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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The proverb ?old habits die hard? sums up how we find making changes in our lives difficult. Having a habit defers responsibility for our actions; ?I drove to work because I left too late to cycle? or ?My stressful job means I cannot quit smoking? are classic excuses for not changing a way of life.
The world?s behaviours have changed the place we live in, to a large extent, for the worse. I have been using design to help people change their habits for a better future and it is clear from what I have observed that habits are formed due to repetition. Looking at creatures of habit from a positive angle, habits do not only happen but can develop and be changed. A project I have been working on focuses on motivating employees to change their attitude in the workplace. A creature of habit is simply a being that repeats their actions to the point where they may not think about carrying out that action. Many clients come to me looking for ways to use Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and hypnosis to help them get rid of their bad habits. There are a myriad of bad habits people come to my San Diego office to work on with hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques, smoking, overeating, lacking confidence or even reacting nervously in certain situations.
While hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques are very powerful in helping you shift your subconscious thinking, you also need conscious reinforcement to make permanent behavioral changes. Most change gurus will tell you that when it comes to changing bad habits it takes anywhere from 15 days to a month. Your bad habit has a benefit, at least to your subconscious mind.  Try to figure out what your bad habit gives you and then replace it with a habit that gives you a similar benefit. For example, instead of trying to overhaul your eating, smoking and procrastination habits all at once, pick bad habit and work on it a for a month. If you’ll approach the process like a scientist you can limit or even eliminate the emotional struggle. For example, if you overeat late at night, remove the junk food and go to bed earlier or if you smoke, get rid of your ashtrays and stay away from the places where you like to smoke.
Changing bad habits into good ones takes reinforcement so set up reminders to get you on track. Every day, remind yourself what it will mean if you don’t stop indulging in your bad habit.
Keep in mind you only change for one of two reasons, to eliminate pain or to gain pleasure. So, in addition to remembering what your habit costs you, you need to focus on the prize, what you’ll get out of changing your bad habits into good ones.
Bad habits can really put the brakes on your progress and, as in the case of smoking and overeating; they can cost you your health and even your life.
With time and perseverance, the tips in this article can help you change your habits into good ones. NEC is a system that uses the best of three highly effective processes, advanced hypnotherapy (hypnosis), NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and the deep breathing meditative breathing techniques from Qigong, a Chinese Martial Art. Wil is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) hypnotherapist and Qigong Practitioner.
Wil is available for individual coaching sessions and group presentations on how to use NEC or hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as the deep breathing meditation techniques from Qigong for changing bad habits into positive ones.
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Every single one of our habits in life is formed through our thought pattern, which also makes each one of them a breakable habit.
Take a few minutes of your time to read these insightful famous quotes about habits, and the important keys to breaking bad habits in your life. If you’re feeling the crochet braid look, but you don’t have hair that’s long enough to cornrow then the crochet braid wig might be the way to go. Natural hair YouTuber, My Natural Sistas has an excellent YouTube tutorial on creating both long and short crochet wigs.

My Natural Sistas uses a different process for the longer wig that she created using 16 inch Cuban Twist Braiding Hair. Because she only used four packs of hair, MsAmbeGlamour made sure to space the hair out on the cap so that there were no visible spaces or bald spots on the wig. If you’re like me and don’t know how to cornrow well enough for the base of crochet braids, then you’re probably really excited to see these crochet braid wig tutorials. Good Reads [Pics] Swedish Women are Doing “Chocolate” Spray Tans to Darken Their SkinThe Stockholm-based Emmaatan salon, run by Emma Patissier Alm, specializes in spray tanning. Breaking bad eating habits and how they affect your diet, If you're serious about eating healthier and losing weight, you need to shake it up, change those bad eating habits, and start thinking differently about your diet. How to change your eating habits - ask the dietitian®, Got questions about your how to change your eating habits?
8 bad habits that crush your creativity and stifle your, Even if you're no smarter than most, you still have the potential to wield amazing creative powers.
Always striving for new challenges, new ways to push my limits, new recipes to try to stay healthy.
Not denying myself treats completely, but instead eating them in moderation sometimes, not all the time.
Cooking healthier, low-calorie dinners with Michael using whole foods instead of packaged and processed foods. When I’m feeling like my depression might be returning I reach out to friends, exercise, do positive things to prevent myself from slipping into that funk.
I read your post on how a lot of people are struggling to keep to their good habits right now. It would be wonderful to say that habits are not necessarily bad but unfortunately they usually happen because we have not thought of an alternative.
How do we know how to change a habit or what to change it to if we have not had guidance or gained an understanding of why?
We like the comfort of our car or are addicted to nicotine which is why we have not managed to break the habit. Be it eating habits resulting in obesity, travel habits resulting in climate change or consumption habits resulting in an economic recession, a creature of habit has a brain that is on autopilot making decisions through automatic responses. Using empowerment to help people gain a deeper understanding of our habits can result in new habits for positive effect. New policies have forced us to create habits; recycling laws mean we are expected to separate out our waste. In fact, almost every one of the clients who come to my San Diego office wants help in changing their bad habits into good ones. If you fall back into your old habit after a month, you probably need a different strategy. This doesn’t mean you have to exercise for an hour each day, it just means you will exercise at the same time each day. So if you’ve decided that you’re going to start exercising every day, put up an exercise schedule on your refrigerator where you’ll see it every day.
That way they’ll say something if they see you ordering a hot fudge sundae or if you pull out a cigarette on your lunch breaks.
You’re trying to quit smoking think about how it’s hurting your breathing or giving you a smoker’s cough. He has combined them into one powerful system that can help you make quick and lasting shifts in your thinking and your behavior. In this session we’ll discuss the goals you wish to achieve and you’ll go away with an action plan packed with information on how to achieve those goals. No habit is capable of becoming your destiny until you allow it to go unchallenged by consciously and subconsciously settling for it.
You absolutely don’t have to continue to settle for the life that is not working for you, because in your mind lies an extraordinary mental ability to change your thoughts and turn your life completely around. Crochet braids are very popular this season and natural ladies are finding more ways to keep the trend going.
Instead of curling the hair first, she crocheted the hair on the wig cap first then rolled the hair.

She used Marley Braiding Hair for her crochet braid wig and curled it with perm rods after she installed the hair on her wig cap. After installing and applying perm rods, she dipped the whole wig in a pot of boiling water. The crochet braid wigs are the most convenient and natural looking wigs that I’ve seen for women who have natural hair. I’ve talked about this being a slippery slope before, but I firmly believe that doing all things in moderation is the key to a healthy life.
This was the biggest change that Michael and I have made together and we both saw immediate results. Habits come from repetition; what we did yesterday, we will do today whether it is necessarily a positive or negative decision. We automatically carry out the action our brain tells us instead of doing what we may have actually planned.
It is easier to embrace an action that makes them feel comfortable instead of one that disrupts their daily routine.
If we understand what motivates and incentivises people to change their habits, good results can be achieved. This is a good example of how old habits can be changed and new ones created at local level. It could be argued that recycling is now a habit due to repetition where as a number of years ago it was seen as a disruption. They happen automatically, making it difficult, almost impossible to logically change these unwanted behaviors. If you’re overeating think about how poorly your clothes fit or how hard it has become to climb a flight of stairs.
Hypnosis has been found to be one of the most powerful and effective ways to shirt your thinking and so you can replace bad habits with better, more positive ones.
The thoughts that you repeatedly occupy your mind with always tend to eventually influence your frequent decisions and actions, which sooner or later become highly likely to lead to some formed habits in your life.
Instead of rolling the hair all the way up, My Natural Sistas stopped about three quarters of the way. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on the hair or installation because you can do it yourself.
The creator […]7 Reasons to Keep Avocados Around for Your Health, Hair and BeautyAvocados truly are nature’s fruit for overall health and beauty.
I’m excited about the weather improving in Portland so Michael and I can start training for the Portland Century bike ride this summer.
Even if I’m not all that hungry for a big dinner, sometimes just eating a salad is the perfect thing.
Feeling comfortable in society guides our brain to know what we should do verses what we actually do. In other words, when you give different interpretations to your experiences in life, the frequent thoughts in your mind would start to change, followed by your decisions and actions, which would then end up changing your old habits, and your life. My Natural Sistas takes her crochet needle and puts it through one of the wig cap holes, while pulling one of the rodded curls through four holes. She uses the same looping technique as My Natural Sistas and ties a knot at the base of the cap. We do need to remind us of the good habits we’ve adopted, though, and let that positivity lead us to make good choices more and more often.
Now, ladies have figured out a way to keep the style longer without having to sacrifice the look.

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