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It was nice and beautiful temple physically, but the people who work there was not welcoming and extremely impolite.
Enjoy the Tribeca Film Festival, opening day for the Mets and Yankees, the New York International Auto Show and more. Wireless Internet is available at locations throughout NYC—including many parks and libraries.
New York City is made up of five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.
Amongst the knockoff handbag stores, numerous Asian restaurants, and crowds of people, the Mahayana Buddhist Temple is a prominent figure on Canal Street.
Fit for its large Buddha, the Mahayana temple is also the largest Buddhist temple in New York City. Public services, which include all formalities such as drums, bells, and a gong, are held on weekends. Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in the United States - located on the lower east side of Manhattan.

The staffs who work on the first floor do not speak English at all, and neglect when they clearly look that I was confused by the way of worship. As you enter, you pass the gift store counter on your left, but you also pass a sculpture & several paintings of Guanyin bodhisattva on the right. Visitors can also find prints depicting the life of the Buddha on display, and spaces for families to pay tribute to deceased relatives.
Photos of the Buddha’s life accompany the statue on surrounding walls, and the tables surrounding are meant for families to provide offerings to deceased relatives. Also, for another interesting statue, check out this statue in NYC which survived the atomic bomb at Hiroshima.
This temple is pretty big compared to many others I've seen in NYC and definitely worth a visit. Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries. Also, one of the staffs pulled out the lightning of the stated of Buddha WHILE I WAS PRAYING FOR HIM, nevertheless the open hour still 15mins remained.

I am a Buddhist from Asia, but I've never seen people who treat a prayer like such a rude way.
For instance, this is the first temple I've ever been to where you are not expected to take off your shoes. For this reason alone, I give it 4 stars.At the front is a large seated Buddha, representing Amituofo (Amitabha Buddha). Near the back of the hall on the left is a small shrine to the Healing Buddha, Yaoshifo (Bhaisajyaguru), with the red slips with names of donors. I think all of those staffs behaviors are not appropriate as spiritual place.Also, I agree with this temple is too commercial, as other people wrote in the reviews.

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