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The first step to implementing change is to work out the behaviours that will drive the change. With continued advances in the field, education, and experimentation, we hope to see that confidence rise over the coming year. Immigration and border force workers have kicked off a 10-day strike on Monday, with thousands of international travellers facing delays at airports across the country. At Business Chicks we believe that great stuff happens when women come together to uplift and inspire each other. From 1 July this year, the first stages of the NDIS will take effect for more than 20,000 people across South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT, the Hunter region of NSW and the Barwon area in Victoria. Since 1993, a number of significant Disability Discrimination cases have been fought and won. Just this week, the Federal Magistrates court has ordered Railcorp, the provider of rail transport in New South Wales, to pay compensation to Graeme Innes, Australia's Disability Discrimination Commissioner, for failing to provide regular, consistent and audible announcements on trains.
People with disabilities who experience discrimination or unfair treatment in 2013 also have another handy tool up their sleeves; social media. This year will also see the senate inquiry into the involuntary or coerced sterilisation of people with disabilities in Australia.
On the threshold of the most important change to disability care and support Australia has seen for generations, in an era where we're more connected than we ever have been, I see great potential in the year ahead. The NDIS is great in principle but I can already see the flaws that will lead to its failure if we are not careful.
Unfortunately, here in the UK, disabled people have been made a target of hostility deliberately by the Government. It is a wonder any non-disabled person would have such an attitude to those with a disability.
This site is where you will find ABC stories, interviews and videos on the subject of disability.
Former cancer patient Brian Lobel knows how it feels to receive treatment that lacks empathy and heart.
Back in Brazil, my homeland, I tried to adjust to my old life, but I missed a more open-minded environment. Five years went by and Canada was still on my mind, so I started thinking of coming back to pursue higher education. On my vacation, I visited a few colleges in Ontario and BC and here, at Douglas, I found the perfect program for me. Then, I remembered an old book called Who Moved My Cheese?, a tale about adjusting our behaviour towards change.
Realize that no matter how you deal with change, you DO have to deal with it.  It’s a necessary evil and you never know when the change that you have so desperately fought is the exact thing that you need! I hate change too, pretty funny I sang the song while reading the title, there’s been a lot of changes these past few days in our household, it’s been rough!
Awesome suggestions, I like change sometimes if it’s good but most of the time change is not good.
As a Christian, I have found if I can embrace change by using this acronym – sometimes slowly, sometimes easily. Along with all the other projects going on, it’s been difficult to focus in one direction or the other.
I know there are plenty without employment, and I don’t wanna trivialize their hardships. What I know today, is that the day-to-day role I play and wake up to must be different after 2013. Give Thanks - Ephesians 5:14-21 Powerpoint slides Gold and brown themed slide with a handful of 'beans'. The focus of the day was how we facilitate change in ourselves and within the organisations we work for.

I couldn't help but be struck though by the thought that the ideas outlined in it not only apply to work places but also communities and families. Organisations all too often try to implement all sorts of changes without actually defining and addressing the PEOPLE change that is critical to success.
From the Gillard Government's commitment to a National Disability Insurance Scheme to the London 2012 Paralympic Games, there was much reason to celebrate as 2012 drew to a close. The Act came into operation on 1 March 1993 and, while not the first piece of legislation to prohibit disability discrimination, it was the first federal legislation to ensure that definitions of disability were consistent across Australia.
For example, Kevin Cocks v State of Queensland in 1994 found that the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, which was constructed with a huge staircase leading to the front entrance and required wheelchair users to enter via a back entrance lift 43 metres away, was in breach of the act. I've successfully used Twitter to notify businesses of poor access or attitudes, and it works brilliantly. Despite the fact that Australian women have access to many different forms of contraception, the incidence of involuntary sterilisation among women with disabilities is frighteningly high, and often occurs at the insistence of parents or the urging of doctors. Its done some great stuiff but its flaws are now ever apparent, even though there are still some wins. So all the disabled people who are employed under the system will have to be paid more than a few dollars an hour.
The Government, helped by the right wing press, have demonised the disabled by claiming they are cutting our benefits and removing the benefits from hundreds of thousands of us, because of 'fraud'. As you browse through the site, the links you follow will take you to stories as they appeared in their original context, whether from ABC News, a TV program or a radio interview.
As I had majored in journalism, one possibility was to study writing so I would have more knowledge and experience writing in English. I was faced with one of my biggest challenges: I had been working for 11 years at the same company, where I improved a lot my communication skills, but where I was unhappy. When we see changes coming, we have to move with them instead of waiting for some miracle to give us back everything we had. Although some people were shocked by my decision—I left the boss’ position, status, and money to be a mere student—I was surprisingly happy. Sure - difficult to give family members or communities performance feedback (Ha!) but the idea of really focusing on what "changed behaviour" would like resonated with me. Already a month in, 2013 is shaping up to be a mean competitor in the race for a winning year. We've contributed our own ideas to the process and we've dreamed of the ways in which it will affect our lives. Even if they're not aware of the nuts and bolts of the DDA, most people know of its existence. Submissions to the inquiry close 22 February, and findings will be handed down on 24 April. Also the government might be liable for 10 years worth of back pay, could be quite a few diabled workers with heavy pockets. In the fall of 2005, I came to Vancouver to attend an ESL program and ideas started to pop up. I was researching programs when, in the beginning of 2011, I was promoted to Communications Coordinator.
When I got the acceptance letter, I sold almost all my stuff, found a new family for my ten-year old boxer, Gordon, and came to Canada. We imagine a world where women feel part of something bigger than themselves, and a world where we feel safe to give anything a go. That knowledge combined with a gentle nudge in 140 characters has proven to be more powerful than I ever anticipated.
In two months, I made friends all over the world—some of them, I now consider to be my best. I could have seen that moment negatively, complaining and whining, but I wouldn’t have benefitted from this behavior.

With this in mind, I resigned from my job, took the TOEFL test, and applied for a seat in the Print Futures program. So now, instead of blaming the rich who don't pay their taxes and the politicians for our deficit, it is we the disabled who get blamed.
Moreover, I learned a lot about other cultures and practiced tolerance every day in this multicultural society. My days were now full of meetings and events, and I didn’t have time to write a single paragraph.
I can assure you that the subject comes up very regularly when people see me in my wheelchair.
It’s our job to use these changes to become someone better, taking opportunities in pursuit of success.
My definition of success is “being happy with our choices,” because they define the existence or absence of happiness. Then I asked them to outline the behaviours that people in the organisation would need to exhibit for that change to occur. That's about the same as car insurance so not too much in the scheme of things if seen as a true insurance policy. In the UK the Paralympics legacy has been destroyed by this vile government action of demonizing us.
This is where people really struggled; so many of them could not name the behaviours that needed to happen for the change to be a reality. For example one person in the room had introduced a new IT system into their company and they wanted people to start to use it. I asked, “So what are the behaviours that need to occur for that program to be a success?” Their reply “They need to get on board!” “Get on Board what is get on board?” They need to engage with the program was his response.
Blowout the budget and it will be cut back for those who truly need it, which brings me to point 33.
I don't think I have ver felt so angry toward politicians as I do now that they have turned the public against us. This figure includes people with mild or moderate treatable depression - about 90% of them. How can we expect people to change when we cannot even articulate what the behaviours are that we expect from them? This figure has got out of control - I recently read that 20% of Americans have a mental illness.
This is why so many change efforts fail, because the people in our organisation are unclear about what we expect from them. In fact research tells us that many people in the work place feel unsure of what is expected of them at work. Focus on the folks who really need help ie the 400k currently on the DSP with quadriplegia, Blindness, severe mental illness etc. When people are in this state they fall into cognitive confusion where their brain becomes frantic and is running multiple scenarios. A lot of the people commenting about the NDIS are carers telling their difficult stories and how they hope the NDIS will help them. Sorry if you are a carer then life has dealt you a crap hand but not as bad as the person you care for. I say this as a someone who could easily get on the DSP and presumably the NDIS but has a good job that pays very well and has no need of it.

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