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The flow of this book is heavily inspired by the famous Ruby on Rails book, Agile Web Development with Rails, where the author invites you to join the process of building a demo application, which in both cases is a shopping cart system. Chapter ten wraps up the store-front application with some more common tasks such as bootstrapping modules and sharing common application elements. The last chapter, chapter twelve, introduces you to Zend_Test, a testing framework that utilizes PHPUnit. This book sits well in the market, as it aims primarily at web professionals who most likely are already experienced with PHP and perhaps some other PHP frameworks, and don't have time to read books with 1000's of pages. Follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to the Nettuts+ RSS Feed for the best web development tutorials on the web. Having built his first webpage back in 1997, Fred soon became interested in and started dabbling in the web industry. The first and only officially authorized book on the PHP Certification exam developed by Zend Technologies, the commercial developer of PHP.
A Comparative Grammar - Of The Sanskrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, Lithuanian, Gothic, German And Sclavonic Languages. Judging by the feedback of the Rails book, most people feel quite comfortable learning a framework this way, some don't.
As a result, this book expects you to be comfortable with working with PHP 5 and have a solid grasp of Object-Oriented Programming.
As the author mentions at the start of the book, Zend Framework is a loosely coupled framework; it does not enforce the MVC principle.

This is especially beneficial if you're to run a large volume web application or if you have limited hardware resources. He's worked at companies such as SitePoint and Envato and is currently working as a team lead at Locomote.
He began his career as a software developer while studying at Monash University - he worked as a part time web developer in a small web development firm as well as a freelancer designing and building client websites on his own. Zend's PHP Certification exam is a high-quality, carefully developed exam designed to enhance and certify the skills of the PHP professional. COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR OF THE SANSKRIT, ZEND, GREEK, LATIN, LITHUANIAN, GOTHIC, GERMAN, AND SCLAVONIC LANGUAGES. I guess if you are not a fan of following a defined learning structure, this book probably isn't for you. If you aren't already familiar with PHP, or PHP 5's OOP features, I highly recommend you to polish up the said skills. However, given the popularity of MVC within the web development community, it is definitely worth while to learn how to write an application in MVC.
A good example is the 'fat controller skinny model' vs 'skinny controller vs fat model' comparison, the book illustrates each and tells you why you should stick with the latter. Pay special attention to the Zend_Cache section as the author tells you how to integrate it effectively in your application in order to achieve the best result.
The "Zend ""PHP Certification Study Guide" is a concise, densely packed book that will get you up to speed quickly on the nature of the exam's questions and what to expect on exam day.

Today, we will be looking at Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development by Keith Pope, published by Packt Publishing. It's authoritative content comes directly from those writing the exam at Zend Technologies. These two chapters will set up the foundation nicely for you and get you to understand the basic structure of a Zend Framework powered MVC application. The Table of Contents is altogether new, and will be found to be very much more copious than the German.
Those who wish for an Introductory Notice before commen cing the study of the Grammar, or who mean to content them*, selves with a general notion of what has been achieved by the Author, may refer to the Edinburgh Review, No. It will be there seen that this Work has created a new epoch in the science of Comparative Philology, and that it may be justly assigned ? PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION: THE study of Comparative Philology has of late years been cultivated in Germany, especially, with remarkable ability and proportionate success. The labours of GRIMM, POTT, BOPP, and other distinguished Scholars, have given a new character to this department of literature; and have sub stituted for the vague conjectures suggested by external and often accidental coincidences, elementary principles, based upon the prevailing analogies of articulate sounds and the grammatical structure of language. But although the fact that a material advance has been made in the study of Comparative Philology is generally known, and some of the particulars have been communi cated to the English public through a few works on Clas sical Literature, or in the pages of periodical criticism; yet the full extent of the progress which has been effected, and the steps by which it has been attained, are imper fectly appreciated in this country.

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