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We’re excited to announce new Brighten Life Loyalty Program (BL) opportunities for our BL members, including new BL Rewards and Buddy Bonus Point Program.
The Buddy Bonus Point Program is a referral program that supports and rewards blood donors when they spread the word about the importance of blood donation and encourage friends and family to become blood donors, too. Donors can now use their BL Rewards points for a variety of gift cards, for shopping, dining and entertainment venues, in addition to merchandise and charitable donation.
For that reason, it’s best to buy organic lemons, especially when your recipe calls for using the peel. Here’s a little bit of lemon lingo: lemon zest is the shiny, brightly colored outermost portion of the lemon peel and has the brightest and most intense flavor.
If you need only the lemon peel for your recipe, juice the lemon and save it in a spare ice cube tray in the freezer. A lemon squeezed on apples or avocados serves as a preservative and keeps them from turning brown. There are too many great recipes that use lemons to include all of them here, but here are a few of my favorites. In six wine or other clear glasses, layer the crumbled meringues, a spoonful of lemon curd, a spoonful of berries and a dollop of whipped cream, making at least two layers.
A lot of typical winter food can be heavy--comfort food, root vegetable dishes, heavy meats. Commenting Policy Wisconsin Public Radio and welcome civil, on-topic comments and opinions that advance the discussion from all perspectives of an issue. For technical questions or comments about WPR’s website, streaming or other digital media products, please use our Website Feedback form. I knew I wanted this bright summer coral as an accent color in my master bedroom makeover project but haven’t been able to find some affordable ones I like locally. Last year I picked up some 18×18 pillow inserts at Ikea and never made any pillows so today was the day! Even not so great sewers (like me) can cut two squares a little smaller than the pillow insert and sew wrong sides together leaving room to turn inside out, stuff the pillow and hand sew the rest. I mixed acrylic paint with a little of that Martha Stewart fabric medium and stenciled one piece of my fabric. IF YOUR skin is looking dry and irritated, your lips are cracked and your nose is red, you could be suffering from winter skin syndrome. GETTYAvoid dry skin this winter by switching to a milder cleanser The combination of biting winds and drying central heating can lead to a variety of annoying skin complaints.

Copyright, And Much More: Consulting On TPPa€™s Intellectual Property ImplementationCommerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith today released a consultation document showing how the Government proposes to implement the intellectual property changes required to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).
Thinking about lemons and all of their uses in the kitchen makes me think that they are as vital an ingredient as salt and pepper. Be careful when you’re zesting because the white pith that lies just underneath is very bitter.
You’ll get more juice out of a room-temperature lemon than a cold one, although a short time (ten seconds) in the microwave will also do the trick.
In addition to the recipes I’ve included, I think two fantastic summer projects for you to research and make your own are limoncello, a delicious lemon liqueur with origins in Italy, and preserved lemons, a Moroccan specialty. Add the butter and cook over low heat, whisking constantly, until the butter has melted and the mixture has thickened. You can brighten your winter menu with citrus, which is typically in season during the Wisconsin winter.
Comments containing outside links (URLs) will only be posted after they’ve been approved by a moderator. The key to stenciling is to use very little paint and unload on a paper towel before painting. ATEED Chief Executive Brett Oa€™Riley says Auckland Diwali Festival showcases a unique blend of ancient Indian and New Zealand Indian culture.a€?Auckland is shaped by its people, its heritage and traditions. Lemons are an irreplaceable ingredient in both sweet and savory cooking, but also can be used as a natural preservative, disinfectant, deodorizer, stain remover and wood polish! You’ll need to use an easy touch and a very fine grater or a microplane tool to finely shred the zest.
Roll the lemon on the counter using firm pressure to break down some of the fibers and increase the amount of juice the fruit will release.
To make limoncello, lemon zest is steeped in vodka for a week, then mixed with simple syrup and “aged” for two more weeks to be enjoyed as an adults-only lemonade or a flavoring agent in cooking.
Pass through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl, and press a sheet of plastic wrap on the surface of the curd.
Pour into prepared pan and bake until the loaf is golden brown and springs back when poked in the middle. We talk to Food Friday regular Lori Skelton about how to incorporate more citrus into our winter food. I also replaced our old lamps that were damaged in the move with these beauties from Home Goods.

The lack of moisture can make expression lines around the eyes and mouth look more pronounced and can also make the skin feel itchy and uncomfortable.
Dr Wright today released her advice in response to a consultation document proposing a new Marine Protected Areas Act. When a recipe calls for lemon peel, this refers to peeling the top-most layer of the skin and leaving it more intact, in larger pieces. And, lemon juice boiled in your microwave will get rid of cooking smells and loosen baked-on food. Making preserved lemons requires pickling them in salt and their own juices for at least three weeks, and can be used in everything from tagines to salad dressing. Use before your moisturiser or try adding a couple of drops to your foundation.Exfoliate with a gentle scrub once a week and combat itchy skin by taking a lukewarm oatmeal bath.
Plop the mixture by large spoonfuls on the parchment, smoothing the tops so they stand about an inch high. Turn off the oven and leave the meringues inside until the oven is cool (about an additional 90 minutes). As your body tries to warm up it brings blood to the surface of the skin, dilating capillaries.As you age it can take longer for the capillaries to close again, leaving you with flushed skin.
Protect the skin around your cheeks and lower face with a cotton scarf when you go outdoors.Keep an eye on your diet as spicy food and too much alcohol can make fl ushing worse. Boost moisture levels by drinking plenty of water and using a humidifier at home.Apply a lip balm every time you go outside and try to avoid extreme cold and winds.
This rich ointment is a French pharmacy cult product and is great for softening flaky lips.Apply liberally for best results. You can also use a rich eye cream on your lips but make sure you opt for a hydrating formula. If your lips are extremely chapped then apply an over-the counter hydrocortisone cream (ask your chemist if you are not sure what to use) once a day for no longer than a week.This should help to soothe any redness and leaves skin soft and plump.?

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