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Clarity Breathwork™ is a gentle, safe and profound tool for healing and transformation on all levels—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Physiologically it makes sense since up to 70% of body waste is eliminated through our breathing; breathing fully and freely supports us in cleansing and purifying on all levels. Clarity Breathwork has evolved out of the work of the International Breathwork and Rebirthing Community, originally founded through the pioneering work of Leonard Orr, and advanced by the dedication and practice of Sondra Ray and many others. The Clarity Breathwork Training and Certification program is a very thorough training in both the Art and Science of Breathwork.
The certification process we offer consists of three basic components: Training, Peer Review and Performance, Levels 1 through 4. This two-day intensive provides the opportunity to accelerate your own personal and spiritual growth. This week-long, experiential retreat presents participants with the foundational aspects of Clarity Breathwork, and provides a powerful container for deep transformation to occur. Learn powerful skills for intuitively counseling clients, in your initial dialogue, during breathing sessions, and during integration after breathing.
Practitioners Intensive is Level III of our professional training program and is open to graduates of Levels I & II. Learn the foundation of becoming a healer and leader and getting your work out to the world. Business, Leadership & Presentation is Level IV of our professional training program and is open to graduates of Levels I-III.
We are pleased to offer Continuing Education Credit for MFT’s and LCSW’s through the State of California. I am truly grateful to the visionary founder of Rebirthing, Leonard Orr, and also to Sondra Ray who has greatly advanced this practice through her immense passion and authoring of over 14 books on this subject and many others. I am deeply grateful to all of my clients and students who have been willing to explore the power of Breathwork, and courageously taken the risk to open their hearts and ultimately trust their own divine inner wisdom. I am appreciative beyond measure for the years of team work and healing hands, that Clarity Breathwork team members have given out of selfless service. A heartfelt thank you that cannot be expressed in words, to Joi Jencuyah, who tirelessly worked to help birth this website into being. Come join in this ecstatic evening of chanting from Sanskrit, Sufi, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and Goddess traditions. Rebirthing-breathwork, also called Intuitive Energy Breathing and Conscious Energy Breathing, is a form of alternative medicine that mainly consists of breathing techniques that are said to connect the subject to cycle of birth and death.
Breathwork is a process that increases our ability to feel and resolve the effects of our past.
The point is to experience a deeper or higher aspect of ourselves; to get in touch with our inherent creative energy and natural healing abilities.
We all have an inner healer, an inner teacher, a higher self… and a breathwork session is meant to awaken it.When we are breathing consciously, we are not doing what we usually do in the moment, and so a space for something new is created. I continue to do this each day as well as other spiritual purifications that are taught a long with the rebirthing and compliment it very well. Development of this breathing technique for therapeutic purposes began in 1974 and has gain popularity worldwide.
The practitioners of rebirthing-breathwork believe that human birth is traumatic and the memory of it is repressed in the subconscious.
Rebirthing is one of the fastest growing natural healing modalities available at this time. Rebirthing is different from many other alternative modalities because the emphasis is on letting the breath release the trauma or unexpressed emotions, rather than re-experiencing them. After about ten minutes, the vibration in the space started to crackle and the jungle backdrop only magnified the energy that was starting to flow. Then things got really interesting – because once I opened up that channel, the tears started to flow. Luke moved fluidly around each one of us, holding a hand, stroking a head, applying an essential oil, placing the perfect vibrational crystal on each of us.
After we shared our experiences and closed the circle, I grabbed Luke and was like, “What did we just DO and where did you learn that??” He told me he had learned this Breathwork from a man named David Elliot in L.A. I’ve since been studying with David since May, and his classes are really like Life Training. Know that David Elliott learned Breathwork from a healer named Tim Heath that he apprenticed with. Know that in a private session, you have the opportunity to go deeply into what is keeping you stuck or limited in your life.
Know that active breathing happens for about 30-35 minutes although you will completely lose track of time and be in your own world. Know that during this time, you may feel extreme tingling or vibrating sensations throughout your body, and that this is the sensation of spirit moving freely through your body. Know that every experience is different for every person depending on what they are working with, where they want to go with the work and what their body and soul feels ready to release on any given day. Know that our emotional experiences of our family, our creativity, our sexuality, all of our relationships, and any trauma live in our low belly in our Second Chakra. Know that when we direct consistent attention to this area by infusing it again and again with our life force, things begin to shake loose. Know that the euphoric after-glow from a Beathwork session can last for hours, or even days. As a healer, Erin believes your light is just as informative and valuable as your shadow, and holds space for both. Taurus moon quincunx Mars in Sag could make us feel trapped by the very structures we created to feel secure.
The retreats are designed for both those wanting to deepen their personal healing and awakening process and those wanting to become Professional Clarity Breathwork™ Practitioners. Ashanna Solaris has been an alternative therapist and teacher for over 23 years facilitating hundreds of workshops and private sessions. Dana DeLong (Dharma Devi) has been involved in the Global Breathwork Community for over 30 years as a Certified Clarity Breathwork Trainer and Practitioner, inspirational teacher and guide. The Clarity Breathwork process helps to activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional therapy. Gives the tools to support others in the many issues that can arise in breathwork sessions and gives students ample experience in trading sessions and learning how to support and process each other at deeper levels.
Cancellation Policy If you cancel more than a month prior to any event, you will receive a full refund less a processing fee of $75 per person. Devi Peri, a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, facilitates 1:1 and group breathwork sessions, and brings breathwork into her Gaia Dance workshops.
Devi has seen that conscious breathwork is clearly one important tool in helping to heal collective personal and planetary wounds. Devi’s background and professional training also includes childhood education, environmental education, and expressive arts (dance and music). Devi currently offers private sessions in Marin County, either at her home in Fairfax or in a studio space in San Rafael.

Our traumas, limiting beliefs and negative patterns constrict the breath and the greatness of who we truly are. This practice is able to increase the available energy in the physical body, improve the clarity of the mind and allow a release of blocked emotional energy to gently uplift the spirit. Breathwork is one of the purest and most effective techniques to release stress and tension, bring awareness and resolution to old trauma trapped in the physical body, and assist us in accessing our own internal healing energy. Dana Delong has been practicing and refining Rebirthing and Breathwork techniques for over two decades, and is very skillful in holding a safe and nurturing space for her clients. Through her many years of dedication to the practice and organization of retreats and trainings with other talented teachers and breathworkers, there are now hundreds of practitioners through-out the world. We provide information on the components of Clarity Breathwork: the breath itself, metaphysical perspective, and the breathwork community. It accelerates growth through exploring the art and science of breathwork, deepening intuition, and various experiential practices that facilitate releasing old limitations, imprints and decisions in a safe, supportive environment. It is designed for those intending to become Clarity Breathwork practitioners either professionally or informally. I had the privilege of working and traveling with Sondra for many years, in several capacities. I also acknowledge the greater community of breathwork practitioners and students throughout the world who are committed to this path of healing, one of the many paths to God. And to Mardi Storm, Website Goddess~ Thank you for your open heart, love of breathwork, and support all along the way. I got up from a conscious breathing session one day with so much love and peace and joy in me This is one of the reasons I decided to further my studies and become a trainor in this particular field. As you develop more control and mastery of the breath, you will naturally gain more control and mastery of your mind and body. Without even focusing on our problems, they seem to dissolve, disappear, or resolve themselves! We will work together to dissolve your personal law and also affirmations and mantra yoga as well in these sessions. He believed that by connecting to the trauma of birth, he could, in fact, heal the after-effects that this trauma causes through life. It is estimated that since the use of rebirthing as a therapy session, more than ten million people have learnt the technique and more than a hundred thousand people have gone on to become certified practitioners. The main breathing technique is a connected breathing, wherein there are no pauses between inhalation and exhalation. In addition to the cerebral memory, they believe that humans also possess cellular memory, where the recollection of trauma is distributed through the body's cells and tissues. As Leonard Orr would define it, ‘it is breathing air and breathing energy’ and ‘it is breaking the birth-death cycle’.
It is a safe and powerful breathing process that releases tension from the body, freeing it so that you may be your true self and reach your unlimited potential. As a child we received many negative messages from the time of conception through adolescence from well-meaning parents, relatives, teachers, the media, etc. The breath by-passes the mind thus control is broken down and we work purely on the spiritual and physical level. When one begins the process the intense emotions, or vivid memories, can be dispelled by the presence of the rebirther. The rebirther notices the intricacies and subtleties of the breath and can help you deal with emotional issues as and when they arise by guiding the breathing.
Luke Simon, our teacher, instructed us to take a deep open mouth breath into the belly, the second into the heart space and exhale out of the mouth.
You could hear the ocean waves thundering onto the beach, the wind whipping in the trees, the buzzing of the jungle and all of its creatures, and the gentle accompaniment of some beautifully channeled chants and drumming.
One of my very favorite acupuncture professors used to say, “Anger is the oil slick on an ocean of grief.” Once I roared out my heartache, a huge surge of sadness started to well up in my body.
I was hooked and ran to my room to see how I could get to study with David as soon as possible! His message is Self Love, and he teaches healthy ways to balance the exchange between giving and receiving.
This is where a lot of our murkier, shadow material can hang out – shame, guilt, humiliation, things we don’t want to admit to ourselves or to others, and experiences we had before we had any coping mechanisms to process them. Using Dance, Movement, Sacred Music and mantra, meditation and Breathwork we will unravel core limiting beliefs, emotional patterns and blocks in the body from birth, childhood and beyond.
This seven day program accelerates your transformation through exploring the art and science of Clarity Breathwork™, deepening your intuition, water sessions, and learning more about transcending old limitations, imprints and decisions in a safe, sacred space. Ashanna is a Certified Clarity Breathwork™ Practitioner and Trainer facilitating workshops in the U.S. Breath opens the energy channels in the body and allows what we have been holding onto to surface and be released. It supports people to release stress and tension, heal and resolve trauma, gain deeper insights into current life issues, and access one’s own internal healing energy, creativity and greater knowing.
We address both psychological and spiritual process drawing from the teachings of Osho, Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, Marshall Rosenberg, Peter Levine, Stan Grof, Krishnananda & Amana Trobe, and others.
We explore and transform the ways that our birth trauma can hold us back from expressing and fully living our true life passion and leadership roles. She is passionate about supporting people who are committed to Self-discovery and transformational growth.
Her experience with breathwork has shown her its ability to go quickly and deeply into one’s wounded areas, cleanse them, and shine light onto the Truth, thus allowing more open-hearted joy and aliveness to flow in one’s life. It uses the ancient practice of circular, connected breathing that has been utilized in many cultures around the world for thousands of years, for healing and attaining higher states of consciousness. By learning to breathe consciously and fully, we can experience a heightened awareness of ourselves and the patterns in our life, and we are able to more easily discover the old imprints and limiting beliefs held in our subconscious mind. From this place, one can come to a deeper level of attentiveness within and discover treasures hidden beyond conscious awareness. We offer a Training Program that provides the opportunity for those who want to be thoroughly trained as Breathworkers, or add to their professional training in other disciplines. This association is composed of Breathworkers, Rebirthers and Trainers from all over the world who are committed to raising the quality of Breathwork Trainings on the planet. Working from the premise that beliefs are creative, participants explore how imprints from birth, early childhood, and past lives may be affecting their lives now.
This course includes material and processes on topics such as sacred contracts, the birth script, birth types, family patterns, relationships, and sexuality.
Learn the basics of setting up a breathwork practice, including marketing yourself and attracting clients.
Sondra’s dedication to Rebirthing and Breathwork has influenced my life in untold ways, and serves me everyday. The result is an increase in the level of physical and spiritual energy in our body, thus cleansing the many tensions held there. He worked on modifying this technique through 1962 to 1974 and found that these modifications brought about improvements in general health and mental well-being.

This causes a build up of oxygen in the blood, and the proponents believe, a build up of life energy or "prana" as well.
The belief is that the specific nature of the trauma caused by birthing leaves a marked impression on the psyche and shapes one's perception of life and it's experiences.
Yes, that would make sense if it were not for the fact that those unconscious issues are influencing our lives and creating the problems that we have to deal with in our everyday life!
By using a variety of smoothly connected breaths; energy which may be called prana, chi, ki, or the life force is taken into the body where it dissolves and brings up anything that is unlike itself. The nine months spent in utero and the next two years until a child learns to set boundaries and say "no" are crucial. The rebirther can help you formulate the affirmations that are likely to work best for you. Normally I would be really self-conscious being asked to scream but it was easy in a group and everyone went for it. The breath acted like a spiritual Brillo pad and stripped away the bristly stickiness of resentments and pain. When we’re filling our selves up with love, the Universe can feed us and we can experience grace and miracles. We then draw this breath up to the Heart to be purified and transformed, and then exhale to let it all go. She is the co-founder of Clarity Breathwork & Clarity Productions, producing seminars, retreats and musical events around the globe. This may be suppressed emotional material, physical blocks in the body, old beliefs structures and identifications, old memories, escape patterns and addictions.
We hold the breath in and may have been holding it in since the first breath when the umbilical cord was cut too soon and we were swung upside down and spanked. Drawing on her training in body-centered practices (including Breema, Body Tales, Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing), Devi brings an attentive presence and intuitive engagement to those she works with, while providing a safe, nurturing, and unintrusive container for holding whatever arises with compassion.
The focus of this work is to highlight the intrinsic connection between the larger Earth body, Gaia, and our own human bodies. Cultivating a relationship to conscious breath transforms not only our relationship to self and others but to our true purpose for being alive.Soulful Breathwork is a form of conscious breathing that activates the natural intelligence of the body to release old beliefs and clear obstacles to being your most authentic self. For eons of time yogis, saints and sages alike have expounded on the power and importance of the breath to bring us to greater awareness and presence. This expanded level of consciousness stimulates our natural ability to transform these old thoughts and patterns and return to a deeper sense of calm and wholeness. Many others also participate in this program who simply want to accelerate or go more deeply into their own process of growth and evolution. Please refer to the Calendar of Events or contact us for information on programs in your area. Breathwork sessions and transformational processes guide participants to release these imprints and limiting thoughts and beliefs from the cells of their bodies. Learn how to use perspectives and processes for self-awareness and transformation drawn from contemporary influential teachers. In rebirthing one does not just learn to breathe a particular way, by following the instructions of the teacher, as say, with pranayam or many yoga tachniques.
When this takes place, blockages that have been Holding us back at the psychological, spiritual, or cellular source surface and a deep inner transformation occurs.
Most people feel reassured by the presence of a gentle, compassionate soul and feel the safety and security to allow repressed memories to come up. When we’re seeking love from outside ourselves, it can lead to pain, suffering, aggression addiction and ultimately spiritual illness. The breath supports the experience of deep presence allowing tremendous shifts in consciousness to occur. Ashanna is a Somatic Experiencing Advanced Participant, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Counselor, Light Body Teacher, Sound Healer, and Public Speaker. Dana is also an international recording artist and gifted flautist, kirtan chant leader with several CDs, both solo and in collaboration with other major artists. Clarity Breathwork combines counseling and insight as well as a somatic experiential process where clients gain a deep level of insight, release emotional baggage and actually feel the patterns shifting and transforming.
We examine how healing on a physical level takes place by getting in touch with the belief systems that created it. The intention of Gaia Dance is to experience loving and relating to your Self, through the lens of your body, in a way that guides you to feeling completely supported by Life… connected and healed through love and appreciation of  Mother Earth. We’re confident that our Breathwork Training Program is one of the finest and most thorough currently available worldwide. The Level II Intensive is offered in the spring at a beautiful mineral springs in Northern California.
Very often these beliefs have been imprinted into our consciousness at birth and even during our conception and prenatal life. The natural response to birth or childhood trauma is to create defense mechanisms which go on to become unconscious habitual patterns. Therefore, some of the clearing may not even be ours, but has been passed on through the cells from our ancestors for generations.
I couldn’t remember the last time I had done that in such a neutral, safe and supported way. Her education includes numerous trainings and certifications including New York University and California Institute of Integral Studies. We work with both dry and wet sessions, the art and science of Breathwork, deepening your intuition, and presence practices. Training also includes basics for setting up your practice with clients, including the first contact, the first session, deeper tools to support your clients, completing with clients and supporting them in their ongoing process.
The conscious connected breathing of rebirthing helps us to access these early imprints and we can change them by breathing through those feelings and through the use of affirmations. As we grow up these patterns can manifest as addictions, self-sabotage, phobias, anxiety attacks, and other self-defeating patterns which cause us to act unconsciously or negatively. But, in say ten sessions, the client having experienced the benefits learns this pattern of breathing  The client is encouraged to connect to their intuitive breathing pattern and thus to become independent, emotionally and at all other levels, in ten sessions.
Increasing the attention and focus on the truth of who you are aids in embodying and living it! Other names for rebirthing are ‘conscious connected breathing’ and ‘divine energy breathing’. I feel so humbly honored to support you in your unique journey, with compassion and love, to assist you in dissolving your own blockages with ease and grace; and, to facilitate the access to the wisdom that lives within each one of us.

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