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To help dissolve heavy feelings during these long nights of winter, try this candle meditation from the Zohar*, a thirteenth-century mystical commentary on the Torah. What you need: A candle, matches to light the wick, a chair or cushion on which to sit, and a period of time when you will not be disturbed. When to do it: Try it when you light the Chanukkah lights next week, or Shabbat candles, or anytime, really, that you can take a few moments (or more) to light a candle and be. Bring your attention to the base of the candle(s), which represent(s) your body, your mind, and your personality. After a few moments, move your attention to the candle’s flame and glow, which corresponds to three levels of Divine light. Obviously, as a human, your thoughts, words, and actions change form and shape from day to day, minute to minute. Though we often live only within awareness of our ever-shifting—blue-black-red—levels of emotions and experiences, all levels of the Divine exist within us always.
Use this candle meditation throughout the month of Kislev, when the nights are their longest. Now that you know how to heal yourself with breathing and are aware of the many benefits of meditation let us conquer light therapy.
Light therapy is a meditation technique that allows you to use color to heal your negative emotions and align your mood into positivity. Tip if you have 20-40min to spare (use this for healing prior to going to sleep):  Light the(se) candle(s) in a darkened, quiet room and lay or sit in a comfortable position. Tip for a quick 10-15min (use this method prior to a busy, or stressful day or night ahead):  Light your candles in your bathroom or where you spend your time getting ready.
Reminder:  You can use this with any color of your wishing or add fragrances or even crystals! Candice Elise considers herself to be of Hispanic, Greek, and Irish heritage; a mixing pot of culture.
If talk about God, religion or spirituality makes you feel uncomfortable, then I'm glad you're reading this because I was once the same way. I got sober through the programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and the talk of God in the 12 steps as well as in the meetings made me think that they were trying to recruit me into a religious cult.
My biggest problem with religion was that I always thought I was a pretty decent human being, but I was deathly afraid of Hell. I was a control freak my entire life, which was partially why I drank and used, and I had to realize that I was causing most of my problems. How to Maintain Good HealthLink between Eye Health & NutritionThe Greatest Skill You Can Learn Espresso Crema: Important or Not? Viewing Spirituality separate from Religion can bring Peace of Mind and Happiness to those who are agnostic. Being spiritual does not necessarily mean you have to follow any particular religion or religious practices.
This simple, safe, and affective exercise will illuminate your spirits and return your awareness to the preciousness of your existence.
This represents the part of your spirit manifesting in the world through each and every one of your actions, your thoughts, your deeds. Sometimes you are in a deep and brooding mood, sometimes you are experiencing vast expansion and joy.
I keep many of Hana’s teachings tucked into my heart; always I send her and her husband, Daniel Matt, blessings of love, strong health, and happiness.

She has been a Registered Nurse for over 5 years with expertise in Cancer and Hospice care. Once I was able to have an open mind and really understand what spirituality was, my life became better than I could have ever imagined, but I had to stop resenting God and religion.
I wasn't sure why he would sporadically decide that we needed church in our lives, but I never really paid much attention. All of these different people said you have to do X to go to heaven, but if you do A, B or C, then you're definitely going to Hell. I found that the people who were able to stay sober had a Higher Power of their understanding, so I needed to figure out what that meant.
People in AA and NA refer to these as "foxhole prayers." I was the type of person who only prayed when I was in a lot of trouble, and I thought if there was a God, he or she would get me out of the situation. I need him to give me guidance because God has never talked to me, and I feared that I would be a crazy person if I said God spoke to me. I thought I was this master manipulator, and I could make any outcome happen if I just tried hard enough. For me, learning that I didn't need to control every single situation was like a 1,000-pound weight being lifted off of my shoulders. In the beginning, I would only give a little bit of my will to God, but I saw that every time I tried to control a situation the outcome would be disastrous.
The lack of light can cause a lull in spirit and a disconnection from our essential selves. At this level of soul, the nefesh, the relationship between body and spirit is interconnected, interdependent. Breathe in and connect to the Divine radiance that is you and that surrounds you everywhere. As I grew older, I began learning in history class that thousands to millions of people died fighting in religious wars, and the United States was founded because people were trying to escape religious persecution. Since I came from a family of alcoholics and addicts, I thought it was amazing how wholesome their families were. It blew my mind that there might be a God who only saw in black and white, but he or she didn't make a judgement call in certain cases.
Someone in a meeting said it perfectly when he shared that his sponsor told him, "Take everything that you know about God, and put it on a shelf for right now. When this God didn't do what I thought I wanted and needed, then I believed I was being punished or that God didn't exist at all.
Every time I would call him with the things making me angry or upset in life, the first thing he would ask me was, "Did you pray about it?" Eventually, I was tired of him asking me that, so I would do a quick prayer to the best of my ability before dialing his number.
I was able to start accepting when things didn't happen the way I wanted them to, and I started realizing that maybe they happened that way for a reason.
Over time, I saw that the more I took a step back the more things would work out perfectly fine. I only talk about God when the person I'm talking to feels comfortable with the subject or when I'm in a meeting.
We forget that we are more than these tired, hard-working, chore-accomplishing, gift-buying, meal-baking, email-checking bodies. If at anytime you become lost in the explanation or various levels and meanings described below, relax. As your gaze softly focuses on the body of the candle, feel the strength and purpose of your body, your mind, and your personality.

What you say and do and think—who you are—in your day-to-day life manifests Divine light into the world. Here, however, we can gaze at its representational radiance, visually take in its presence, and recognize the essence of all creation. I also learned about the holocaust, and I could never understand why people would kill each other over something they have never seen.
Plus, with all of the different religions it was extremely difficult to know which one was right. Forget about everything you've learned throughout the years about this God, and find a new God that works for you.
The way it was explained to me was that an agnostic is someone who is on the fence about God.
This helped me remember that I had hurt a lot of people in the past, and I wanted those people to forgive me, so it was important for me to do the same.
It was so hard for me to comprehend why I did everything in my power to get a certain outcome, but something else happened.
I didn't have to tell people what I thought about them all the time because I thought I could change them. I ask for him to help people who are struggling to give them strength, courage and hope for a better day and a better tomorrow. At the end of the day, we have to find a God of our own understanding to increase our spirituality and serenity, and it's not for me to decide who believes in what. We don’t remember we are filled with light; that our every breath, step, thought, and deed manifests Godliness into the world.
The Divine flame is always present within you, at peace and tranquil and independent of your beliefs, emotions, moods, errors, accomplishments, etc.
While she is aspiring to build and own her own practice, she sees clients in her home and travels where she is needed. For examples, Mormons are not supposed to drink caffeine, and if that's grounds for eternal damnation then I didn't want any part of it. They are not sure if there is or isn't one, and it also talked about in every man, woman and child there is a fundamental concept of God.
I also had to quit praying for what I wanted because I learned that my wants and needs were irrelevant.
I didn't have to put myself in bad situations thinking that something amazing would happen afterwards. The white flame represents ruach, your unflinchingly steady and present spirit that remains aglow regardless of circumstance.
Using both of these candle colors helps with conjuring a presence that YOU are in control of. The parents of my friends were always trying to convince me to become Mormon, and I thought it was crazy how they would make the young men and women go on a mission to recruit people around the world.
Everything I had ever wanted and needed never made me feel whole, so I started to pray for strength, courage and willingness to accept whatever outcome came my way.

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