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N?u day la l?n d?u b?n vao 4r va co b?t c? th?c m?c nao v? cach s? d?ng thi b?n hay vao khu v?c H?i & Dap. Hix, noi chung do em ko co can b?n m?y v? c?u hinh IP Local nen r?t kho hu?ng d?n em, ko bi?t noi sao??
Now more and more people using Windows 7 for better appearance and performance of Windows XP, then from here it will be discussed how to change IP address and DNS in windows 7. Having previously discussed on how to speed up the Internet connection using Internet Accelerator software and fast DNS server, now just add how to put IP address and DNS are achieved in windows 7. To change IP address and DNS server in Windows 7 is the same, because they both are in the same place.

To change IP address and DNS server to fit with what we want, then we have to change the network protocol settings in Windows 7.
Then it will be presented all kinds of internet provider you will ever use (if you use more than one type of provider). If you just want to change IP address only, click use the following IP address and leave blank DNS. If you just want to change the DNS server only, click use the following DNS server address and leave blank IP address. You can obtain fastest DNS serverĀ and change your IP address to anther country to get the maximum internet connection, of course, with tips and tricks that have been discussed previously.

The above steps you can use if you do not know how to change IP address and DNS in windows 7, for those who are used to this is very simple, hopefully this article can help you.

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