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As the long anticipated summer season rapidly approaches, parents in the Triangle are taking to the internet in search of some inexpensive ways to keep the kiddos entertained this summer. Special discounts in Marbles Corner Store, in Pogo Cafe, on birthday parties and for enrichment programs like camps, classes and more. We discovered this little gem in Charlotte, and were beyond excited to see that they have a location here in Raleigh. They also have two dining areas, and the prices are basically the same, if not cheaper, than Adventure Landing. Fort Worth Water Gardens: Another awesome place for kiddos or adults on a Fort Worth Texas staycation! Fort Worth Botanic Garden: If you love flowers, be sure to check out the Fort Worth Botanic Garden!
Fort Worth Zoo: And of course, no Fort Worth Texas Staycation would be complete without a visit to the zoo! I hope you enjoyed these ideas for some cheap and free family activities for a Fort Worth Texas Staycation! Some of us never realize that our local Chamber of Commerce website is a plethora of cheap family fun just waiting to be discovered.
Not only does the Chamber’s website inform you of local happenings in your area, but it also offers discounts and coupons for you to use so you can save money while enjoying the festivities. Your local Chamber of Commerce’s website will also have an option for opting into their weekly emails.
If you’ve never thought to check for fun at your local colleges, then you’ve been missing out.
Everything from plays to art shows and even celebrities are the norm at colleges worldwide. Hop onto their respective websites and check out their happenings, the next best thing could be right in your own neighborhood. If your family is a bunch of movie lovers but you don’t want to spend an entire paycheck taking everyone, then look into matinee times. Hop onto their website and check out their specials, if you don’t see anything advertised then give the theater a call. Some of us use our local libraries so much we should move in, while some of us barely know how to get to ours. Not only is everything at your local library free, but they have passes to places such as museums and water parks that will save you a ton of cash so you can take the entire family and have a blast.
Other things you can catch at your local library are free movie nights (sometimes popcorn is included), guest speakers, computer classes, free concerts, arts & crafts for the whole family, and even plays and story time for the kids. Not only are parks continuously kept up landscape-wise, but they’re totally free and safe for the entire family to explore.
Not only will your family enjoy some much needed outside time, but you can also venture to other parks that you may not have known were so close to you.

About the author: Danielle is a professional blogger, freelance writer, social media manager, and web content editor specializing in parenting, family, pregnancy, social media, start-ups and entrepreneurial topics. To help make your jobs easier, we've put together a list of some of the best budget-friendly attractions around town! While some may turn up their noses, I revel in the fact that I'm able to find such a budget-friendly alternative to the vastly overpriced "regular" theaters. While there not quite as close as I would like, in the long run, it's a fun experience that all families should try every once and a while.
Not only do they offer more attractions, but it appears the facility is kept in better shape.
There’s lots of great Texas themed shops and eating places in the Stockyards, and you’ll probably want to spend half a day or more exploring everything! From their website – Today, each of the historic structures [log cabins], furnished with authentic artifacts, provides a vivid look at life in the nineteenth century North Texas frontier.
According to their site: The Fort Worth Botanic Garden, the oldest botanic garden in Texas, is a lush 110-acre tapestry of dappled shade and vibrant splashes of color. If you have other places you’d recommend in the Fort Worth area for family fun that won’t break the bank, please leave a comment on this blog post! A few years ago, she made the difficult decision to leave a job she loved to stay at home with the kids - but soon realized her TRUE passion was to be at home with her kiddos & helping others save money.
Richmond Va popped up and I wanted to see how many fun and cheap places there were to visit in the area. John’s Episcopal Church 2401 E Broad St at 24th St, Richmond, VA 23223 Patrick Henry gave his famous speech here. Cary Street Richmond, VA 23223, Richmond, VA 23223 A lovely space to visit and learn more about the horrors of the Holocaust. It also means you may feel like you should plan some fun things to do to keep the family from becoming bored and restless. Sign up and let the deals come to you – you’ll be amazed what’s being offered for family fun right in your own backyard. Then talk to a librarian – they’ll guide you in the right direction for what they offer as well as other places you may not have thought to check to save money on family outings and events.
Bring some extra bread to feed the ducks and birds, toss your family’s sneakers into a bag and go for a hike around the park, or bring a soccer ball and get a game going.
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These 10 places in and around the Triangle offer families an affordable opportunity to spend some quality time together without breaking the bank. In addition to walking trails, Pullen Park offers a number of outdoor activities for children, including: train rides, boat rides, and a carousel.
The best thing about the MKM (besides the fact that it's a great learning resource for kids of ALL ages) is that it's inexpensive.

Movie by Moonlight is outdoor movies series hosted by WakeMed that takes place throughout the summer. A and I had just started dating, and frequently went downtown to enjoy the sights and sounds of our small little town.
Try a “Staycation”, which is an inexpensive vacation in your local or nearby area! From the website – The Fort Worth Water Gardens is a beautiful and refreshing oasis located downtown, adjacent to the Fort Worth Convention Center. With the focus going more and more on junk foods and with the likes of computer and sedate games taking over, exercise for kids has become very important. There are some really neat and inexpensive activities and outings that your entire family will enjoy that are right in your neighborhood. This is an awesome way to get in some great music, taste some great food and spend time together as a family. If you’re in the Dallas Fort Worth area, here are some fun Fort Worth, Texas Staycation ideas for cheap and free family fun! Designed by Phillip Johnson, the Water Gardens is an architectural and engineering marvel to be enjoyed any time of the year. The exhibits include a water-powered gristmill, a one-room schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, an herb garden, and several log home settings.
If you’re visiting the zoo during the hot Texas summers, you’ll be pleased to know that there are even a few air conditioned buildings with attractions in several spots around the zoo! But this doesn’t mean that you will make them do the same exercise as you do because it is rather boring for them. We used to live in Fort Worth, Texas, and it’s a great place for fun, free, and cheap family activities that you will love, but won’t break the bank!
If you’re looking for something tasty to eat, one of our favorite restaurants in the Stockyards is Cattlemen’s Steakhouse! Visitors can experience a variety of water features as they wander through this relaxing urban plaza. Historical interpreters, who are City of Fort Worth staff and volunteers, depict the lifestyle of the people who lived and settled the area in the mid to late 1800s. But there are some fun ways in which you can make them exercise and thus help them attain better levels of fitness and retain high energy levels.
It would be an excellent place to take the kids and explore and learn more about the Civil War.

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