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This is the Esoteric School, merging the teachings of Laotzu, Confucius and Sakyamuni in one lifestyle, bridging timeless culture to modern world, and providing practical solution to real life challenges. Welcome to Hanmi Esoteric School, reviving ancient culture in the modern world to benefit all people, and providing practical solution for real world suffering.
Welcome to The Esoteric School, merging the teachings of Laotzu, Confucius and Sakyamuni in one lifestyle, bringing ancient culture to modern world, and providing practical solution to real life suffering.
The other important tourist places associated with Buddhist circuit are: Sanchi, Vaishali, Nalanda, Amravati and Nagargunakonda. Gautama Buddha was born around 2,500 years ago in Lumbini, Nepal though his exact date of birth and death is uncertain. According to him, all things are momentary and you can free the spirit from your body without dying by strong meditation and controlling the six senses such as sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste and pain. By the seventh century, Buddhism in India started to decline because of the growth of Hinduism. The main pilgrimage sites of Buddhists in India are Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Kusinara (now Kushinagar), Sravasti, Rajgir, Sankasia and Vaishali.
Buddhist festivals celebrate the three jewels, namely, the Buddha, the Dharma (the Buddhist teaching) and the Sangha (the spiritual society). The Way to end all suffering is called the Middle Way because it avoids the two extremes of sensual indulgence and self-mortification.
Only when the body is in reasonable comfort but not over-indulged has the mind the clarity and strength to meditate deeply and discover the Truth. This Middle Way consists of the diligent cultivation of Virtue, Meditation and Wisdom, which is explained in more detail as the Noble Eightfold Path. Right Effort, Mindfulness and Concentration refer to the practice of Meditation, which purifies the mind through the experience of blissful states of inner stillness and empowers the mind to penetrate the meaning of life through profound moments of insight.
Right Understanding and Thought are the manifestation of Buddha-Wisdom which ends all suffering, transforms the personality and produces unshakeable serenity and tireless compassion.
According to the Buddha, without perfecting the practice of Virtue it is impossible to perfect Meditation, and without perfecting Meditation it is impossible to arrive at Enlightenment Wisdom. Practice mudra with understanding of the basics helps set a foundation to experience the interconnection with all and everything.
The Meditation practices we offer By the Leigh Buddhist Community are those of the Hanmi Esoteric School of Buddhism.

It was written in Pali, a very ancient language of India and the scriptures are an important part of the Pali canon.
He is considered by Buddhists to be an enlightened teacher who communicated his visions and understandings to help people suffering from grief (or dukkha) and achieve nirvana.
In Korea, it came into practice in the 4th century CE and from there it extended to Japan in 538 CE and by the end of the era, it became the state religion of the country.
Breathtaking photograph of Golden Buddha Statue At Buddhist Temple Of Sanbanggulsa At Sanbangsan Of Jeju Island Korea, one of the picture from some photographs, from the article Guide To South Korea – Where To Go And What To See. Thus the Buddhist Path is a Gradual Path, a Middle Way consisting of Virtue, Meditation and Wisdom as explained in the Noble Eightfold Path leading to happiness and liberation.
These ancient practices are based on the use of what are called the Three Mysteries" which are, Mantra, Mudra and Visualisation. It only comprises different traditions, beliefs and practices based on the teachings of the Buddha. And thus, people started following his lessons to live happily and peacefully in their lives. An Indian tantric teacher, known as Padmasambhava, is credited with spreading Buddhism in Tibet. He taught that reality is suffering and every suffering is caused due to people's tendency to cling to existence. In Cambodia, Angkor Thom and Silver Pagoda and in Japan, Kyoto, Nara, Shikoku, Kansai Kannon are particularly famous.
Vesakha is a festival that encompasses the birth of Buddha, his enlightenment and death in one day. It is a significant archaeological site and also renowned for the Mahabodhi Temple, which houses a 50 metre high pyramidal spire and an image of the Buddha. The word 'Buddhism' came from 'Buddha' which means 'one who is awake to see the reality of life'. At the age of 29, Gautama for the first time came to know death and suffering when he visited his subjects.
In Myanmar, Bagan, Mandalay Hill, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda and Shwedagon Pagoda are important pilgrimage sites. Meditation is an important facet of Buddhism as it helps on in living a happy and peaceful life.

Sarnath near Varanasi is an important center of the Buddhist world where he delivered his first sermon and set in motion the wheel of law, the Dharmachakra. Besides this, it also says to be honest, patient, obedient, and tolerant but above all one must follow the path of goodness and peace and should help others.
Theravada Buddhism prospered in Sri Lanka, Burma and South East Asia while Mahayana Buddhism flourished in India, China, Japan, Tibet and Central Asia. In Nepal, Bodhnath Stupa, Swayambhunath and Kapilavastu are a must visit for both devotees and tourists.
Buddhism germinated in Sarnath .Nalanda is the famous education center of Buddhism where the Chinese scholar and traveller Hiuen Tsang stayed in the 7th century to study Buddhism. The main spiritual goal of Buddhism is to attain 'Nirvana', which means freeing the soul from an unending process of reincarnation. According to the Buddha, these noble truths can be achieved by following the 'eight fold path', comprising of: right view, right though, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration. This religion is also becoming popular in countries like Australia, America and United Kingdom.
In Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura (the Atamasthana or 'eight places of worship') and the Temple of the Tooth (Kandy) and in Thailand, Sukhothai Ayutthaya are also important pilgrimage destinations.
Dharma Day was first celebrated in Sarnath, in northern India, and from there it came into practice.
The place where Buddha achieved enlightenment, Bodhgaya, is considered to be the birthplace of Buddhism. On the whole, several centuries after the death of the Buddha, Buddhism managed to spread throughout Asia. Numerous monasteries and stupas were established, some of the oldest ones are still standing today. Ancient Buddhist universities like Nalanda, and caves like Ajanta and Ellora and are very famous today. Parinirvana Day is celebrated, in February, to commemorate the achievement of complete nirvana of the Buddha upon his death.

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