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The 37th anniversary of a video game -- even a classic like Breakout -- isn't something most would ordinarily celebrate in any major way. Google is commemorating the 37th birthday of classic Atari game Breakout in the best possible way: It turned Google Image Search into a version of the game.
To launch the Easter egg, you simply need to type "atari breakout" into Google Image Search, and hit enter. The search results will show up, but they'll be organized into a game that's very similar to Breakout, which requires the player to demolish brick walls with a ball. Created by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow, the game debuted in 1976, and was based on the 1972 game, Pong. Even apologists for Jobs will acknowledge he had an obnoxious streak and was prone to roaming round the offices barefoot and calling other engineers "dipshits" when he spotted mistakes.
This high octane series tells the dramatic stories of some of the most ingenious jailbreaks in recent history, and the detective work that led to the successful recapture of escapees. Each breakout is told from the perspectives of the criminals and the teams who hunt them down. But Google, as we've seen, isn't one to pass up an opportunity to inject a bit of fun into its websites, and it's now turned in a particularly inspired easter egg (albeit a month late) to commemorate the landmark Atari title.

It was followed by several ports and sequels (Super Breakout came out a few years later), as well as countless variations of the game in later years. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 26 million social followers. Purists will argue Google should have gone for the classic, eight-brick opening screen, and worse, this version inevitably comes with a system to proclaim your score on Google+ once you're done.The original Breakout arcade game was launched by Atari in the spring of 1976 and was a development on the earlier game of Pong, created by gaming legend Allan Alcorn.
He was too good at his job to fire, so management put him to the night shift to get him out of everyone's hair and he focused on tweaking game designs.When he heard about the Breakout game development plan, Jobs got his geeky childhood friend Steve Wozniak to come into the offices and demonstrate a home-built board he'd developed to play Pong. Hit the source link below or do an image search for "Atari Breakout" to try it out for yourself.
Although the arcade cabinet housed a black and white CRT screen, the illusion of color was added with strips of colored cellophane.It became the top arcade game until the 1979 launch of Asteroids, had a successor in Super Breakout, and was one of the first games to be ported to the emerging console market and later to the PC and PlayStation.
The copy was fairly basic, and it would display curses when the ball was missed, but what impressed the engineers was the simplicity of the design.Thy offered Woz a job on the spot but he said no, he was happy designing calculators for HP. It also turned Atari into a gaming powerhouse, but Breakout's birth gives a glimpse into the dark side of two Silicon Valley legends, too.The hippy and the geekIn May 1974 a "hippie freak" named Steve Jobs wandered into the offices of Atari and demanded a job.
Meanwhile, Jobs convinced the company to fly him out to West Germany to solve some hardware issues in their arcade games (which he did in two hours flat) and then jetted off to India in search of spiritual enlightenment.Dark contractBy autumn, a shaven-headed and saffron-robed Jobs returned and convinced Atari to rehire him as an engineer.

The 18 year-old lied his way into a $5 an hour technician job and became employee number 40 at the company. Such games typically had around 100 Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) chips, which were a major manufacturing expense, and so Atari offered a $100 bonus per chip for designs with fewer chips than that.Jobs saw this as a way to fund a vacation at the All-One Farm commune in Oregon and enlisted Woz to work on the project.
He told his friend that a 50-chip design would net the pair $700 and a 40-chip version $1,000 and then booked his flight to Oregon.
By the time Atari signed off on the project, they had four days left.The two worked on the design non-stop (both catching mononucleosis in the process) and got the board down to 42 chips, before settling on 46 to solve stability issues. Jobs presented the system to Atari (which paid him $5,000 for it) then gave Woz the promised $350 and jetted off to his hippy hangout for a couple of months. And since Jobs didn't really understand it and didn't want us to know that he hadn't done it, we ended up having to redesign it before it could be shipped."Apple blossomsThey were forced to farm the design out to a team of consultants who came up with a system robust enough to make it through manufacturing. Their partnership at Apple lasted another 12 years before Woz had had enough, and they remained friends to the end, but that first betrayal reportedly rankled for some time.

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