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Fans of the 26-year-old will know the song describes her whirlwind relationship with Harry Styles in December 2012, recalling specific aspects such as the frightening snow mobile accident that left Styles with 20 stitches in his chin and the paper plane necklaces they wore together. Three years, six singles, a world tour, an image reinvention and one response track later – are we in the clear yet? This quietly confident mid-album track isn’t as showy as some of its sisters, but on repeated listen, you’ll find it packs quite the emotional punch. Taylor might’ve missed a big opportunity by not choosing this song as her next single.
I told myself: what better way to write about Taylor Swift's "1989" than with a Coca Cola and a cat on my lap?
There’s over 40,000 registered members chatting about pop music, and YOU should be one of them. The Ryan Tedder produced electro-pop track is a pulsating, dark stand-out in Swift’s impressive discography.
The answer is there isn't.So what "1989" leaked ("leaked") ahead of its October 27 release, it's projected to be one (if not the only) album to hit a million in sales opening week. The New Years Eve premiere date holds relevance too, as the pair shared a NYE kiss in Times Square just days before they broke up, a split which eventually led to Taylor’s biggest album yet.
It gives you a bit of that Taylor nostalgia from nearly 10 years ago, and I’m sure many people could connect to that! In an attempt to stay relevant and keep up with my fellow blogosphere peers, I decided to give the album several listens and jot down my thoughts.

A pop culture movement known as The New Romanticism era began in the early ’80s in the UK.
Men and women wore brilliantly ornate clothing to symbolize their intimate understanding of the new wave perspective in pop culture. I went in mostly skeptical, expecting to hear Taylor Swift's interpretation of what she THINKS "in" pop music is - hiring power-house producer Max Martin to churn out some epic jams.
Most citizens of the Big Apple can't afford to live in a high-rise, walk around with a luxury pet cat or leave gym workouts in stylish label clothes, but Taylor Swift can! I can make whatever record I want.'” What better way to end a musical movement than with a song about a movement? She whisper-talks something before dropping into the delicious chorus that's reminiscent of the track before it.
LIKE MY SONG WITH MAX MARTIN?" Then she handed us "Out Of The Woods" and we forgave her for that piece of shit she started off with.
The beat is thumpy, the vocals fueled by her lost love with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles from One Direction. What is happening?' Fortunately I'll remain unapologetic, because "All You Had To Do Was Stay" is another hit that flows perfectly with the tracklist. Love is a tricky little thing: it blindly leads us down a path towards self destruction because we want to believe everyone is capable of loving you more, loving you how you yearn to be loved. Sometimes you know someone better than they know themselves, but by the time they realize it it's too late.

Taylor finally admits she's in the wrong, and that revelation in her song-writing is further proof of her talents. It's exhausting hearing her blame the guy for the destruction of a relationship, but this time she realizes she played a part. Breakups leave a scar on your heart forever because you let someone in, showed them the real you and it went up in flames anyway.
Taylor slows things down with "Bad Blood," but maintains the mid-tempo beat heard throughout most of the album. The vocals are calm yet still upbeat as she romanticizes about a guy who broke her heart, realized he's a useless twerp without her and promises to never make the same mistake twice. Taylor's presumably singing about the dark side of fame and how it affects finding love, finding a solid relationship and maintaining it once something's established. One of the most exciting things about falling in love is the immediate rush, excitement, adrenaline of finding someone special.

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