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AboutA much sought-after speaker on topics ranging from worldwide business growth, communications, marketing social networking and mobile marketing, Chief Marketing Officer of the iconic Eastman Kodak, Jeffrey Hayzlett has become a “Celebrity CMO” according to Forbes Magazine. EBD, or ‘emergent by design,’ was the phrase I chose when naming this blog to describe what I was seeing around me in the most inspiring and passionate people and organizations making positive change in themselves and the world around them. Here are some people I’d recommend following for their passion, creativity, wisdom, empathy, intelligence, and love. These are folks innovating currency, both non-monetary and otherwise, and building strong and resilient local communities.
Guillaume is a banking innovator, now launching Bernal Bucks, a rewards card to keep money local.
Mark is founder of Openworld, an initiative focused on economic reform, sustainability, and resilient communities.
John is an author, writing about resilient communities, decentralized platforms, and self-organizing futures. Alpha writes about and facilitates participatory, non-hierarchical, open, gift culture systems.
Vinay is inventor of the Hexayurt Project and writes about collaboration, risk management, and resilience of the human species. Marcin is founder of Open Source Ecology, an open hardware toolset for building resilient communities.
Nathan is the founder of superfluid, a project-based collaboration platform that uses Quids, the internal virtual social currency as payment for services. These people are focused on evolving human consciousness, building a global commons of collective intelligence, and assisting organizations in transitioning to a new economy.
George is founder of Community Intelligence, whose mission is ‘to amplify collective intelligence and wisdom in organisations and social systems. Dave is the founder of Cognitive Edge and developer of the Cynefin framework for describing problems, situations and systems. Ken is founder of Collaborative Conversations and facilitates conversations and organizational learning. Scott is the founder of charity:water, a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Sam is a futurist and co-founder of Future Forward Institute, whose focus is to assist organizations in collaboration and workflow.
Michelle is a facilitator and creativity coach, cultivating emergence and thrivability in businesses and organizations. Nova is a technology entrepreneur and writes about collective consciousness and the semantic web. Evonne is a facilitator, providing production expertise for live events, social media, interactive gameplay and transmedia integration of stories and campaigns. Bre is founder of Makerbot, a company that produces robots that make things, and founder of NYCResistor, a hacker collective in Brooklyn, NY. David is a facilitator and founder of Doing Something Good and the Social Change Collaboratory, initiatives to grow impactful and resilient networks for social good. Jean is a facilitator and coach, empowering individuals to co-create resilient, creative, and adaptive organizations.
Bjoern is founder of SuperCoolSchool and Cofounder Network, and is on a mission to unleash human potential. Flemming is founder of the New Civilization Network and evolutionary agent, writing about collaboration and global knowledge sharing.
Stephen is a researcher focused on innovation in the use of online media in education and learning. George is a researcher with the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University.
John is a Communities of Practice Global Coordinator interested in all the c words – collaboration, coordination, cooperation, complexity, community, communication.
Michael is the founder of Nephoros, an organizational design consultancy and COO at Syntience, a research corporation investigating artificial intelligence.
Tom is the founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute, a nonprofit promoting awareness of co-intelligence tools and ideas. Jon is a faciliitator and organizational design consultant, developing strategies for wired organizations. Valdis is the founder of Orgnet, an organization conducting social and organizational network analysis research. Doc is the author of Cluetrain Manifesto, and currently is working on Project VRM with the Berkman Center at Harvard. Otto is an MIT based action researcher, founder of the Presencing Institute, and author of Theory U.
Seb writes about building emergent cities, and the process of collaboration and co-creation with others. Rachel is Principal at The Community Roundtable, a private peer network for community managers and social media practitioners.
Annalie is a Catalyst for Magic, Director of Innovation, and a champion of people, ideas & emerging technologies. These are the thinkers and writers communicating the big ideas of the next global paradigm. Daniel is the author of Drive, A Whole New Mind, and several other books about the changing world of work.
Ethan is the founder of Global Voices and researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Dave is the author of Cluetrain Manifesto and Everything is Miscellaneous, and writes about the impact of technology on our ideas. Barry is a social network researcher based at the University of Toronto and founder of the International Network for Social Network Analysis. Howard is a visiting lecturer at Stanford University, and an author of books about the cultural, social and political implications of modern communication media.
Clay is a teacher in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU and author of the books Here Comes Everybody & Cognitive Surplus.
Seth is the founder of Squidoo, author of Linchpin, Tribes and several other books on permission marketing. Kevin is the founding editor of Wired magazine and author of several books on the coevolution of humanity and technology, most recently What Technology Wants. BJ is a Stanford innovator and psychologist focused on persuasive technology and behavior change. Jarno is a designer and researcher, building frameworks for a personal futures simulation system.
Alvis is a media strategist and producer writing about accelerating change and the human creativity explosion, and a collaborator on The Future of Facebook Project. Noah is a researcher and urban planner, focused on large-scale participatory futures systems.
Frank is a professional futurist focused on transformational development and human emergence. Jane is an alternate reality game designer, Director of Games Research & Development at the Institute for the Future, and author of Reality is Broken. Jamais is a futurist and writes about the intersection of emerging technologies, environmental dilemmas, and cultural transformation. Satya ‘lives and works for our collective mindful evolution, working with change-makers in consulting, online strategy and development.
Henri writes about how to live a passionate life of self growth while making a living online.
Charles is working on “building an alternative, open, secure, cost effective bit moving platform for tomorrows distributed, decentralized, ipv6 only default free zone,” and has contributed to the Village Telco and FreedomBox projects. Bradford is the CEO of Woven, a discovery engine for news, your interests, your neighborhood, and the world.
Colin is a software engineer, focused on knowledge management, operating systems, collaboration and open government. Alex is the founder of Primer Labs, turning learning into games to make all knowledge playable. Dorian builds information and knowledge systems that help people coordinate together to learn, teach and make things. Monica is the founder of Syntience, “a research company exploring a novel algorithm called Artificial Intuition. This is an amazing list and while I’m sure you put a ton of time and effort into it, it would be amazing if you created a list and added these people to it so we could follow it and share in their collective wisdom. I’m honored to have made your list, and interested to see just how many of the people I cross paths with regularly.
Learn how to align your personal brand values with that of the company, group, or organization you lead and influence.
Get comfortable stepping into your full potential, building advocacy, and leading in a way that you are most effective. The ability to sell change throughout the organization, often encompassing strong technical social skills. As change can create substantial resistance and criticism, a change agent must be thick skinned to face this.
According to a Harvard Business Review article, a critical element to success is the personal relationships and networks that change agents have with colleagues. One thing all leaders should keep in mind as they begin a change initiative is that a period of chaos may likely ensue, whether related to poor implementation or resistance, things could appear to be getting worse before better—there will be a gap to where one wants to be.
Widespread organizational support, perhaps using a plan that has proven effective elsewhere.
Translate the solution to reflect how the change will satisfy each of their needs, especially those regarding cost, quality, service and speed. As a catalyst for producing directional change, you will be faced with the challenge of managing resistance to change.
Negotiating with key players for resources, for changes in procedures, and to resolve conflict.
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I was attempting to be a change agent as a Youth Pastor while seeking to emulate the leadership principles of a president of a major Bible college. Been reading a great book Leading Change by John Kotter and he digs deep into the details, been a great read.
A change agent, or agent of change, is someone who intentionally or indirectly causes or accelerates social, cultural, or behavioral change. As the time to end another year with PLP comes to a close I hope you are seeing yourself as an agent of change. One way to look at problems as if you’re seeing them for the first time is to look outside of education for ideas that have been working for a long time. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Really, I want to be a positive change agent and I really find your write -up very helpful and insightful . Follow Us Get email updatesGet your free digital copy of The Connected Teacher: Powering Up, plus you'll be subscribed to all the latest professional learning content from Powerful Learning Practice, notifications when we have a sale on our online courses, and more. Having appeared on shows including CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Fox Business News, and NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, organizations around the world are interested in the insights of this social media and marketing expert.
To me, that means not being a passive bystander to life and letting it happen to you, but really grabbing life by the short and curlies and manifesting greatness in this epic adventure!I’ve been on Twitter now for about 2 years, and love finding people doing amazing things. I attended a workshop of hers and she has an amazing ability in helping others unlock their creativity. Honored to have had an hour or so of Skype or Junto time with a few to meet virtually and build trust real-ly. I’ve been following a few of these folks but your effort will broaden my experience considerably. It’s how we organize, approach, and facilitate change that can make or break any organization. You can strategize and plan, but change at some level involves the risk that it may not work. It will take longer than you hope it will at times and you’ll have to stand the test of time.
You have to go against the way things are being done and the way things have always been done.
Every church and every organization in which you are called to bring change isn’t wired for change. I’ve studied and observed them by working with dozens of churches, businesses and non-profits and in the organizations and churches in which I have led.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. The only pattern analysis of the situation in the real circumstances and offer an essay on him. They redefine the terms of education by embracing one-of-a-kind ideas in a culture of me-too thinking. Ideas that are routine in one situation can be revolutionary when they migrate to another, especially when they challenge the prevailing assumptions that have come to define school culture. How do you push yourself as an individual to keep growing and evolving so as a result, your school can do the same?
I definitely liked reading everything that is written on your site.Keep the aarticles coming. Pls keep me updated on any of your material that can be helpful to me on becoming the best. Hayzlett speaks frequently about business growth strategies, marketing and communication, and the advantages of social networking in a Web 2.0 world. I would be so curious to see what would happen if we got all them together in the same room. Learn how, by consciously including your brand’s Dimensional Nucleic Assets® (DNA) into your decision-making processes during situations of change, how you can enlist, equip and empower your teams through change. So you have to be able to think about the options that aren’t currently on the table. Psychologist Jerome Bruner describes what happens when we use what works to define what is new.
They lurch from one unfounded idea to the next, from the most recent instructional fad to the newest technology craze. Not every church, business or non-profit will tolerate change…or at least to the level prescribed by a leader.
But, change, even the hardest kind of change, has to occur if progress towards worthy visions is going to continue to occur.
You have to look for what others can’t see, choose not to or are afraid to see (or admit).
The sooner you can learn that fact the quicker you can try to be a change agent where change will actually occur. They rediscover and reinterpret what’s come before as a way to develop a line of sight into what comes next. Action research can help you target what works and guide you in developing a long term plan toward positive change.

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