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Following Jesus forces us to cross many borders, ask many questions, and re-imagine almost everything we know about God, self, and our world. Jesus came to reveal the justice and kingdom of God – the full intent and vision of God for our world. Following Jesus closely will reveal “a very Jewish Jesus who was nevertheless opposed to some high profile features of first-century Judaism,” as NT Wright says.
Wright goes on, “Jesus claims the high ground of fulfillment of the Jewish Scriptures, in particular the prophets, while challenging head-on several aspects of the actual Judaism of his time. Thus the texts he quotes and those he chooses not to quote uncover for us the core and nuances of God’s justice and kingdom, which he invites us to seek above everything else (Matt 6:33).
Jesus teaching of the Bible helps us understand the enormity and goodness of God’s full vision and intent for our world. The prophetic texts (which he loves more than any other, especially Isaiah) he teaches are not passages of doom and gloom or far off fulfillment, but imaginative dreams of a world filled with God. And yet, at the same time, in connecting the old to the new, he transformed it at the same time.
This Lent, I invite you to Read the Bible Jesus’ Taught, it’s my hope and prayer that you will experience both the connection to the ancient vision of God and the transformation that comes only in Christ.

Marty Troyer is enthralled with the beautiful new world God is creating in the midst of the old. Click on the arrow to the right to see more slideshows and see what Peace has to offer you! We look forward to sharing God’s love with you and for you to become a piece of Peace! Friday, March 18 at 7pm at AMF Rose Bowl Lanes, (Martin & Groesbeck) 28001 Groesbeck Hwy, Roseville. Your donation will help the Christian education of children who love attending Peace Lutheran School! Our Teacher will time and again point us back to the ancient texts to show us who and how he was.
Indeed, there’s just no way to understand Jesus (let alone follow him as your Rabbi!) outside of his Jewishness.
Jesus uses and quotes specific texts that nuance his mission and define him in very particular ways up against what others might have expected from God’s Messiah. The narratives he sites are almost all about how the boundaries of God’s kingdom and goodness are bigger than expected.

Thus he can spend hours in Bible study teaching how the Old Testament points directly to him (Luke 24). Read the Bible Jesus’ Taught contains 40 Old Testament passages that Jesus used to teach about God’s present and coming kingdom. Thus Jesus didn’t come to replace the scriptures, but to fulfill them and make them complete. Following our Rabbi this way will take us to some familiar places, and some places we’re less comfortable. Each day is numbered and named, with a brief intro to the context in which Jesus teaches it, along with the NT verse.
And no one can understand Jesus – let alone follow him – without grasping how thoroughly Jewish he was. But follow him  we must, remembering all along that there’s no safer place to be than in the presence of Jesus.

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