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Recently, the Liquor Fairy appeared at my door with a box containing three bottles of liquor from Piedmont Distillers.
Moonshine in general and Piedmont Distillers in particular both have fascinating stories, and their products are both interesting and fun to play with. Most Americans know of moonshine, but not much about it, beyond what we learned from a certain 1980’s documentary series, and my foreign readers may not have heard of it at all. The most important factor in the history of moonshine is that for various reasons and various times, the Federal government did not want you making it. It took about fifty years for industrial progress to make the production of other liquors efficient enough to make moonshining not worth the risk as a commercial concern. From a manufacturing standpoint, classic moonshine was a high-proof corn liquor, run in small (easily hidden) stills, and unaged. All this brings us to Piedmont Distillers, who had the radical idea of paying taxes, and seeing what kind of liquor they could produce when they could work in the open with modern methods and equipment.
UPDATE: How about this: One of the readers of this here bog is the son of one of the rare revenuers who actually laid a set of cuff on Junior!
I had a chance to ask Joe Michalek, the president of Piedmont, a few questions about his products. In a nod to the realities of modern marketing, Piedmont positions themselves in the premium vodka market.
Joe added that they are considering taking a shot at aging their moonshine in the future, since they feel they have the makings of a fine whiskey.
The Liquor Fairy Was Here!The following product, Midnight Moon Carolina Moonshine, was recently provided to me as promotional consideration to encourage me to discuss it.For a complete disclosure of my policies regarding promotional items and all other financial interests, please click this link, or follow the Liquor Fairy link in the header of this page. Unaged whiskeys intrigue me but I still don’t have much of a clue how to use them well in cocktails.
As I tried to say, the Midnight Moon goes great as a Vodka substitute in most sour and fruity vodka cocktails.
Professionally, I own and run Killing Time, murder consultants, a murder mystery party entertainment service that offers private group entertainment nation-wide. In many countries, it is also standard for novice monks (samanera) to follow the Sekhiyavatta rules in addition to the 10 precepts. At the 1,700-year-old Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, a 45-member team (including 20 monks and all 25 security guards) has been organized to combat possible terror attacks, according to the official China Daily.
The Lingyin Temple, built in 326 and famous for its beautiful mountain scenery, receives 10,000 visitors a day, so “it was deemed necessary to set up such a team to prepare for possible terrorist attacks,” explained the English-language paper.
The decision to set up the team follows the brutal attack March 1 in the Kunming Train Station, in which 29 people were killed and another 143 injured. Imagine the “diversity” credits that could be garnered if such an “outreach” were to take place. I wish them luck but it will take more than shields, batons and pepper spray to defeat these Islamic dogs.
In a Kunming-style incident, I would bet on kung-fu fighting monks over knife-wielding crazed jihadis any day. I am a Buddhist since past 40 years and feel great sorrow and horror looking at the Islamisation of the world. Nils Eldor: I respect Buddhism and think it an almost infinitely superior faith to Islam, but you condemn with too broad a brush.
As for rising to maximum potential, I’d say the Jewish and Christian spheres of mankind have achieved as much, actually more I would argue, than any other worlds of man, including the Buddhsit world, which tends to err by not emphasizing the worth and dignity of the individual enough (multiple lives, I guess, mitigate against this). Wellington, are you trying to give me the idea that Christianity invented the radio or the telephone, or put man on the moon?
Sorry Mo, but I do not agree and no one in modern religious science or history would agree. Without the foundation of the biblical worldview, science, western culture, democracy or human rights would not be possible. Show me where the Bible has any open-ended commands for Jews or Christians to commit violence against unbelievers. And then show me where Jews or Christians are committing such acts all over the world, on a regular basis, in obedience to those commands. Now, provide to me this evidence or tell me you have no intention of doing so, or else do not waste my time any further. I long ago reached the limits of my patience with people like you making such ridiculous claims.
As for the Christian world, per your remark, always standing in the way of change, you overlooked such Christian endorsements of major changes like Gothic architecture, the intellectual architecture of Thomas Aquinas, Italian Renaissance painting, the inauguration of the Baroque and Pope Leo XIII’s acceptance of Darwinian theory.

I wonder what Nils would think of the Theravadins, who say a woman must not hand anything directly to a monk lest she pollute him, and will even render a piece of furniture unfit for a monk simply by unwittingly sitting on it? I freely admit that I see abortion as a horrible sin, but I doubt that even old Uncle Kepha is as misogynistic as Buddhism in Asia . And I wonder what he makes of the technological backwardness that virtually all benighted 19th and early 20th century Western travelers noted all over those parts of the world where Buddhism holds sway?
On the specific matter of abortion, even though I an reluctantly, unenthusiastically, BARELY, pro-choice, I would still comment to the effect that, a la Thomas More, a society which was optimally moral would have to be pro-life and not pro-choice.
Regardless of our disagreement over this particular matter, I pray that you remain safe against islamic jihad. And then you claim to be a Buddhist and seem to have no idea what your own religion teaches? I am a Buddhist… With the Abrahamic religions humankind have non or little possibility to ever rise to its potential. But realize that it isn’t Jews and Christians who are threatening Buddhists—just Muslims. Islam is a political, social, legal and military IDEOLOGY wrapped in a thin skin of religion. Monks of the Chinese Mahayana tradition played a large part in the deveopment of Gong Fu, after all. I also visited a temple dedicated to the general Yue Fei, which is also a popular tourist attraction. In any case, Yue Fei was a patriotic general who effectively resisted the northern invaders, but his enemies at court smeared him as disloyal.
While I am not a Buddhist, I will hand it to them that the Buddhists of the Chinese Mahayana tradition know how to situate a temple.
A traditional Khmer river boat race training 20km outside of Ca Mau, Vietnam, Southeast Asia. I was at first puzzled that he was driving a black 1940 Ford, and more puzzled still when he hopped back in and departed at a pretty ridiculous clip, pursued by the local sheriff…. The important thing to understand is that moonshine has both a political and a manufacturing identity. The name itself comes from the idea that making it is an activity which is safest to carry out by the light of the moon. The young sons of the shiners would deliver the liquor in the trunks of their souped up cars.
When he wasn’t out-running the police with a trunk full of product, he liked to keep his skills sharp with a little racing. Since Midnight Moon is made of corn, rather than rye or potatoes like vodkas, I asked if it was more akin to a good, young whiskey, before it went into the barrel. While I found it a poor fit with the aromatic vermouth, I suspected it would do better in some of my other vodka favorites. But just as the slightly different flavor wasn’t working for me with vermouth, I think it works very well, here and in other drinks, with ingredients like Cointreau and juices. I have studied and written about cocktails intensively since 2007, and I currently serve as the Treasurer of the Columbus chapter of the United States Bartending Guild. Please write feedback hereHere you can read media articles about the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia which have been published all over the world. All reasonable attempts have been made that no credits are missed, but with a work of this size omissions may occur.
The fact that these monks never would have been training in this way were it not for jihad violence will only appear around the 43rd paragraph of the story, if at all. Military should do a little “outreach” to these wise Buddhists so that a more complete understanding of Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Friend and Foe could be achieved.
The idea that there is a God out there demanding slave like faith and murder by his followers (and yes it is always a he) is grotesque.
It’s the biblical worldview that teaches that the universe operates under observable, predictable laws that we can count upon, thereby allowing study. It is the biblical worldview that teaches that human beings are created in the image of God and therefore human life is sacred and should not be abused. Not the Islamic worldview or the Hindu worldview or the Buddhist worldview or the atheist worldview. It most certainly did not, although the slave like mentality of the Christian church and its work ethics in English industry during the 1800 paved way for much of today’s inventions and economy.
Please read up on European history during 1800 – 1900, the Christian church in Europe have indeed been contrary to any advancements in the modern European society and still is today.

And my research shows that this information is not faulty at all, but completely true, so it seems the problem lies with you. You think you can come here, post lies and nonsense, and then when you are called on it you say you won’t discuss it anymore and then have the nerve to play the victim? It is a state of being in which a persons thought response is accurate to the thing perceived. These races are organized throughout the Mekong Delta and the team is training on the grounds of the Khmer Buddhist temple, their sponsoring organization. And they have sent me a bottle of each of their products: Midnight Moon Carolina Moonshine, Midnight Moon Lightning Lemonade, and Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine.
This first will be the longest, and focus on the base brand, Midnight Moon, and the history of moonshine.
He was one of the early icons of NASCAR, and an inaugural member of the sport’s Hall of Fame.
And besides, if you are a bar manager looking for a new hook, or a cocktailian looking for some conversation, moonshine is a lot more interesting ingredient than leventy-six varieties of vodka.
If you see anything of yours that has not been properly credited or wish to have it removed please Contact Us.
Only those aged 20 to 40 with an agile body and quick reactions can join the team,” the newspaper reported, noting that some members of the antiterror team are military veterans. Our best defense is a PREEMPTIVE strike; arrest them BEFORE they execute their dirty plans, and once in jail, they must never be released. Most of the time it is not working, but telling me I will be redirected, and nothing is happening any more.
I know quite a lot on Christian history and religion, mostly in Europe though, but I do not feel like doing it, it is late night here and I do not want to get into arguments with Christians. Since moonshine operations were difficult for the government to find and stop, moonshine became a popular fuel for the era’s drinkers.
One of the best at getting product to the customers and keeping it out of the hands of the revenuers was this man, Junior Johnson. I’ve got a favorite out of the bunch, both from the way the Midnight Moon makes a slight improvement, and from a means to ending this review with some fun. His first post in years shows that he's lost none of either.Chainsaws make for efficient, if dangerous, bottle openers. I agree that Islam is far worse then Christianity but in no way is Christianity a friendly innocent religion that have done much good to humankind, most often it have been quite the opposite. When I first entered a comment here I did not realize this place was mainly visited by Christians.
If you expect to take a swig from this vaguely jug-shaped bottle and gasp in cross-eyed fashion like a hillbilly in old movies, you will be disappointed.
Right now the Catholic Church try to make its believers in Africa think that using a condom gives you AIDS. And yes the Christian church have at every moment of development in the western world stood in opposition to any change.
And the reason I will not go on answering questions and posting arguments is that my experience with Christians is that they are as sure about the absolute truth about Christianity as is the Muslim. The moonshiners, however, had an operation already well-suited to avoiding government involvement. These considerate folk continued as before to go to great lengths to not trouble the poor, over-worked staff at the IRS with any inconvenient paperwork or payments. With a Lowe's and a Bed, Bath, & Beyond, you too can violate Federal law!Forensic facial reconstruction done on the Crystal Head Vodka bottle.
Since the product is so similar in many ways to vodka, I next tried a standard Vodka Moonshine Martini, with about a 4 to one ratio of Midnight Moon to vermouth. Most often the Christian religion who in itself is a European invention have been used by rulers of Europe to solidify their own grip on power, … and it is the same even today. And please do not ponder how much or little or what I think and so on, I do not think anyone of you know me. Check out some of the videos they have on the website to get a feel for the stones you needed to live this guy’s life.
If you like Mongtomerys, with little or no vermouth, instead of a proper Martini, the Midnight Moon works like a charm, delivering the smooth, clean jolt most Vodka Martini lovers are looking for.

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