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As a music producer, you know that the right sounds can take your song idea from novice to pro. Instead of spending hours mixing your drums for perfection, these drums come mixed. No need for mixing. Imagine right clicking the pencil tool in FL Studio and selecting random chords and scales. I get messages and comments from snobby music sticklers who swear by their music theory books that a certain approach or technique is not correct.
Inside Chord Magic, you not only learn how to create chord progressions, you get to learn how to make chords your own. Many of our 100,000 subscribers told us they wanted a course on chords that was straight to the point. Using this course will give you access to creating powerful chords which move moods and etch a space for you in the industry. Now the review part, when you purchase the Chord Magic-you’ll instantly get the mail from them(as usual) to download your product.

Bonus videos are amazing, I don’t know if they are made available on website to watch for free for Premium Users( I guess they are), but I haven’t watched them before so I loved what Game covered, one of which is how you can create a Jhene Aiko track style chords which can also be applied to beats for artists like Drake, Party Next Door etc.
All in all, Music Theory In A Day and Chord Magic is all you need to kickstart your musical knowledge and achieve pro results right after you are done watching those videos. Game will make customized tutorial videos on whatever topic you want to learn within one hour of video.
Game will make a customized tutorial video on whatever topic you want to learn within one hour of video. Once I simplified the four aspects of writing great chord progressions I knew I could share it with other producers who had no music theory history. We still recommend you take a look at Music Theory in a Day before this course because it will fill in the gaps you weren’t taught in school.
They want you to think music theory is SUPER complicated because they paid $40,000 in tuition a year to learn what we teach on YouTube. This is simply the best “chord theory” product for me from all the products I have purchased.

The product downloads features-whole heap of amazing videos, amazing Chord Midi files to experiment with(or just use them as it is), the chord magic wallpaper, demo songs and 2 bonus videos.
He explains several ways to achieve the desired results- like using in-scale progressions, harmonizing by using color tones to create variations and styles, chord expansions, a video where he explains an entire song structure and how you can just tweak the base progression to another progression to match the vibe so that the beat will have a strong “melody base” and not the usual same chord progression repeated over and over.
I remember picking random chords like Maj7add13 and throwing those randomly into my piano parts. Some amount of Music Theory is needed to watch the videos because Game had explained some amazing concepts in Music Theory In A Day, which I also bought and loved it and I would suggest you to buy it too. I finally realized I didn’t have the right approach to achieving lush piano parts I once heard in Jazz songs. Even when I attempted to make long songs, my chords would clash with the melody and the song would not get finished.

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