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For most people the caloric burn from walking at a speed between 1 and 2 mph is roughly 100-130 calories per hour.
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While the true extent of negative health impacts from sitting are only now coming to light due to recent research, people who have been sitting at desk jobs have been noting the increases in waistlines for decades.
All of us have a basal metabolic rate: the amount of calories we burn, or energy expended daily, while at rest- just by living and breathing on a day-to-day basis.
Facts like this are frightening, and it feels like working a desk job means a constant battle to stay healthy and at a proper weight. The difference in calories burned between sitting and standing might not feel significant, but it adds up. I find these numbers really heartening, but the suspicious part of my brain suspects that a website called “JustStand” might have a bias, so I took it upon myself to do a bit of testing and see how realistic this number might be.
Minor changes in the amount of calories burned while standing don’t count as a substitute for an unhealthy lifestyle, but in combination with other positive choices, a standing desk seems to be a good way to make your work time less of a burden on your health (and your waistline). Ergosource now accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard to more conveniently get your order paid for.
Introvert inspirer, providing practical tools for the introvert to navigate the rules at work. The short story about me now researching the right standing desk comes from a circuitous route from my annual physical exam and then, over to my chiropractor. We sit to work, are at our computers, maybe gather around with family and friends at the kitchen table, or our living room sofa. Some estimates are that on average we spend a whopping half of our day, half of it, sitting.
Researchers at the University of Queensland are developing a sitting pad with a built-in alarm to remind you to get up and move. With standing more when at your computer or just sitting we can also have the benefit to lose weight! No slouching and keep your feet flat on the floor with your hands in an L shape as you reach for the keyboard.
Finally get at least 2 ? hours of moderate to high-intensity cardio exercise per week along with muscle-strengthening workouts twice per week. Consider if you have a wireless printer to move it further from your computer, giving you more movement.
When you do get out of your office during the day, walk as far as you can to the entrance from where you are parking. One last study to wrap up: Research was commissioned by the Cardiovascular Research Network and supported by the NSW Division of the National Heart Foundation Australia of participants 45 and up study participants.
The plan is a five-year follow-up to find out more with the 265,000 men and women about their health, lifestyle, and the medications and health services they use. What is most disturbing is that 47 studies of our sedentary lifestyle all come to findings of one disease or another. Are you brave enough to take your guessing to greater accuracy with the online sitting calculator? I exercise regularly, get up from my computer every 25 minutes for at least 3 to 7 minutes and yet what worries me Krystyna is how almost all I read in research says – this does not reverse the damage. Jeannette at least you know where you are NOW with your personal risk with sitting disease.
I’ve gotten much better about how long I sit at a time, but I also jog 3-4 times a week and walk the dog everyday so that helps too. I totally understand how timing your sitting would give you a total understanding of sitting time.

Patricia Weber, inspiring and supporting introverts and baby boomers to access more energy to live life at full-throttle.
Your ability to burn calories at a faster rate is one of the many benefits of using a standing desk.
Standing desks burn about 20 calories more per hour and roughly 160 calories in a single work day. November 10, 2013 by John 5 Comments The increase was a 67 to 76% increase in energy expenditure for all standing cyclingconditions. Holding certifications from; Schwinn, Heart Zones, Team ICG and Life Time Fitness, John's held a regularly scheduled cycling class since 1998. When the weather permits, you'll find him riding and leading outdoor groups by himself or with his Tandem partner (wife) Amy. As a tour rider, I use standing as a tool to introduce an increased gear, but remain in saddle for long as possible for optimal power output…your thoughts?
I completely agree Ryan, outdoors the need to be as efficient as possible make perfect sense.
Understanding that most people come to our classes to burn calories, I think there are times indoors we need to flip that thinking on it’s head = be less efficient, which can result in burning more energy, over the length of a class.
I observed the class I took this morning even more carefully in light of having read your post beforehand.
While standing in front of your computer for an entire day may not be practical (or pain-free!), it helps to see just how many more calories you can burn over time. While aiding weight loss isn’t the primary health benefit of using either device there is definitely a difference between the caloric burn rate when working-while-standing versus working-while-walking.
James Levine’s book Move a Little, Lose a Lot, depicts the difference in metabolic rate acceleration induced by various activities. While such a burn rate can significantly aid in weight loss, other health benefits of using a treadmill desk are much more meaningful and achievable. According to the calculator at, if you weigh 180 pounds and work for 8 hours per day, you burn 331 calories more standing than you would sitting. I used an activity tracker wristband (a FitBit Force if you’re curious) and measured myself sitting for an hour and then standing for an hour. In one hour of sitting, I took zero steps, had zero active minutes, and my calorie burn wasn’t any higher than my basal metabolic rate.
When it comes to the measurement of calories burned, standing desks definitely win out in my mind over sitting desks.
The assessment seems fairly complete with 12 questions – how long do you sit eating at each meal, commuting or spend driving and sitting, at your computer, watching television, everything.
Just getting up to stretch and stand takes seconds and likely gives us back hours, or who knows, days. This also helps to lower your blood sugar spike, and clear your head, this head clearing important for anyone to think better.
A couple have invested in standing desks, and at least one is looking into a treadmill desk! I suppose regardless of the tasting, you can take some comfort in the research that you are standing more and – that is great to reduce sitting disease issues. I didn’t realize how long I would stay glued to my chair until I started to time myself.
For me, it was an accident when I started using the Pomodoro technique which lead me to discover that my tendency was to stay focused and work past a 25-minute time-frame.
Now that sitting too long has been firmly established as dangerous to your health — studies have shown that prolonged sitting can increase our risk of different diseases, including cancer and type 2 diabetes — more and more 9-to-5ers have been spending a little more time off their chairs. The next time you take a stand, feel good about doing something for your health in more ways than one.

Weight loss is typically not something associated with the use of a standing desk although other health benefits are well documented.
Unfortunately, sitting is a position that requires almost no effort, meaning that the calorie burn while sitting drops to just one calorie per minute.
This is another reason that I wanted to investigate standing desks – if sitting shuts my metabolism down, how would standing work? If there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, that means you could potentially lose 1 pound every 11 days. Jeri I think everything we do to move helps, unlike the studies which tend to be inconclusive. Never any Spam - just our weekly Sunday email and an occasional notification of something we feel you'll find of interest. It's nice to know you're doing something good for yourself during what's usually our most sedentary hours, but it's not just your lifespan that can be affected — standing instead of sitting can affect your waistline too. You can see how modest the metabolic increase is from using a standing desk as compared to walking very slowly while working. To learn more see our blog article comparing the differences between standing desks and treadmill desks. At that rate, it takes me over 2 hours to burn off the calories in a single serving of Oreos (a mere three cookies). My chiropractor said if standing more as my plan one is, doesn’t get more relief, he highly recommends, you guessed it – a standing desk. What’s really attractive is that by just working in more standing I’m going to be burning more calories every day. Also, I have a huuuuge desk – although I know there are ways to just elevate the keyboard and monitor. Even if you do nothing else at all, replacing an hour or two of sitting with standing at your desk can help burn a few extra calories over your basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn when you're not doing anything, like when you're sitting) in addition to helping your health.
Fidgeting and chewing gum will actually burn more calories than simply standing at your desk. In one hour of standing my activity tracker counted 47 steps as I shuffled around at my standing desk and I registered 1 active minute.
So if you are one with neck or back problems this last post in this series could provide you some ideas.
I purposefully do this every 25 minutes using the Pomodoro technique. This all has me thinking to even do this differently. As you suggest, it’s good to move around, and I can’t sit still for longer than a couple of hours anyways! Just a little switch can help you burn a surprising number of calories — check out how many below. Hardly an Olympic marathon, but it did lead me to burn 27 additional calories – suggesting that I would burn 216 calories for 8 hour standing. I interviewed Doctoral student Micah Zuhl in 2012 and discussed the article he co-wrote with Dr.
That’s not quite 331 (as suggested by JustStand) but it does mean I’d be losing a pound of weight (by burning 3500 calories) every 16-17 days- if the other factors in my routine like diet and exercise remain the same.

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