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Father Bernard Senecal, a French-Canadian Jesuit who teaches a course on Buddhism at the Sogang Jesuit University in Seoul, South Korea, considers himself lucky to visit Bodh Gaya because of its importance to the Buddhist religion.
NEW DELHI (RNS) A 16-year-old Tibetan Buddhist refugee living in India, the exiled home of the Dalai Lama, died of self-immolation, days before the 57th anniversary of the “Tibetan Uprising Day” to protest Chinese rule. BANGKOK — A prominent Buddhist scholar warns that making Buddhism the national religion will do more harm than good and cause religious conflict in Thailand, where many profess other faiths including Islam and Christianity. Nirvana Day refers to an annual Buddhist festival that is celebrated on February 15th in commemoration of the death of Buddha at the age of 80 years when he reached Nirvana. What follows is a kind of Un-FAQ that lists common but mistaken ideas many people in the West have about Buddhism. In the Maha-nidana Sutta, the Buddha taught that it was incorrect to say that the self is finite, but it is also incorrect to say that the self is infinite. If you define reincarnation as the transmigration of a soul into a new body after the old body dies, then no, the Buddha did not teach a doctrine of reincarnation. Some schools of Buddhism do insist on vegetarianism, and I believe all schools encourage it.
The earliest Buddhists scriptures suggest the historical Buddha himself was not a vegetarian. That said, karma is a strong force that can result in a generally happy life or a generally miserable one. People imagine that "getting enlightened" is like flipping a happy switch, and that one goes from being ignorant and miserable to being blissful and serene in one big technicolor Ah HAH!

Even though Buddhism does not require belief in God, most schools of Buddhism are highly mystical, which puts it outside the bounds of simple philosophy.
The historical Buddha is considered to have been a human being who realized enlightenment through his own efforts. At the basis of attachment is a self-other dichotomy -- a self to attach, and an other to attach to. But Buddhism teaches the self-other dichotomy is an illusion, and that ultimately nothing is separate. The Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda in Ladywood, Birmingham, is the only purpose built Myanmar style pagoda in the UK and can offer a unique educational and cultural experience to visiting students and groups of all ages.
See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Buddhist Religion. Religion is a set of beliefs which allow us to understand and categorize our world and our place in it. And they believe in reincarnation, and if something bad happens to you it's because of something you did in a past life.
In this sutra, the Buddha taught us not to hold on to views about whether the self is this or that. According to this doctrine, it is the energy or conditioning created by one life that is reborn into another, not a soul.
The first order of monks begged for their food, and the rule was that if a monk was given meat, he was required to eat it unless he knew that the animal was slaughtered specifically to feed monks.

If a terrible flood wipes out a community, don't assume karma somehow brought about a flood or that the people in the community deserved to be punished for something. The iconic image of the Buddha and other enlightened beings are objects of devotion and reverence, but not as gods.
The pagoda is a miniature replica of Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar, which is one of the most important pagodas in that country.
A set of beliefs which define our culture, our expectations, our views of people and behaviors we expect.
We fall into the idea that we individuals are component parts of a One Thing, or that our individual self is false an only an infinite self-that-is-everything is true. It can mean ordinary suffering, but it can also refer to anything that is temporary, incomplete, or conditioned by other things. Visitors to the pagoda may learn about Theravada Buddhist beliefs, practices and meditation methods; students can also be given the opportunity to try meditation for them selves. You can change the course of your life right now by changing your volitional acts and self-destructive patterns.

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