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You can answer here or on DoAhead Woman’s facebook page, or you can email me!  I’ll announce the winner in 2 to 3 weeks!
Here’s a brief description of the books…a chance to wet your appetite for some late Spring or fun Summer time reading! Gwen Smiths book I Want It All  is sure to light a fire in you! Her book will help you recognize the exceptional impact God created you for! I say sometime because I have those days where I’m juggling and choosing between good, better and best.
You’ve come to the Depot of DoAheads…a place for anything from DoAhead recipes to tips on being the Diva of your dreams.
Grab hold of it friends, because you and I were designed for far less perspiration and far more inspiration! Every week we will post a new prize, and you can enter to win by following this two step process. Our Weekly Reader Giveaway is the only place to enter to win Concert tickets, CD’s, T-shirts, stickers, and maybe even Back-Stage passes. Would you like to subscribe to the Life in His Hands Christian Newspaper monthly e-newsletter? Would you be interested in more information about subscribing to Life in His Hands Christian Newspaper?
Mom, advocate and writer wants to empower as many parents as she canThis article was originally distributed via 24-7 Press Release Newswire. An IEP is the legal document that that details the special education services required for students who need them.
The book emanates from Martin's blog posts and comedy routines about the hurdles she faced while trying to get her son an Individualized Education Program during kindergarten. CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMOREWho better to promote a love of reading than a passionate reader? A young bride cannot choose between her husband and her lover next door--and doesn't see why she should have to. We purged 5 balls, 1 glider, 1 bubble wand, 1 container of goopy stuff, and 3 bubble blowers. We also threw away 1 broken plastic shoebox, 1 bubble dish that was missing the parts that went with it, and 2 empty bubble wands (I combined what was left in each of them into another wand that was nearly empty so I could toss these 2). I don't count my kids' outgrown clothing in this challenge because it's just an ongoing flow of clothes coming in and leaving our home.
From another book bin, my hubby and I purged 13 books that we've had for years and haven't read in ages.
In our Facebook group, a few members were commenting recently that "life" happens sometimes and they find it hard to fit in time to declutter.
Plus my 31 Days of Easy Decluttering series is always in a tab at the top of the page here on the blog. Jessi FearonJuly 30, 2014 at 7:23 AMAfter I graduated from college, I kept all my accounting textbooks because I planned to look at them when studying for the CPA. Are you ready for a year of gloriumptious treats and squiffling surprises to celebrate 100 years since Roald Dahl’s birth? We chat with Viner Lauren Lavoie about her viral video, who she admires and sneezing on Michael Clifford!

It is quite seldom that I read a book more than once (The Time Traveler’s Wife is a notorious exception, I have read it 3 times), so once I finish with a book, I just put it back on the shelf. With more and more books that I bought or traded (at Bookmooch or swapped with friends), my bookshelves are literally overflowing. Now as much as I love books and I love to be surrounded by books, my home starts to look more like a warehouse than a real home.
While I’m sorry to see them go, I do want to reclaim the space in my home and I also realize that there are people who cannot afford to buy full price books, so they will be happy to get them for cheaper than at the store. There are few modern books I keep simply because I know I won’t desire to read them again.
I have been looking for a place to donate some of my books for a while, I wish I could find one. I have a selection of books that have moved around with me that get rearranged periodically on my bookshelf.
Because I have moved so much from country to country I have had to say goodbye to many books.
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I try to let the little things go, give myself a break by not expecting it all to be the way I want, increase my kids independence, and even pay for help with the house and yard.
1) Leave a comment on any of our posts on Facebook (we post a Bible verse everyday, so even a simple Amen!
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This might include occupational therapy, psychological counseling, special equipment or behavioral support. Part research, part experience, and all motherly love, this practical, heartwarming book is a gift to all parents of children who color outside the lines," says Aimee Jannsohn, mother, author, marketing manager of The Pilgrim Press. The Indiegogo campaign, which launched last week, will cover the costs of publishing, marketing and distribution to as many advocacy groups and parents as possible. That’s the idea behind the Canton Book Project, which is currently seeking passionate readers to nominate books and become book givers.The Canton Book Project, sponsored by the Canton Public Library, creates a community of readers by distributing well-loved books to others in the community. Or is she a trailblazer who is determined not to compromise her own happiness to meet sociatial expectations? However, I didn't really care for any of the characters and worse the sexin' was just so-so for a wife sharing book.Paul has a new young hotwife, Sheri who takes a shine to their weekend house neighbor, painter Daniel.
While I've already passed my goal of 365 items in 365 days, I'm planning to keep decluttering! It’s going to be more MARVELLOUS than George’s medicine, more GIANT than James’s peach and more ENORMOUS than a crocodile!
This is why I decided to finally (and painfully) let go of most of the older ones that will never be re-read anyway.
I have recently read dozens of science fiction books I bought when I was in my 20s and thoroughly enjoyed them. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
That sounds like what another gal on Facebook just said about having margins and being flexible! I’m praying that this writing project helps peeps like you and I expand our margins so we can carve out that time for God.

I pray for guidance on better time management as well as wisdom to see what is truly important! Penned by Cleveland native, Lia Martin, a former television executive, sitcom writer and mom, the book is part memoir, part resources. My IEP Journey is easy-to-read and gives an intimate account of the steps Martin took to develop a program for her son.
But the experience prompted Martin to document her story so that others could learn from it. It’s a chance for book lovers to share their love of reading by giving out their favorite book to a recipient who, for whatever reason, doesn’t read for pleasure or own books.
Is Paul, her adoring husband, the epitome of the strong and sensitive male, or is he one of the most pathetically tormented men ever to be destroyed by the meatgrinder that is modern marriage? Sheri wants to expand her horizons and Paul agrees to open their marriage and let her explore her sexuality. It sure feels good when they move up sizes and we can give away the clothing that is too small!
To celebrate, some of the  very best books have been giving dazzling new jackets – and the BFG even has a free pair of DIY GIANT ears inside (make sure you read it before Steven Spielberg’s 3D film adaptation arrives in cinemas this summer). People bring their old books to them, and they sell to folks to want to read something new for very cheap – as in 1-2 euros instead of 5 and more.
If I did not have that option, I would give to a thrift store or a resale store so that someone could benefit.
I want to create an online community of parents and advocates who can share their challenges and successes in order to support each other. That gift is the spark that inspires the recipient to keep reading, creating an engaged, informed community.Last year, eight book givers distributed 100 books throughout the community. Unfortunately, Paul ends up realizing he's more possessive than he thought and the final straw is when Sheri decides she wants to have a baby with Daniel. And this is where my latest batch of books (around 50 books in these two shopping bags below) is going for donation in just a few short hours. I did reach a stage in our old house where we had filled all possible space for shelves, but have slimmed down my collection. The prize will be announced on Facebook on Monday and the winner will be announced Friday on Facebook. One book giver, 16-year-old Ryen O’Meara, was so inspired by the experience that he applied for and received a Start-A-Snowball grant, and is working with a teacher at Discovery Middle School to continue to encourage reading in middle school.Readers of all ages and reading interests are encouraged to apply to be book givers and may nominate a title of any reading level or subject.
Is Giving the Bride Away a how-to novel on the art of creating a transformational polyamorous relationship? Selected book givers will receive 10 copies of their title on April 12 and have until April 30 to distribute the books.Funding for the Canton Book Project is supplied by The Friends of the Canton Public Library. But I didn't have any takers, so I donated these 10 books to a charity book sale that raises funds for our local symphony.

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