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Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means vortex or spinning wheel that refers to different energy centres of our body, which can affect our mental, physical and spiritual energies. It is connected to the earth and is all about feeling grounded and secure helping us in our daily survival. This is the 2nd chakra and is ORANGE in colour.  It is situated near your navel and is connected with creativity and rebirth not only with a new baby but also with new beginnings, ideas and projects. When this chakra is balanced we develop ourselves successfully and have a good bonding family relationship.  However, when it is unbalanced or blocked, it could cause skin rashes such as acne, reproductive problems and emotional instability. This is the chakra where many of us would store our unresolved emotions that perhaps have not been dealt with in the past. If appropriate, I give special attention to this area during individual Reiki healing sessions. When this chakra is balanced we can feel our energy flowing freely through this centre.  However, when blocked we can feel frustrated, have digestive problems and low self-esteem. When balanced love and compassion can flow freely however, when it is out of balance there could be feelings of being unloved, jealousy, loneliness, also allergies and heart disease. It is all to do with communication and self-expression and is connected to the throat, lungs and ears. This is the 6th chakra and is INDIGO in colour.  It is also known as the ‘brow chakra’ or ‘third eye’ and is located in the middle of your forehead. When balanced and open we feel we can connect to our intuitive abilities and connect more easily to our spiritual guides.  When blocked it can cause migraines, sinus problems, and unable to trust our intuition, have self-doubts and mis-trusts. When it is out of balance you could suffer with headaches, unable to concentrate and feelings of depression with little or no regard for other people.
In the August Article I will show you how you can balance your chakras by spending a few minutes each day with affirmations and meditation. My journey into Reiki started many years ago after a bad fall during a game of badminton leading to a lot of pain in my right knee. How to bookTo book a Reiki appointment in Worcester, you can email me or get in touch using my variety of contact options. What I quickly discovered was that, without being given any information about the health, or otherwise of my patient, my pendulum would quickly identify problem areas that my patient then confirmed.
I was testing the Third eye chakra (Ajna) on one patient and the pendulum described a distorted oval path – pulling over to the right. The brilliant thing about doing healing this way is that the pendulum gives a very real demonstration of the state of the chakra so it is easy to tell when the healing is complete because the chakra is restored.
Chakra balancing is working in this way with all of the chakras in turn until they are all operating energetically at the same level and the size of the vortex (diameter of the circle described by the pendulum) is also matched. I had to go rooting around in Control Panel to turn off everything that might turn the screen off or send the laptop to sleep, I turned off all of the unnecessary stuff running in the background and still it would drop the connection at around 20% uploaded. The trouble, it seems, is that not everyone is honest and some people just want the money without giving something of equal or greater value in return.

Anyway, artwork completed and uploaded, Createspace approved of my artwork within 24 hours, even though they said it would be 20 days.
You can imagine that after three days of hard work I’m not too impressed at having to wait four weeks to get hold of a copy, so I created an mp3 version and put it on my mp3 downloads page.
Please remember to leave a comment before you go, and don't forget to share anything that interests you. You shouldn’t seek to strengthen your other chakras before you’ve got a strong root chakra.
When you feel tense and anxious the chakra associated with that part of your body experiences your stress and anxiety.
It is found in the middle of your chest and is considered to be the bridge between the lower 3 chakras (earth) and the upper 3 chakras (spirit). However, when it is blocked we may feel anxious as to how others may react to our views and communication. This is a one hour session from 7pm to 8pm where group members find it very beneficial in helping them balance their chakras, do some meditation and now also have individual Reiki Healing each week for ONLY ?20 a session.
So since I’m in the self-help and personal development business I thought it might be a good idea if I stopped intending and started doing. I asked my patient if she had any problems with the right side of her head and she reported suffering from persistent headaches. I always start at Muladhara (root chakra) for grounding and then work up the body until we reach Sahasrara (crown chakra). I record on my laptop because I produce much better sound quality than I can on my pc, so I was uploading from there. After 5 hours of this frustrating activity I put the file on a USB flash card and plugged it into my pc. Then I had to make up some words to make it seem attractive to purchasers, without making any outlandish claims that I can’t prove.
So those of us who just want to make life a little easier for others find it difficult to get noticed. I assume their approval means the quality is sufficiently high to grace the pages of Amazon alongside Cds from big publishers who pay graphic designers and artists huge amounts of money to produce the artwork for their cds. So if you have any suggestions about what would be helpful for you, or just what you think might help a lot of people then please post them below.
Just like yoga and other such ancient yogic practices meditation too requires focus, a peaceful environment and diligent practice or study of its techniques.
Relax yourself with deep breaths and then imagine energy rushing up from your first chakra which is open, to this one. And that was it, pretty much, until I woke up one morning filled with the inspired idea (don’t you just love the way inspiration makes you feel?) that I needed to create a chakra meditation CD. One year I decided I’d set up my stall as a healer, rather than a reader, just for something different to do so that I could enjoy the challenge of how to make it interesting for the show visitors.

A few minutes healing and when I retested the chakra it was operating normally and my patient reported that the pain had gone. I found that during this process my patient would quite often drift into a deep state of relaxation. But every time the screensaver turned on (it was a 90 minute upload – and although I do have fast broadband, this was CD quality and so is a big file) Createspace lost its place and restarted the upload.
The booklet which serves as the display part in the front of the case had four pages – all of which needed images and text. Then I had to buy, yes buy, a proof copy, pay lots of postage because they make them in the US and I live in the UK and wait four to six weeks for it to arrive. There are various methods of meditating too, though all of them involve clearing your mind of all thought and simply concentrating on repeating a mantra or prayer word continuously.
Chakra meditation uses different ‘mudras’ or folding of your hands to open and strengthen these chakras one by one.
Sit cross legged with your back straight and take deep breaths and concentrate on this chakra, imagining all the power from the earth flowing into it. Place both your hands on top of each other, palms facing upwards and place them on your lap. When the speed of rotation was much slower then I knew there was a problem; or when the shape of rotation was not circular there was also a problem. I put her into a trance and then asked her to visualise the opening of the chakras while at the same time visualising a rainbow of colour moving up through her body. The tray insert that goes underneath the CD and is visible through the back of the case also needed images and words. The fact that I’ve experienced it, and my patients have experienced it, is just not good enough for the advertising standards people. I used a pendulum to detect health or otherwise of those energy centres known as chakras and then I used my healing skills to restore to good health any chakras that were out of balance. No movement at all meant a completely closed chakra, and so the chakra required opening before balancing could commence. She always loved this and found it created instant relief and good feeling whenever I used it with her. My intention this time was to sell through Amazon using their Createspace publishing programme. My commission is considerably smaller selling this way but I hoped I might be able to reach a much bigger audience than my own website attracts.

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