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This modern dwelling in Grover, Utah was especially developed by Imbue Design to be a desert sanctuary for Tibetan Buddhist practice. Design(dot)fr is a place to discover and share web content about design, architecture and decorative art. It doesn't advertise to go there for Yoga, meditations or Asian treatments, as is the case at other Tenerife centers which have sprung up. Its stage for the most understated Buddhist temple or shrine is in Tenerife North in absolute breath taking country. This simulation of a 'Buddhist retreat' is a dream sanctuary come true of a magic composition which would look great in a movie or in theater. Notice the divine light where the afternoon sun found a spot to reflect itself within volcanic rocks! Certainly, it seems to be a location which is dedicated to the philosophy and teachings of Buddha despite its nearby bar and restaurant services. Also, contrary to many an Asian Buddhist temple, no luxury, glitter, gold and glamor form part of it.
The Buddhist retreat is very close to the Tenerife beaches Orotava called Playa Bollullo, Patos and ArcA?n which are the most treacherous seashores to swimmers on the island's North coast.
The Buddhist scene forms the background of Sunset beach 290 and is only topped by Mount Teide on the horizon behind it.
Vista Paraiso is a new coastal settlement where some lavish villas of extravagant Hollywood style nest in hills above the sea. There is a large board by the bridge by the TF5 which reads Vista Paraiso and points to the direction to take.
Don't turn right on the bottom but drive along a very high natural stone wall and get to a wooden signpost in front of a Canary palm. In fact, the incredible Buddhist retreat setting forms the back stage of relaxed night life at Sunset Beach 290.
Sunset beach 290 is a bar restaurant for fancy drinks which serves food for going out in style like in 1000 and one nights of the Aladdin fairy tale. Reserve one of several Oriental Bali Beds, each of which has a canvas roof on wooden poles.
The natural stage of Tenerife Mount Teide and its CaA±adas are said to be a virtual Buddhist temple for many members of Tenerife Buddhism.
Usually, there are Buddhist seminars in winter at the convention Center of Puerto del Cruz at the former Casino Taoro.
The European Network of Buddhist Christian Studies (whose existence proves that Buddhism is not a religion) announced the next conference of 2015 to be in St.Ottilien more of which find here. The Buddhist nuns at Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute in India need help to complete their 8 retreat huts, serving over 200 Tibetan nuns from all lineages.
The entire project, for all 8 huts, costs $23,800 and will provide a permanent place for the nuns to go on retreat. Supporting the nuns on retreat is a wonderful way to help them on their spiritual path and also to practice the paramita of generosity. Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute is set in a serene area of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh at the foothills of the Himalayas.  Construction of Dolma Ling began in 1993 and the major parts of the nunnery were completed in 2005. The nuns themselves helped in the construction of the nunnery, laboring to carry bricks and mortar, to dig the foundations, and to landscape and create the lush flower gardens that are a refuge for birds and insects.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. According to the architects, “the entry deck of the house projects horizontally out into space toward the red rock gateway of the park as the topography slopes down toward the verdant valley below.
Tina and I have just returned from the meditation retreat organised by the Wat Suan Dok Monk Chat program in Chiang Mai.
Having just returned from our retreat, we’d both thoroughly recommend you do the course during your time in Chiang Mai. Normally the meditation retreat lasts approximately 24 hours – from Tuesday lunch time until Wednesday lunch time, although during the last week of every month the course lasts from Tuesday lunch time until Thursday lunch time. Full details of the Meditation retreat workshop program are available from the Monk Chat Meditation Retreat website. Hi Priscilla, yes we will although we have been very busy recently and the audio files we made during the CELTA course need a lot more organising that with the other podcasts. This retreat explores the seven major bodhisattva figures of East Asian Mahayana Buddhism, and their spiritual practices and iconographic depictions.
Traditional cultures venerated these archetypes as external forces and guides in the world. Each retreat begins on Friday evening with instruction in Zen meditation and an orientation to the Monastery’s schedule. You’re asked to engage fully in every part of the schedule and to preserve the harmony of the program by staying until the retreat ends on Sunday afternoon. For those with a particular interest in learning more about Zen training, particularly as it unfolds in the Mountains and Rivers Order, we suggest our Introduction to Zen Training retreat, offered each month. All retreat participants train within The Eight Gates of Zen—a modern expression of the Buddha’s Eightfold Path. Dormitory-style accommodations segregated by gender are provided in the Monastery’s main building. All of our programs take place within the Monastery’s training schedule, which is highly structured. Please plan on joining us between 4 and 6 pm on the day your retreat is scheduled to begin for registration and to settle into your dorm. All of our programs conclude with our Sunday Morning Program and a community lunch which ends around 1:00 pm. Modern Fireplace Black Sofa Wide Window White Wall Updated by Dick Oatts on Friday, February 22, 2013, is one of the pictures from the main post Buddhist Retreat House in Modern Concept Dwelling.There are 19 more pictures that you can see below. This resort is about ten minutes by car from Puerto de la Cruz or twenty minutes from Los Realejos.
Unfortunately, they are only published online by the names of their Lama teachers or affiliations. By the way, I am in no way affiliated to this organization but the Page I am linking to seems to be. These huts will give the nuns the opportunity to develop their own insight and knowledge in a space built to ensure complete privacy. To build the stone and cement walkways, drains and essential landscaping for the areas around the huts.

Down through the deck the user descends toward the entry into a space shaded from the desert sun by the deck above.
Although we have spent several years in Thailand, we still found that we learned a lot from the informative presentations and discussions we had with the monks. These archetypal figures represent particular traditions of Mahayana schools, scriptures, and liberative teachings, offering a useful way to understand the whole range of bodhisattva teachings.
Participants take part in a unique integration of the retreat’s topic and Zen training, stepping into the monastic schedule and cloistered community for a weekend. The still mind cultivated in morning and evening zazen is carried into all activities: walking meditation, liturgical services, working together in silence, and participating in the workshop sessions. Be prepared for a rich and challenging experience as you and the other participants enter into the demanding and powerful discipline of monastic Zen training.
Please turn your cell phones and other electronic devices off for the duration of the retreat so that you can step away from your every day concerns and experience the Monastery cloister.
In the spirit of entering the Monastery cloister, please do not bring your cell phone or any other electronic devices—or keep them turned off and put away. If you have your own cushion, feel free to bring it, but it should be black and round, so that it fits in with the zendo aesthetic. The use of both is discussed during meditation instruction and both are readily available in the zendo. Entering into the house, the main living space again directs the view outward through a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall frame of the lush green valley and red plateau beyond“.
We ask that guests accommodate themselves to the meals served and not bring food for personal consumption. All residents and retreat participants are also assigned a daily dish crew to help with after-meal clean up. There is a public phone in the office that guests are welcome to use if you need to connect with family members during the weekend.
If you cancel seven days or more before the start day of the retreat, the deposit can be transferred to a future retreat. The inhabitants are thus offered exquisite views of the surrounding natural environment consisting of a giant red plateau with volcanic rocks and twisted juniper trees.
Please contact the Training Office prior to the retreat if you think you’ll need to leave early for any reason. Meals are vegetarian; we ask that you accommodate yourself to the meals served and not bring food for personal consumption. No transfer credit is given if you cancel with less than seven days notice, fail to appear for the retreat, or leave the program early. How would you comment on the architecture of this slightly-unusual Buddhist Retreat?You're reading Modern Desert Sanctuary in Utah: The Buddhist Retreat by Imbue Design originally posted on Freshome.

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