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Starring the wacky Marvel comic heroes, read the hilarious first book in this upcoming trilogy. Learn the secrets of self-esteem with 365 tips from the UK’s number one confidence expert Gael Lindenfield. Gael Lindenfield is a qualified psychotherapist and one of the country’s leading personal development trainers.
One of the most important aspects of a creative life is to pay attention, to notice everything. Here are some of the photos I snapped with my iPhone today on a late afternoon walk, where we got rained and hailed on and enjoyed some warm sun – all in the space of an hour. At the end of the day, take a few minutes to write in a journal (preferably a real journal with paper and a pen but a computer file will do in a pinch) about what you noticed. Remember to take a minute to share you photos and what you are noticing on my Facebook page here. I am also proud to be a wife and mom of two teens doing my best to maintain the balance in my life and in my business.
Hi Janet, yes Colorado is a wonderful place to have family and be able to visit every year.
Yes, the intention to notice things like an artist is what makes one notice things like an artist.
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Throughout the book, tips and advice are accompanied by artwork from a range of exciting contemporary artists, showcasing a wide variety of different media-including pencils, pen and ink, and charcoal-and inspiring readers to try and achieve similar results for themselves. I am getting on a plane today to return to my home in sunny Santa Barbara, California after two weeks in the Rocky Mountains. Find a clean page in your creative journal (a pair is best) and write down a simple question. When you are finished, draw circles around the one(s) you like the most, think are interesting or maybe the one(s) which are the funniest. This exercise doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting and it makes for an ideal mental exercise when waiting or doing non-taxing activities. They wait until the sap has gone, then, since they are lighter, they don’t hurt themselves when they drop to the ground. Winter winds are very strong; trees drop all their leaves to stop the leaves acting like sails and the trees being blown over. Because the leaves have become dry, brittle, crusty old codgers, they no longer want to hang around in crowds. In the weak, winter sun the trees no longer need and so can put down, their parasols of leaves. If your logical-mind resists the flow of illogical, creative ideas then you can move more of your mental focus on to your creative-mind by thinking visually.
Quite simply, in the centre of a blank area on your page, sketch an illustration that represents the question. The main purpose of this mind training game is to exercise getting in contact with your creative-mind and develop the ability to freely associate diverse ideas together.
The secondary purpose is to help you become more aware of the point when the mind switches from the logical-mind over to the creative-mind; to learn how to hear yourself. This is the point when the powerful and illogical associative abilities of your creative-brain can be heard, don’t think too hard; instead learn to listen quietly and patiently to your artistic voice. Minette, and thanks to you, dear lady, for including one of my posts in your brilliant 31 day building creativity challenge.
Learn How To Be Clean, Clear, Concise, Consistent & Committed in ALL Communications, Cues and Corrections. Start a Journaling Practice - Day 8 of Build Your Creative Confidence - Minette Riordan, Ph.D. Several times throughout this 31 day series on Build Your Creative Confidence I have mentioned journaling, encouarging you to take out a journal or some blank paper and write down your thoughts and feelings. I arrived last week in Estes Park, Colorado a week ago realizing I had not brought along a journal, gasp! I have always had journals lying around and have kept them on and off over the years, at times more consistently than others.
My journal became the place where I made to-do lists, expressed my sadness over leaving and my enthusiasm and excitement for the new life unfolding. I require most of coaching clients to keep a journal during our time together so that they can track their thoughts, feelings, idea, notes, etc. In yesterday’s post I talked about the importance of reading as a tool for finding creative inspiration. Hi Bonnie, if you start journaling on a daily basis, your blogging will go more smoothly also. Would love to hear more from you Carol about how journaling impacts your work as a painter!
I appreciate your enthusiasm for journaling and how it can make a difference in so many of our life dimensions–especially our creative ones! I am deeply honored Dawn and want to say thanks for sharing this post and my enthusiasm for journaling! Recent Commentsminette on Do You Have the Qualities of an Effective Leader?minette on Do You Have the Qualities of an Effective Leader?minette on Do You Have the Qualities of an Effective Leader?minette on Do You Have the Qualities of an Effective Leader?minette on Do You Have the Qualities of an Effective Leader?
It is time to start studying for the Step 1 exam if you are planning to sit for it in May or June – if you have not already started. Thousands of students have successfully prepared and taken USMLE Step 1 before you and you can do this, too.
During preparation time, it is critical for your long-term motivation to have a team to support and energize one another. Prato goes on to recommend a fun new book by Pam Carriker called Creating Art at the Speed of Life: 30 days of mixed-media exploration.

I decided to try the one color at a time lesson, the objective of which is to use a variety of media in one color to create a cohesive, monochromatic journal page. There seemed to be a lot of space to fill, so I stamped over the page in white ink and then drew a sun umbrella to shade the ladies. I really think Creating Art at the Speed of Life is a terrific tool for any artist who is exploring media, needs structure to keep at their art, and wants to get better. I love that last line about how she may come to like her art, given more practice, more exposure and more evaluation! My art journal has some really ugly pages… but they were about practicing technique, using new materials or just using up leftover gesso.
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Dip into this comprehensive self-help handbook as and when you need it or use it as a personal development plan.
She is the internationally best-selling author of eight books and has become reknowned for her innovative and practical self help techniques. Nothing fancy, just grab a box of crayons or colored pencils, a coloring sheet or blank sheet of paper and color. Ask any naturalist, bird watcher or your favorite artist and they will tell you all of the details that they notice in the world around them. I have been visiting this town since I was about 13 years old, close to 40 years and I still arrive here each time with fresh eyes and a passion for the natural glory and abundance of the world around me.
Rain the past few days has caused an outburst of fresh wildflowers, including the 3-foot high Monument plant pictured above with the Tess Marshall quote. I shot some videos in my front yard today in a brief respite from near constant thunderstorms for the past, I don’t know, forever! We have been having afternoon thunderstorms here but the mornings have been wonderfully warm and sunny.
The more quiet time I create and the more I practice mindfulness in every area of my life, not just mediation, the more my creativity expands.
She shares tips, reviews and resources for artists almost every day on the top art blog Making a Mark (currently ranked #11 in the world) and in a number of websites and publications for artists. I love to fly and always find it a quiet, creative space to get some writing or reading done. We now have an additional ten quirky thoughts and once you are in the groove there is no need to stop at ten but always consider ten answers to be the absolute minimum. In engineering we call it ‘thinking with a pencil’; it is an old term, not yet superseded by silicon technology.
With this game, you are not looking for publication standard graphics; instead quick, messy and complex works best.
What an awesome game to stimulate and activate the ideas that are there but sometimes so hard for us to discover or bring forth to our consciousness. If you are not familiar with this quintessential book on recovering your creativity, I encourage you to check it out. I have been much more consistent for the past two years as I managed a huge life transition – sold my home of 13 years, sold my business of 12 years and left behind a wonderful community of friends and colleagues to move my family of four across country. With all of your beautiful stamps and paper, have fun with your journal and create a cover like you would one of your cards. I also find that organizing my topics ahead of time helps avoid the challenge of the blank screen! I don’t think I did nearly as much writing or anything creative when my kids were younger… now they do it with me!
We will link to other posts on our site and to other sites for suggestions on how to stay motivated. While I was digging through my found papers I spied some fabric daisies and glued them onto the journal page with gel medium.
I wanted to do more with the top of the page, but just couldn’t think of anything to balance it with the bottom. She even goes on to ask for feedback from readers on what they would have done differently… GASP! And most importantly, it’s about making creative expression fun and playful without fear of judgement or critique. If you have a smart phone, carry it with you and snap random photos on your travels about town or at the office. I am an award-winning entrepreneur with close to 15 years experience in marketing, sales and education.
I participated in two consecutive photo-a-day challenges hosted by FatMumSlim (in May and June), and got a first-hand experience of this pronounced change of perspective with awareness.
Then around the sketch place more sketches or words that you associate with the central sketch. However, after a short while these answers start to dry up and you find yourself struggling to pluck the next one from your mind. Whether you want to create more art with paper, fabric, paint or pen, journaling is an important part of any creative practice. We left because we felt like we were becoming stale and weren’t living the life we wanted. My journal became the safe place where I poured out the stress, asked for guidance and built a new business. The pages became the place where she was able to safely express her feelings and work through her anger or frustration before entering a difficult conversation with her husband. Whether you love to write or think you can’t write your way out of a paper bag, a journal practice is a great way to boost your creative confidence. Then write a list of how you would love to be spending your day if you could do anything you wanted. Active journaling is a transformational tool that yields amazing results including inner peace, clarity, creativity, and success.

Break down your tasks by week, with very defined topics, page numbers, amount of questions or timed tests in your question bank, or video lectures to view. When the team decides what the assignments will be for the 2 days before you meet (view video lecture 13, 14, complete 50 Questions in question bank and review, review pgs. Would you buy it if you didn’t know it was yours or pick it up and take it home if it was left out for free? I had a photocopy of a picture of my grandmother and great-aunt sitting on a blanket from back in the ’60s. We don’t have to like all of it but we do need to learn to see, to notice and appreciate the parts that we genuinely love. I am okay with throwing stuff away but I also know I need to make more time to like my own art! I am finding through much of the work that I do that women are feeling a deep draw to return to their creative selves, to remember what it feels like to express themselves through art, writing, music, photography or whatever other means of creative expression calls to them.
In my professional life, I am a coach, author, and speaker who is passionate about helping creative women entrepreneurs build profitable businesses.
I love all of the roles I play and work every day to juggle all the balls that I am holding, sometimes I drop all the balls and drink a couple of glasses of wine. The same flowers in my building, the same background behind them, and yet I never noticed before how beautiful the overall effect looked.
Handy cross-references are also peppered across every page, helping to direct readers toward other relevant tips elsewhere in the book. She has sketched all over the world and her Travels with my Sketchbook blog has been featured in The Times.
Have you noticed that as we progress down the list, there is a tendency for the answers to increase both in length and complexity?
Group these where they group naturally and link things to each other with lines, arrows, clouds etc. After further fruitless mental exertion, you will notice a tendency to visualise the question in your mind rather than just trying to think of an answer.
I get inspiration for theses posts, business insights or write down what my kids need from me. There is something so satisfying about watching the pages pile up, very different than filling the pages of a journal.
When you start to write regularly, you find that random ideas begin to flow, to make sense and to develop, to bloom into ideas for projects.
That is truly a testament of how powerful writing your feelings, emotions and dreams can really be. It also helps to write a positive note or quote on a piece of paper or in your electronic calendar so it comes up and inspires you. As you accomplish a task, mark it off on your calendar, notebook, to do list – or whatever system you have devised.
123-135 in FA) and you do not have them completed, then you have to give a reason why you are behind. I always appreciate the perspective of online editor Cate Prato and her humbleness and transparency about what she is creating. I am going to talk more about that in my next post, but for today, I want you to think honestly about the question she asks. Don’t just answer them in your head, I want you to write the answers, spilling your real feelings onto the page. This activity is a perfect addition to my Ultimate Blog Challenge series on how to build your creative confidence. In fact, the more tenuous the logic involved, the more ludicrous the reasoning, the more you will get out of doing the exercise. They also start to bring in ideas that are working by association with other ideas, but ideas which are in themselves illogical, for example, leaves are not adolescents, they don’t need their own place; but the creative-mind can easily accept this and as you may have reasoned already, it is the creative-mind that is providing the later answers. By drawing and grouping your answers around the central image, you force the visual, associative right-side of the brain, your creative-mind, to become more involved in the processing of the question.
I am left-handed, too, and often find journals to be constrictive and difficult to write in. Keeping a journal becomes a record of your life but it’s also a practice and a process that will remind you how creative you are!
If or when you have checked off everything on your list, reward yourself with either a preconceived reward or try this: write 5 rewards on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Additionally, since the question is now mostly visual, the left-side, the logical-mind steps away from the task since it is not best suited to and has trouble with processing graphical and associative thoughts.
Everyone has bad days or weeks during board preparation, so it really helps to have others to help you get over the rough days. I am challenged by your post to take my new found dedication to blogging and turn it to some journaling as well! One student wrote each finished assignment on a small yellow sticky note and placed it on a wall in her apartment.
And you are there for them – even when you have to tell them time is up, put up the tissues and let’s get back to work.It is important to know that having a prep team does not mean that you need to study together all the time. I have one friend who keeps her journal on her kitchen table and writes in it every morning while drinking her coffee.
By the time she reached her exam date, two walls were covered in sticky notes, but she felt like she had made an awesome accomplishment. What is important is that your time is productive, that you actively discuss topics, quiz each other, teach each other, set assignments, and motivate each other through the study period. When I get distracted by a wayward thought, I write it down in the margin so I don’t forget it and then return to my stream of consciousness writing.

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