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Welcome! BHC Community Grantees of 2015Twice a year  we reward grant funding to local groups and individuals that strive to make the place we live a healthier, safer, and more vibrant community. Health Happens in Neighborhoods Your neighborhood shouldn’t determine how long you’ll live, but in most cases it does.
Health Happens with Prevention It doesn’t make sense to just treat illnesses after they happen. Building Healthy Communities Merced is a coalition of residents, young people and community-based organizations working together to create and encourage thriving communities where all children and families can live healthy, safe and productive lives. At its very core, Building Healthy Communities is about bringing people and organizations together to make Merced a place where all children are safe, healthy, and ready to learn. 1.4 million undocumented Californians are locked out of access to affordable, quality health care.
VOLUNTEER INCOME TAX ASSISTANCE  Our wonderful partners at United Way of Merced County are providing complimentary income tax services called VITA. Castle Family Health Presents A Day of Service at Bloss Our friends at Castle Family Health are hosting a health fair. Learn more.Health Happens in NeighborhoodsWe need to work together to provide alternatives to violence, and create new opportunities for our young people. Thank you for your interest in registering for Building a Culture of Health in New Jersey! Copyright ©2016, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. The ULI Building Healthy Places Initiative is leveraging the power of ULI’s global networks to shape projects and places in ways that improve the health of people and communities. The toolkit provides 21 evidence-based recommendations, each with a set of action-oriented strategies, across three categories: physical activity, healthy food and drinking water, and healthy environment and social well-being.
Health is a global issue, and cities around the world are struggling with increasing rates of chronic disease, partly attributable to the built environment.
The physical design of space can create social connections, enhance quality of life, provide access to amenities, improve safety, and reduce stress.
This entry was posted in Building Healthy Places Initiative, Centers & Initiatives by Sara Hammerschmidt. A friendship skills training guide designed to be read by the parent, teacher, or counselor along with the child.

This thoughtful, easy-to-follow book offers a refreshing look at the inner workings of friendships and assists readers experiencing alienation and social rejection. There is a secret to building healthy relationships with everyone you meet and it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. Relationships are a vital to us as the air we breathe, especially our personal and intimate relationships. When relationships are handled well they can be one of the greatest sources of joy, love and fulfilment you could have ever imagined. Underneath all our defence mechanisms to keep people at distant so we don’t get hurt is a deep rooted desire for connection. The essence of all communication and connecting with others be it intimate or not comes from trust. Discovering how we can enrich and empower one another is the most rewarding journey towards more meaningful relationships. This simple act helps us to not feel so vulnerable and to become freer and more alive in our relationships than we may have ever experienced before. Inevitably there will be times that you don’t see things eye to eye with others and conflict can arise. This way, you get to show them that they can trust in you to be responsive in the relationship rather than reactive. The more deeply we love and accept ourselves, the deeper we can love and accept others – this is the place where both magic and miracles happen in relationships. New Beginningsis a faith-based, non-profit organization devoted to placing children in loving, Christian homes. When students are healthy in mind and body, they miss less school, focus better in class, and are more likely to graduate.
Access to affordable, quality health care can prevent people from getting sick in the first place, saving money, time, and lives. United Way with partnership with EITC provides annual volunteer income tax assistance for individuals that earn less that a minimum household income. When students are healthy, they miss less school, focus better in class, and are more likely to graduate.
At the ULI Midwinter Meeting in Paris, Sir Malcolm Grant, chair of the National Health Service of England, and Margaret Wylde, chair of the ULI Building Healthy Places Advisory Group, gave remarks on the current health challenges facing communities and strategies to overcome these challenges.

It features real-life examples and  discussion questions and activities to put the principles into action.
To be fulfilled in our relationships depends upon quite a few factors but the most important by far is how we communicate with each other. And then, if they are handled ineffectively, they can bring pain and suffering to all involved. When you’re in love and you feel that connection with someone, that special bond, that sense of oneness with somebody how does it feel?
If the other person feels safe to be themselves in your presence and they know that you would never intentionally harm them, then they have no need to put up walls. Trust typically takes time to develop but once it’s there do everything in your power to honor this agreement. Typically, this is relationship in which we are a great source of growth and support for each other, while strengthening ourselves in the process. When this happens it’s always healthier in a relationship to take the time to understand what is going on for the other, before trying to be understood.
Not only does this help them to feel safe to express themselves openly and honestly to you, it helps you to become a more loving and compassionate human being.
Love and accept yourself first, then you’ll be better equipped to love and accept others. Health Happens in Schools works closely with education leaders, parents and students to create positive learning environments where students can thrive. The Affordable Care Act is putting prevention front and center, so we focus on lower-cost interventions that extend the length and quality of lives and reduce costs associated with treating preventable, chronic diseases like diabetes. Antonio and Ramona’s only option is to persevere through painful illnesses and ailments because they are denied access to affordable health coverage due to their immigration status.
This Urban Land article outlines 11 design strategies to build community within all types of housing projects.
Topics include a friendship inventory, understanding casual relationships, developing listening skills, learning to give as well as receive, showing appreciation, being courteous, watching what you say, learning loyalty, personal goal setting, and troubleshooting friendship blockages.

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