and explore every single one of them. Once you purchase the license, it costs very little to head out to a local river or pond and sink the line into the water. You can take your children in for a story while you sit back and sip a cup of coffee or just enjoy the story with them.
There are many family-friendly events happening such as ice skating, snow sculptures, live music, winter sports and much more. There will be lots going on including free hot chocolate and free activities for kids and parents to enjoy. There are a variety of events happening all day beginning with a pancake breakfast from 8 to 10 a.m. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to watch good movies without having to even leave your home. While all attempts are made to present accurate information, it may not be appropriate for your specific circumstances and information may become outdated over time. The snow playground is where you’ll find games, a snow slide and ice carvings, and the Winter Carnival Warm-Up Station has free treats and maps to the carving stations. If you get there early, Good Earth Coffeehouse and Bakery will be supplying free hot chocolate to the first 500 guests. There will also be a family skate, a family swim, movies and bowling – all free on a first come, first served basis. I am not a personal finance professional and you should seek out a professional before making any financial decisions.

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