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I know, physiologically the brain is an organ not a muscle ?? However in this context what is meant is that the brain behaves like a muscle, in that the more you work it, the better it gets. Conversely the mind has to be kept active and challenged in order for it to function optimally, which keeps your body fully functioning. A burgeoning research area in psychology is the idea of embodied cognition — that is, not only does your brain tell your body what to do, but it works the other way around, too. Decades of research suggest that those who keep it together under pressure are the storytellers of their own lives.
Many with the learning disorder say a developer’s interpretation is pretty close to the real thing. A response to a famous study from August is making waves, but there’s less there than meets the eye.
New evidence calls into question a long-held theory about the virus’s spread across the country. Researchers are starting to seriously investigate what compels people to take pictures of their meals. In his new book, a MacArthur “genius” tells the tragic stories of those trapped at the bottom of Milwaukee’s housing market.

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A friend recently turned me onto this book, and I’ve found the material in it fascinating. One thing he stresses is that in order to control things like weight management you need to determine how your brain is affecting your body. On his website he has questionnaire to help you start the process of figuring out what type of weight management issue you have and then how to tailor your brain health regime to achieve your goals. We respect your privacy, and promise your information will never be shared with a 3rd party.
Sit down, grab a drink because I'm gonna help you cut through the BS and deliver #truthbombs about health and fitness while living a plant based lifestyle. You must confirm your registration within 48 hours of submitting your registration request.
Dr Amen has conducted over 55,000 SPECT brain scans to check on the health of people’s brains. Why people have such poor results in weight loss programs is that one treatment, one program or one method don’t work for everyone.

He supports the scientific evidence that introduced the concept that your mind has a very powerful influence on your appearance, your moods, stress levels and overall health. So what if you can’t do the spin class at the resistance the instructor is recommending – you made it through the whole class right? He gives solutions to help you boost your brain functions so you can get and keep the body that you’ve always wanted.
Amen realizes that not everyone is able to get a brain scan to check on the health of his or her brain. Our minds are powerful things, once we truly set our mind to something we can achieve greatness. Focus on the positive and the negative will disappear. Change your mindset, educate, learn  and it will all get put into perspective.
Sure we may not succeed on the first try but nothing successful ever comes without failures.

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