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Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen is one of the most straightforward guides to Buddhism that you could ever hope for, and that’s because it focuses on just one thing – awareness. Steve Hagen is a Zen priest who has been studying Buddhism since 1967, so he certainly knows a thing or two about the value of experience over theory and Buddhism Plain and Simple reflects that fact.
Part Two: The Way to Wake Up guides you along the eightfold path, which is likened to a raft that you use to get from one side of the shore to the other. Part Three: Free Mind tackles some very big questions in a refreshingly direct manner – questions such as: What am I? As you can gather, Buddhism Plain and Simple really is an experiential guidebook, and if you approach it in that manner – as if you were receiving instruction directly from the author – you will make a great deal of progress. All The vector mentioned are the property of their respective owners, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Instead of trying to teach you material that only adds to your head-knowledge, this book takes you by the hand and explores the topic of awareness in an experiential way.

In Part One: The Perennial Problem, the author explains the Four Noble Truths in a way that everyone will be able to directly relate to.
On this side of the shore is duhkha and on the other side is the cessation of duhkha, or nirvana, so all you have to do is get on the raft and use it.
In other words, this isn’t exactly a How-To book, but more of a Now-To book, and you will get the most from it only if you are willing to take your time and bring your attention to the present moment as and when the author guides you to do so. Here you come to understand the truth of ‘duhkha’ – that human life is like an ‘out-of-kilter wheel’ where things don’t feel quite right.
Anyone who has been studying Buddhism for any length of time will be familiar with this metaphor, but in Buddhism Plain and Simple every aspect of the path is – quite rightly – explained in terms of present moment awareness.
He uses parables, some drawn from his own experience as a Zen priest and some from Buddhist tradition, guiding the reader through tricky concepts without the usual baffling Zen riddles. The Life of Buddha is the enlightening story of the birth Siddhartha into his journey of becoming the Buddha and ends with his passing into Nirvana. Next, you learn about the thing that causes this duhkha to arise, namely your craving or wanting things to be different than they currently are, and the author talks about the three different forms of this craving or wanting.

When we experience the present moment as it is then we leave conceptual thinking behind and taste genuine freedom, and there is plenty of practical instruction in this section of the book for everyone to understand that directly. In fact, he makes enlightenment sound very straightforward.The author takes us back to Buddhaa€™s original insights and demonstrates their relevance today. The third truth is that the cessation of duhkha is nirvana, and the fourth truth is the way to bring about that cessation, which is the eightfold path. By the time you get to this section of the book you will understand that the author won’t be giving you any ‘pat answers’ to such questions (as if there were any!) but will instead help you to approach them in a way that probably hadn’t occurred to you at any time previously.

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