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How to Build Confidence When Public Speaking and Presenting - Improve Your Public Speaking Training Coaching Melbourne Australia Improve Your Public Speaking Training Coaching Melbourne AustraliaTraining, consulting, courses and powerful presentation skills training solutions for nervous speakers and presenters, based in Melbourne Australia.
Write this list down (you can draw it as a colourful mind-map if you’re more of a creative or visual person, see examples of mind-mapping here).
This has been shown by psychologists to help boost your ability to take new actions in this area.2.

This can be on any level: from researching speaking skills online right up to picking up the phone and calling a speaking coach or booking into a class or course. We do it all day long, and our inner chat is frequently unhelpful, especially when we’re trying something new.
Start by listening to what you tell yourself, and then start small, replacing negativity with a more encouraging, nurturing voice.

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