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Collecting the information for your budget involves listing all sources of income and every entity you have to pay on a monthly basis. A budget should be managed in a monthly context therefore any payments you receive sporadically throughout the year should be divided by 12 in order to get a true picture of your monthly income. After listing your sources of income, the next step in collecting information is to list all your monthly expenses. Taking action comes in many forms such as finding additional sources of income, reducing expenses, getting rid of variable expenses, selling unwanted items, doing odd jobs, getting a second job, and a number of other ways.
As mentioned in the previous list, one action that is a definite must is to try to get rid of all variable expenses. Getting rid of your debt is also crucial, so allot a space in your budget for debt repayment. I budget but I rarely stick to it – mine is more of a guide and less of a restriction. The Money NewsletterSubscribe to my MONEY newsletter and get money tips delivered to your inbox every week.
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Do you want to take control of your money so you can get out of debt or save for the future? Whether you are in the process of credit counselling, consumer proposals, bankruptcy or just want to be better with money, a budget can help you to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.

People who don’t budget their money often play catch up for what they have already spent. A good budget helps you manage your monthly expenses now, while getting you ahead in the future by paying off debt, allocating money for unexpected expenses and savings. You Need A Budget, or YNAB for short, is an amazing piece of software that helps you stop living from month to month, helping you to get out of debt and save money. This is because they don’t just have a piece of software, they have a methodology changes how you manage money.
Here are some critical elements that should be part of any budget with the aim of getting out of debt. You need to estimate your annual income and divide by 12 in order to come up with your monthly income. An example of converting income to a monthly amount is when your paychecks are issued every 2 weeks. In simple terms, if you have less coming in than going out then you have to take action to correct the situation.
Taking action can also include more drastic measures such as debt consolidation or debt management plans. Variable expenses, as the name implies, are difficult to manage in a budget because of the way they change. Make sure to pay off your personal loans,¬†your credit card debt, car loans and other outstanding debts. By breaking your larger, less frequent expenses into smaller chunks, you’ll have the money when they come up.

By starting to budget now, no matter what your financial situation is, you’ll be taking steps towards better financial wellness.
The only thing to remember is to make sure you list income sources other than your regular paycheck. This is 26 pay periods annually and the total of all your paychecks should be divided by 12. However, the latter should only be used as a last resort when you have run out of other options. You still can spend money intentionally on things that are important, but you can also rest easy. The main goal of budgeting to get out of debt is to gain an element of control so that you spend less than you make. You might not get there straight away, but you’ll be on the road to changing how you manage you money. The leftover unspent portion of income can then be applied to get out of debt in the way of accelerated payments to creditors. Your utility company can help you out by averaging your estimated bill for the year allowing you to make a fixed payment.

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