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An important decision to make post-divorce is whether to keep your name of regain your maiden name.
Some women wish to retain their ex-spouses name for the sake of their children, which is understandable given the confusion it might bring about at school with teachers and other students. If you are in a profession that relies heavily on your reputation it might be a good idea to keep your name if you want people to recognize your name. Many women will get divorced and retain their married name simply because they have become comfortable using it for many years. This entry was posted in Divorce Tips and tagged divorce, legal name change, maiden name, name change, reasons to change name, spouse name on June 6, 2013 by Daily Legal Reader. When we had our first playground squabble we had no idea how complicated relationships would get in the years ahead.
Everyone around you is probably telling you that after your loss you will always be hurt and grieving. For those who are recently divorced, recovering financially starts with acceptance of the situation. If you are a man who cares about your wife and marriage, it can be devastating if your wife has cheated on you. If you are like me, then you love inspiring, challenging, motivating, or even tough-love when it comes to famous quotes. What single quote is your all-time favorite, AND what makes it so powerful and meaningful for you? If you would like to contribute to this week’s question, be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to find out how you can get involved.
I not only like to stay busy and active, but I like the way I feel when I am productive and giving to others through my actions.
This quote is important to me because I know that how I feel and think about something will have a direct impact on whether or not I’m successful achieving it. I keep it tacked on my inspiration board when I am writing and it inspires me to live the way I want to live (because some days I forget!) On the days when I feel like I expect too much from people, I look up at this and remind myself: I’d rather overshoot then undershoot and wish I had tried harder! The first time I ran into this quote, it really stunned me, as it embodied a belief that I’ve held for a long time.
As a business consultant, I encourage business leaders to be proactive which gives them more options than being reactive.
One of my favorite quotes comes from one of my musical heroes, jazz sax great Branford Marsalis. As a leadership development consultant, this quote reminds me that human relations are messy, unpredictable, often bewildering things. We often create our own obstacles, by fearing to cross the threshold of an important person’s office, when in fact all we need to do is face our fear, enter the office, and say, “Would you mind helping me?
This quote is my all-time favorite because it crystallizes the concept that anything worth doing is worth doing well. One of my all-time favorite people to quote, TR was an unstoppable force, and to hear such words from him, basically stating that you can in fact make a better life by pushing forward, provides reassurance and hope in trying times. This quote is not only personally inspiring (by reassuring you that you are, in fact, a capable person), but it’s also a great reminder when dealing with others who…may not seem like geniuses when we want them to. I think this is a good one for people who were born with entrepreneurial spirit but raised in a risk-averse family!
What makes this quote so powerful to me is that I was one of those very people I mentioned above. I decided later that if my fate wouldn’t lead me to the Stage, then at least I could pave the road toward being my own boss.
The quote tells us that not only can we achieve excellence while enjoying the journey, but the sheer enjoyment of it all is a prerequisite for excellence. There are so many quotes that have inspired me in different aspects of my life, but since this is in a business context, I will include one that keeps me going when I am facing setbacks in my business life. This ancient Japanese saying (unknown author) helps me balance where I see our firm going and making sure we are all on board to get us there. We want to have Stay Frosty t-shirts, Stay Frosty mugs & I gave my partner a pen engraved with Stay Frosty this past Christmas. This quote is inspiring to me because it makes me think of the ways that innovation and creative thinking happen. It’s one of my favorite quotes because it shows that even truly intelligent people can make truly stupid statements.
I do the very best I can everyday to counsel people on never living a life beneath their privileges and to realize their full potential.
I heavily rely on instinct in times of trouble and when faced with life changing decisions.
As a young boy, I watched my grandparents (whom I didn’t realize were only in their 50s) act like old, tired people. I honestly don’t know if I read this quote or made it up myself, it has been with me for so long.
I have used this quote for many years to inspire clients, friends, family members, and employees to change the way they think and act. It really resonates with me because anything is possible when we stop complaining and saying why it won’t work and start taking action in the direction of our dreams.
This is powerful because it has meaning for us in our lives, our business, our families & in every aspect of our lives. So powerful because what we all want it to live our best life and to do what we were meant to do. This validates my belief that inspiration & creativity are the foundations of all human achievement.
So basically, I think the two quotes are about the control we would like to think we have over our lives and the chance that we don’t have any control at all.
The reason why this quote stands out among all the thousands of other great quotes is because when I read it I can identify with it in so many aspects of my life. The reason why this quote is so meaningful to me is because it explains everything that a successful person does or needs to know. This saying reminds me that no one will hand you success and it doesn’t happen because of luck.
This single quote, which I try to live by, is also used as my mantra in everything I do to remind me that self-truth can open up all possibilities. I was on stage to receive an award in front of 1500 people when I found out that I was expected to give a speech. I recently used it as the epigraph for my book Killer Cure: Why health care is the second leading cause of death in America and how to ensure that it’s not yours. Working for a non-profit organization that takes on the auto industry, federal government and other large associations puts us in a constant “David vs. No matter what one’s predicament or experience, there lies within one the ability to transcend.
It was around the age of 16 that I discovered I had massive generalized anxiety and my boyfriend used to quote me this line to help calm me down. Of all the things I’ve heard in my life (many of which have been extremely memorable and have helped me chart my way through life and business), the most powerful is something said by my father, Robert Baron. This quote is meaningful to me because I believe that we were each put on this earth for a purpose, and my intention is to do everything in my power to live my life in full service for as many days as I am blessed to do so. Thanks so much again to all our wonderful contributors for your valuable customer service tips this week! If you are new to the Question of the Week and would like to get involved, simply follow the link below to get started.
When you are the boss and have no one to answer to but yourself, there may be times when getting things done, especially the undesirable tasks, can be challenging. Because this online forum is a great place for us to exchange ideas, learn from each other and network. I especially remember one old guy, batty as hell, his face covered with pus, his bald scalp peeling, his tongue swollen and hanging out of his mouth like a steer at an old-time Kansas City slaughterhouse.
I was pulling guard duty and I spotted him when he was a half mile down the hill that leads up to the compound.
At noon the day we buried the kid, we saw smoke, a single pencil-thin curl that rose into the sky like jet exhaust, except there weren't any jets any more.
Pete suddenly had that mongrel look on his face, a strange cross between outrage and guilt, but he didn't say anything.
Pete was carrying a shotgun, one of the pumper-action Ted Williams models we'd scavenged out of a Sears Roebuck store somewhere along the line. We had only about a hundred shells of buckshot left, but Mather had insisted we take every last one of them. That night, Tony and Mather stayed behind with the women and Eric, eleven months old, our only offspring. It was summer, the summer of my twenty-seventh year, and it had been the most glorious summer of my life. I have to believe the guy upstairs has a pretty mean streak of irony because that wasn't it by a long shot. Maybe it was the test of a new killer technology related to the so-called Star Wars program that the late President Reagan had announced a decade before. Maybe the Martians landed in a Kansas cornfield and decided to zap ninety-five percent of the human race, just for kicks. Whatever it was, it silently and quickly burned off half the upper atmosphere, leaving plants to die, food chains to be disrupted and destroyed. We didn't know how bad it had really been until it turned winter, and winter brought no dirty snow on Fifth Avenue, no frost on Macy's windows, no skating in Central Park, no temperatures lower than the sixties, not even in January or February. By spring, the hospitals and doctors were overloaded with skin-cancer cases and people whose vision was fading away to darkness. By summer, the effects of the failed wheat and corn crops were filtering down, and grocery stores experienced their first shortages. We were in Boston when the fabric of American society began to dissolve, slowly but completely, like a cube of sugar in water. Mather had decided to put down roots, at least until we could figure out what the long-term plan would be.
Why they didn't establish camps like the rest of us was a mystery not even Mather pretended to be able to solve.
But it wasn't only noise that made the nights strange -- temperatures had been thrown all out of whack, too. Some had been torched and some had self-combusted, but most of the houses still stood -- a curious mixture of white Colonials and shingled Capes and ticko-tacko pre-fab ranches that had been all the rage during the prosperous, inflationless fifties. You didn't need a historian to see that the Quannapowitt in the old days had been a healthy, full-fledged river -- upstream a mile you could see the remains of a dozen mills. Getting to the barn was easy: Crouching low, we simply followed a waist-high stone wall that ran up to it from the river.
What I was prepared for, I suppose, was the usual band of roamers: a group of men and women, middle-aged or younger, with one kid, possibly two.
There were no grown men in this group -- no able-bodied grown men, that is, only a wizened old character who looked to be eighty or more sitting closest to the fire. If the empty cans were any clue, they'd recently finished dinner, but there hadn't been much to eat.
Mather later theorized that they had been in hiding somewhere, and had recently been forced out somehow -- maybe when their food ran low, maybe at the hands of some belligerent roamers.
With my father's encouragement and guidance, and on very wobbly ankles, I would circle that rink, hour after hour. I learned, for example, that being good and decent and kind is its own reward, and that working hard is a virtue.
Those who know me best may observe, correctly, that I have not taken all of my father's lessons to heart. I had arrived early in Boston for animal rounds, in which the week's experiments on pigs and baboons are reviewed by the scientist and his staff of fellows, post-docs and senior investigators. They are what they've always been, regardless of topic: fairness, balance, accuracy, clarity, and so forth. Merely keeping on top of the field is daunting, as the list of publications in that Boston lab demonstrates. Which leads to the deeper questions, the moral, religious, cultural and ethical ones -- those raised by people like Christopher Reeve, who sat here two weeks ago in his wheelchair and asked us to ponder the origin of human life. And so, another of our responsibilities as journalists -- perhaps the most important one -- is facilitating a public discourse that will lead to a sound public policy. Many years ago, when a farmhouse graced the top of Wolf Hill, the path could accommodate vehicles; one, a bus, ended its last journey up there and its rotting remains continue to be a source of wonderment to all who happen upon it. With custody disputes, the division of assets, and the stress of finding a new living space you might forget about the process of getting your name changed.
One invaluable piece of advice however is to make sure that your divorce decree gives you the option of changing your name back to your maiden name.
However, this should simply be a consideration and should not hinder you from changing you name back. If you feel that your community, friends, and co-workers know you by a certain name and you want to keep it that way there is nothing wrong with retaining your married name. There are many factors but really it comes down to how comfortable you in your present situation. Whether its making and keeping friends or romances and marriages, a successful relationship can be a lot of work. It is amazing how the words of others can really rock your world by resonating with your heart. Of course Einstein had many special talents, but he attributed his success to his insatiable curiosity. Don’t just wait for the Muse to descend: she gets generated by your work and focus, not by dreaming about the work and the focus! I could easily come up with 50 reasons why it can’t be done, but how is that productive?
Having a solid vision of where your company is going and then being proactive with your strategies will lead to success. Consequently, we need to recognize that achieving perfection in our interactions with others is not possible.
This quote reminds me that exploration and play while making the vision happen is more than half the fun! Emphasizing that each person is unique and sees the world in a different way helps us all in the quest to understand and appreciate one another.
This quote has inspired me to keep going in my business pursuits and in life, no matter how unconventional and unusual they may seem to some of the people in my life.
My community assured me I had the chops, but no one in my world supported such unorthodox goals (this was WAY before American Idol).
Today I am a successful partner in an organization that provides hair replacement solutions to the millions of women suffering from hair loss.

I was wasting time reliving my mistakes and stressing over things that aren’t in my control. This change has helped me focus on what I need to do to reach my goals and has helped shape my life today. We present a calm exterior to our customers, but a lot more work goes into everything than our customers think. Yet, the successful Rona Barrett points out that to be healthy and strong you ask for help when you need it.
Start with the end in mind, but never lose sight of what you need to accomplish this journey. The head of the Marines focuses on the solution versus the problem and then tells those still alive to “Stay Frosty!” Of course, they do & survive. I am a business owner and I enjoy racing a performance sports car when I am able to acquire a little free time.
I went to a top school to become a graphic designer, specializing in websites and branding. I could not understand why my associate was so upset about me wanting to dissolve something that was not working.
Waking each morning before dawn and seeking adventure calls to mind the thought of a life well-lived; that is, a life that is not wasted, that is filled with fresh experiences. It tells me that no matter my age, my income, my education, I always have options, choices, chances to grow and learn, as well as new opportunities.
It forces a recognition that we are all connected, and if I don’t do for you it will ultimately come at a cost to me.
I left a lucrative position with a company I loved because of exactly what that quote describes, because a mediocre (at best) person felt threatened by me.
This Oprah quote speaks to me because it’s all about the power of attraction and how what you put into something is what you get out of it. It helps keep my mood lighter, which helps me continue to move forward instead staying stuck dwelling on the negative. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? It makes me know and understand who I am including my limits, my truest power, abilities and things needed to improve my life to reach my fullest potential.
Patients often find the deck stacked against them in dealing with the health care system, but they can become CEOs of their health and get much better results – even though they don’t have medical degrees and they may feel at a disadvantage in talking with doctors.
It also reminds me that no matter how hard things get, better times are just around the corner. It grounds me by reminding me of the first year that I was in business, when I had just been laid off.
Ever since then, I have repeated this quote and used it as my mantra when life gets really rough. My goal is to unite successful women entrepreneurs to share our insights and solutions to the challenges we most commonly face in our businesses.
Not that we hadn't seen our share of roamers since coming north to Vermont a year ago, after the Great Fire leveled Boston and half of eastern Massachusetts. Since the sky blew off, every sunset has been spectacular, nothing any artist or photographer could ever hope to capture. He was all bundled up in canvas, canvas that was ripped and tattered like a sail that'd spent a week in a hurricane.
It was an automatic response by then, as natural and routine as guard duty or sleeping during the day. He was on his ass, resting, looking our way and trying to figure if it was worth the effort to make the climb. It was coming from the rubble that used to be Bradford Village, one of the suburbs of Burlington. Since Robbie and Sloane got ambushed -- it happened when we were escaping the Great Fire -- Tony, Pete, Charles, Mather, and I were the only males in our camp. Pete was our resident tech whiz -- he'd designed the hatchery, come up with the ventilation scheme that kept the temps down inside, even managed to hook up running water and plumbing. Those gorgeous pinks and yellows were draining from the sky, leaving behind a cold, inky night loaded with stars.
He'd been trying to soft-pedal his gut feelings, but you could see he was deeply concerned. He'd been correct on every issue since he took charge two years ago when the sky blew off, the crops started wilting, and the world's population started dying by the hundreds of millions.
We were living in New York, then, all of us, living in style and with more than our fair share of creature comforts in an upper West Side neighborhood that only recently had been gentrified. I don't know if anyone anywhere ever really learned the answer to that question, not at the beginning, when the only effects were those amazing technicolor sunsets and that crazy shift in the jet-stream, or, later on, when political institutions and economies were disintegrating faster than global temperatures and the seas were rising. There was no big bang, no escalation of crisis, no state of alert, no Warsaw Pact troops marching across Germany, no Colonel Khadafy dropping a surprise on Israel -- just a sky the color of fresh blood the evening of July twenty-sixth. Maybe it was the test of something the Soviets had up their sleeves that our intelligence never picked up. When we did have to go outside, no matter how briefly, Mather made sure we wore sunglasses and painted ourselves with sunscreen, protection factor fifteen.
It was September, the hottest September ever recorded by the National Weather Service, and no one any longer had any doubt what was happening. After disposing of a gang of winos, we'd made our home in an abandoned subway tunnel near Park Street Station, which is almost directly under City Hall. Bodies strewn everywhere, smoldering or just plain rotting, every one of them guaranteed to be harboring enough disease to wipe us out a thousand times over. His best guess was that it had something to do with intelligence, or lack thereof, and I imagine he was right. If you closed your eyes, you could picture it as it might have been before the sky blew off: a charming little blue-collar village, where neighbor knew neighbor and treated him with proper Yankee respect, a place where the machinery of life hummed quietly along in a more-or-less well-greased fashion.
It was coming from across the Quannapowitt River, and as we got closer, we could see flickering shapes. Unless some of their number were off somewhere in the shadows, this was going to be a milk run. Since the sky blew off, the Quannapowitt had shrunk to a trickle, six inches deep at its deepest with no more power to drive a loom than water from a faucet. That was the description of all the bands we'd seen, and it made sense they were like that.
That rink -- surely no bigger than about 15 by 15, but an arena to a boy of five or six -- is where I learned to skate. I laughed myself almost silly at that, and my father, without complaint, closed his eyes again.
I am delighted to be part of this discussion tonight, and I would like to thank the University of Rhode Island for inviting me. I thought of the Wright Brothers and the other pioneers of flight and how the risks they took and the innovations they made revolutionized their world. They are but a handful among the thousands of journals, Web sites, list servs, press releases and the like that we could encounter. Many mainstream readers and viewers -- not to mention mass-media writers and editors -- are only now learning the differences between adult stems and embryonic stems, between therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning -- never mind the implications of research. For him, a man who might walk again if certain genetic work succeeds, it is not simply acceptable but morally imperative to use unfertilized eggs to grow stem cells. These past few months, I have managed to worm my way into places where I technically don't belong in order to claim a front-row seat to history. By telling the stories of the researchers, I hope to bring the research to a wide and general audience. We don't like bugs, the ticks and mosquitoes especially, and anyway, we're drawn to the beach at Wallum Lake, which is just up the road. Every year the mountain laurel and pine claim more of the path, and this year was no exception, but there was still plenty of room -- more than sufficient, I informed Cal, for another good flying- saucer run this winter.
The air seemed fresher as we continued, the light through the foliage stronger, and soon enough we'd reached the peak. An inventory of our pockets disclosed sticks, pebbles, acorns, flowers, mushrooms and a bright yellow leaf, which Cal had selected for his mom. Our first kiss, our first date, the first long-term relationship, the devastating break-up, meeting our future spouse, marriage, in-laws, having babies that turn into teenagers before we know it. I signed an employment contract with New Company.I would like to express my appreciation for your excellent leadership and counsel during the duration of stay at Company Name.
I think the biggest gift to come out of this post is in the stories of why each quote is meaningful to the person who shared it. Everybody who is a winner, a success, is there because at some point they dared to be different, dared to take a chance, dared to believe in something nobody else did. In my environment, success was defined in only one way; anyone who dared venture outside the lines was labeled a failure. I continue to use my life as proof that success comes in many forms, and isn’t relegated to the opinions of others. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing.
Saying goodbye to a great situation, a favorite relationship, or even a loved one cannot be helped.
Rowling and John Grisham had their books rejected numerous times before they found a publisher.
It’s wiser to recognize when you need help and then ask for it, than to waste time, energy and resources trying to prove you can do it all by yourself. When I talk with a customer or think of my neighbors and community, I try to think of what more can I give and how can I make their experience the most memorable and joyful for them. Supposedly the correct quote it, “In my opinion, all previous advances in the various lines of invention will appear totally insignificant when compared with those which the present century will witness. Both business partners were going to end the partnership in September, so I just could not wrap my mind around why she was so upset. Before that year I worked as the bass player for Christina Aguilera and had produced projects for American Idol – successful. Living in the 21st century, society values the opinions of experts, doctors, therapists, and consultants. As I built my entirely new business and occasionally pined for the semi-predictability (both in terms of cash flow and work and even the problems) from my old world, that quote by Einstein would inspire me to fulfill what my great spirit had started. It can be truly amazing what we can accomplish when we dream big, believe it’s possible, and move forward to achieve our goals! It reminds me that a lie to self is the worst kind because I can never truly evolve past where I am unless I allow truth to be present. In this seminar, she made sure we understood that we are more powerful than we know or understand, and that the only way we can use that power is to take full responsibility for our life.
I love it because it moves us from focusing on what we can’t do to focusing on what we can do. It has always stuck with me since then and reminds me, that while it is important to be strong, it is most important to be kind. In 2009 I started going through a QuarterLife Crisis and used this line as the inspiration for my blog ThinkingMiss. He traveled around the country selling books from the trunk of his car and doing radio interviews until he made it. I can’t tell you how many times I am amazed at people who, given an opportunity of a lifetime simply do nothing and let it slip from their grasp.
I found it not long after graduating from college and beginning my career, and it resonated with me and continues to remind me to push myself to do the things that aren’t always popular, are a little different, a little crazy, and maybe even a little ridiculous. Using the link below, please submit a one paragraph response before the deadline, and the following week I will share our community responses on my blog. He arrived at dusk, and when no one answered his cries, he finally fell into a restless sleep in the dust and half-dead weeds along the front perimeter. It didn't occur to me then, but somebody must have told him that canvas was about the best protection you could have when you were outside.
Night was always the best time to be on the move, whether it was a disposal operation or a raid on one of the few warehouses or stores that had anything left worth raiding. Found it beneath a crucifix on the altar of a burned-out Catholic church in Manchester, New Hampshire, when we were making our way north from Boston. We were the brie-chablis crowd, the folks with the MBA's and the designer bathrooms who spent weekends on Cape Cod and February vacations in Aspen.
In the early days, when the presses still ran and the six o'clock news was still being broadcast, there was all sorts of talk that it had been the test of some new thermonuclear weapon -- more frightening and more secret than the Bomb, which had every true-blooded Yuppie doing flips back then. We got out of the city in June, before the real panic hit, and we headed up the Connecticut coast. Eventually there was a run on sunscreen and finally supplies dried up, but Mather had been smart enough to buy cases of it before John Q. From a defensive perspective, the tunnel was a dream -- only one entrance, which we kept clear with occasional firefights.
Immediately Mather decided to head north, where, he said, we would have the best chance of establishing a camp. You needed brains to build a camp, defend it, find a way to eat -- in our case, a small but successful fish hatchery, supplemented by freeze-dried and canned stuff we'd managed to hoard.
The moon was three-quarters full and between that and the usual stunning array of stars we had no trouble keeping up a good clip. You could imagine being born in that village, growing up there, raising a family, walking your children down the aisle, bouncing your grandchildren on your knee, going to your grave a reasonably satisfied man.
They were just beyond the bank of the river, roughly three hundred yards away, a band of people huddled in a circle on flat ground next to a burned-out but still standing barn. Sun and disease had taken their toll, a toll few of the very young or very old were able to pay. The noise was startling, but before anyone down there could react much, I emptied the shotgun in their direction eight times.
I suddenly had an old-fashioned thirst for an ice-cold beer, but there wasn't any beer any more. General Hospital, is exploring a number of new medical treatments, including ones involving gene therapy. I was thinking about tonight's forum, and what I would say about the role and responsibilities of journalists in this new world we have all entered.
My eye moved to the titles of the periodicals on the library shelves: Immunology Today, Gene Therapy, and Xenotransplantation, to name a few. At the risk of inferring that some issues deserve a higher standard of journalistic excellence than others, I believe that nothing in the news today is more important than the genetics revolution and biotechnology in general. Today's intimacy of capitalism with genetics -- of IPOs with DNA -- has brought a new element, even to respected academic labs like the one in Boston. I have that seat, but now comes the real challenge: getting inside the heads of the scientists.

Cal insisted on taking the lead and, unlike our last walk, in April, he refused assistance getting past deadfalls.
Only a cellar hole is left of the farmhouse, destroyed some thirty years ago in a fire of suspicious origin. I wanted to carry him or at least hold his hand; instead, I took a breath and was silent on the matter. We left the quarry and made our way back to the cart path through a stand of towering Balsam firs, unlike any other on Wolf Hill. And for nearly half of us, marriage ends in divorce, bringing a new dimension of relationship challenges.
You will see in the comments below how words can really light someone up from the inside out, challenging them, inspiring them, motivating them to make a difference. My mind is always jumping to ask questions and figure out why or how something works or is broken. I have had people question the path I have chosen many times, from my choice of college to my choice of careers. By personally shedding the concept that I can (and should) figure everything out alone, I have opened my personal and professional world to higher quality outcomes with less effort. Each of us can have a much more meaningful and satisfying life if we proactively make choices and take responsibility for living the only life we have. Feed and take care of that stray in your yard, visit a local shelter to adopt what has been abandoned, put out a bird bath in the hot summer and a bird feeder during a snowstorm. I work with people whose principles match my own, such as non-profits and companies that uphold their social and environmental ethics. I listed out the reasons why the partnership should end, but one partner just did not get it. In my younger years I gave this saying only a fleeting chance and decided it didn’t work. I turn 60 tomorrow (May 18) and my wife says I’m doing a great job and have accomplished my goal!!
I truly believe that even if you advance in some areas, even do great things, a self-lie will always creep back up and make you question everything you think you know, especially about yourself. By simply breaking my ideas into manageable steps and becoming a do-er, not just a dreamer, I launched a Virtual Assistant company.
I’m not sure who wrote the quote, but when it was sent to me I absolutely rolled on the ground laughing.
I am the girl who thinks about life way to much, when in reality I need to just let life play its course.
As such, I have read numerous books and Journals concerning leadership, educational advancement, academic research etc.
We knew about other parts of the country, where whole camps had been wiped out by typhus, diphtheria, all the diseases that had gone completely out of control since the sky blew off. The only ones we'd disposed of were the ones that got too close or started acting too weird or hung around too long, like stray dogs begging for handouts. She'd probably been pretty once, but the sun had left her skin runny and raw and made her hair fall out. Pinks layered over blues and oranges and yellows, some soft strokes, some bold ones splashed up there with a powerful hand.
He'd told me more than once that killing still turned his stomach, no matter how many times he saw it or did it. At night, you didn't have to worry about whether the ultraviolet was going to burn the skin off your back or make you go blind or cook your brains or fry your sperm. There wasn't a one of us who wasn't making fifty grand then, minimum, not a one of us who wasn't employed with one of Wall Street's or Madison Avenue's most reputable firms. There was still gas left, although there were shortages and growing lines at the stations, so we drove, charging up a storm on our American Express and Visa cards as we went.
From the survival point of view, it gave us decent access to stores and warehouses, particularly those mammoth ones along the waterfront, which were still stocked weeks after everything else ran out.
We passed other bands as we walked, and we had some skirmishes, losing two of our original group in the process. It took brains to beat the sun, escape the heat, and it took brains to keep the germs at bay. I wanted to get in and out quickly; I had some business back with Lisa, who'd been my girlfriend in the West Side days, and who Mather had decided was still an acceptable mate for me. And the cars that were parked in the driveways were beginning to rust; every tire was flat, and roamers had busted the windshields.
We'd have a devil of a time tracking them down, and some would probably slip away, and then there'd be hell to pay with Mather. The river wasn't cool, no rivers were any more, but it still felt refreshing around the ankles. Huddled at their feet in the dirt were a half dozen children, most younger than the kid who'd made it to our perimeter. What there was was hooch, which Mather had discovered you could make from canned peaches, dandelions, anything that had sugar in it, even bark from certain trees. Life-saving protocols already in clinical use have been pioneered in this lab, and I expect that more will follow.
And this thought, hopefully not a trite one, occurred to me: The Wright Brothers transported people. It came this year at the customary time, when the sugar maples are at their peak and the oaks are only beginning to turn. Rusting machinery, barrels and bedframes are strewn about, and the woods are slowly claiming them, too. The quarry has not been worked since the 1800s, but if you look around town, you will see many foundations made of its imperfect granite. These skills will be of great value to me in my career.I have been fortunate to be employed by Name of Company I have learned that putting the customer first is of vital importance in today's competitive environment. It reminds me that fear of failure can stop you if you let it, but taking action is a wonderful thing, and things start falling into place when you start moving toward your goal. Despite our efforts in some of our most hard-fought battles, success is not assured, especially when improbable. Seuss so eloquently frames it to remind me that I should cherish that I was so lucky to have had something so special, rather than be glum that it’s now gone. As soon as things seem calm and under control, it usually means that not enough is getting accomplished, or I am not striving hard enough to reach my goals. In ’06 I began working in digital marketing and have had more than a few tough days starting over from the bottom.
But after getting repeatedly punished in life for living otherwise, I decided to give it another go. This works for big and small tasks alike — getting a seat on a subway or getting a job promotion! All it takes is a little perseverance and mental capacity to excel over and beyond your thoughts.
My blog is something that I’ve use to chronicle my life from 2007 until now, through a move from Buffalo NY to Washington DC and then to my current home in Austin TX. It’s a long journey to win big in life, looks like I am on my way next month with telling my lobster story on CNN. His body quivered a bit and then his mouth became a fountain of blood, but it didn't last long. She was delirious, talking nonsense about salvation, redemption, apocalypse, all that other Bible crap, like so many of the roamers we'd seen since New York. Back when I was in parochial school, I remember thinking the walls of heaven must look that beautiful. Didn't have to take your chances bundled in a hundred layers of clothes and sunscreen coating your body like axle grease.
Perhaps the good father gave his final sermon, then put it to his head and squeezed off a round. That disposing of them might be a greater logistical problem than we'd had to deal with in a long, long time, maybe ever. The day the looting began in earnest, we grabbed enough canned juices and beef stew and hams for at least a year, according to Mather's calculations. He hadn't assigned Pete a woman, but he had occasional privileges, which he was always pleased to exercise. The trees that once had shaded back yard barbecues now were blighted, their leafless branches waving in the wind like the thin fingers of a skeleton. Except for the wrinkles, they wore identical expressions: that peculiar hybrid of fright and exhaustion and malnutrition I'd seen on roamers before. On my way out of the barn, I was lucky -- I found a five-gallon can of gas, and it was full.
It is one of several labs in New England where I have been hanging around over the last few months.
Scientists today are on the verge of being able to DESIGN people -- and if not design them, then certainly change them in ways that can -- or should -- make their lives better and longer.
Often lost in the reporting of stem-cell research, for example, is the fact that embryonic stem cells can grow uncontrollably into teratomas, or cancer.
Imagine when the first scientist doesn't merely clone a baby, but custom-builds one by manipulating the germline.
The temperature at dawn read 29 or 30 degrees, depending on the angle the thermometer was viewed. We went through the backyard and onto the cart path that ascends Wolf Hill, a fanciful name in the nineties, even for a rural town like ours. We marveled together at a sight as strange as grape vines entwined around a bedframe, and I tried explaining how a house not unlike our own had been reduced to ruin, but I don't believe I succeeded, nor did I really try. It resembles a den, and the forest floor is softly carpeted and often dotted with toadstools -- certainly a spot, I allowed, where elves dance under the starry sky.
ExpertBeacon’s relationship experts are here for you whether its time to find a wedding planner, a councilor to talk to about bullying, you and your spouse need a marriage therapy, and much more. If I wanted acceptance, I would do what people expected me to do, and if I did that I would not be where I am today.
I’m inspired by the rule-breakers who dare go outside the boxes and outside the office cubicles to discover the splendor of the big world out there.
Not that being out of control is recommended, but it’s important never to feel too comfortable.
I believe that the purest light is God’s love, permeating all that we endeavor to create. I think women still have to have a bit of an edge to get by, and this is a good reminder that the ones who had the sharpest edge are the ones whose names we repeat.
In less than three minutes, long enough for a smoke, his nerves stopped firing and he was still.
We didn't find a body, but maybe one of his parishioners had dragged it away for burial when that Mass was over. I have written a handful of pieces for The Journal, and over the next many months will write more. And adult stem cells are notoriously difficult to isolate and direct, another fact that is sometimes overlooked. Water has long filled where men once labored, of course, and a century's worth of sediment covers the bottom, making it impossible to gauge true depth (although we have tried, with our sticks).
If changing her name to his is necessary to show that he is “important” to her, then why is the reverse not true? In love with my husband, a degree from Smith College, an MBA, a career I love, a business that I am making thrive, friends that know the real me, a family that knows and loves the real me.
We should also seek to learn from our shortcomings so that we can get just a little bit better every day. In all facets of life, however, putting in a lackluster effort is a recipe for failure — better not undertaken to begin with. This quote is so meaningful to me because of that boy, who was the love of my life at 16, since he taught me more than anyone I have ever known. When Cal is a little older, I will tell him -- as I did his sisters -- spooky stories of the goings-on here when the moon is full.
Why should Andree’s fiance expect her to change her name to his without ever considering changing his name to hers?
Wearing gloves and masks, we carried him downhill, away from the hatchery, and put him ten feet under, as deep as we could dig in the two hours we had before the sun came up. There was only one way to know for sure, I said: Some fine summer night, we would have to camp out here, being careful to stay awake until midnight. How is her refusing to change her name a sign that she is uncaring while his not even considering changing his name means nothing of the sort?Ultimately, it should be each person’s decision what to do. Then we burned our clothes and bathed in rubbing alcohol and Lysol we'd come across on our last trip to the A&P warehouse.
A few nocturnal animals still survived, owls and raccoons among them, and their voices seemed to come from a hundred directions at once, or no direction at all. When we were done, we walked naked back inside the compound, pulling the razor wire tight behind us. Our April walk was during a nor'easter, and we got soaked playing in the waterfall, but it was gone now, too. Rachel is in high school now, and Katy, four years younger, is sneaking looks at Seventeen. While I realise this may cause some short-term disruption to your organisation, I do feel that the new skills and qualifications could be very beneficial to you and would like you to consider rehiring me after I have completed my course.It has been a pleasure working for you and my return to study could be very good for both of us in the long term. Cal was worried it would never return, but I reassured him it would, with the next steady downpour.
He'd been keen on mushrooms since our last swim at Wallum Lake, when he found ones as big as my hand that had materialized overnight beneath a picnic bench. He was tired, and as I carried him home, I promised we'd camp out next summer, bugs and all. He also gathered acorns, which he proposed to feed to squirrels, a word he still had difficulty pronouncing.
They took both of their last names and combined them into a new name which represented their new beginning as a couple. She was able to get her name changed in court in a snap by just writing in the new name on their marriage paperwork, but he had to petition seperately and was being held up by the courts on grounds that it was frivilous. Actual marriage equality for everyone!  KB It was put into effect by the California Name Equality  Act of 2007. But in most cases the parents were married before having the child, so it is also your mums name and the name you grew up with.So would say it is personal identity.

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